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In this ultimate resource, you will discover the best anonymous sportsbooks in 2022 available in real-time.

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    Anonymous Sportsbooks Reviews You Can Trust

    Let’s analyze the anonymous sportsbooks reviews of the brands mentioned in the table.





    • Very Good Reputation.

      We could not find more than a few legit complaints about Casobet online.

    • Curacao License.

      Like most sites of its kind, Casobet has a license in Curacao. Although that doesn’t say much about its safety, it is better than holding shady licenses, or no license at all.

    • Good Customer Service.

      Casobet’s support, although not perfect, is better than most of its competitors.

    • Anonymous.

      You can play anonymously on Casobet.

    • Excellent Gaming Experience.

      Casobet’s website offers a modern design and is easy to use.

    • Lightspeed Registration.

      Casobet’s registration process is modern and should take less than a minute. You will only need to provide the following: Email address, Password, Username, Email address validation.

    • End-to-end Crypto.

      You can not only deposit with digital currencies but also play with the following:

      • BTC
      • DOGE
      • XRP
      • +6


    • Barely Any Promotion.

      Casobet offers little to no promotions to keep the game fun. If you like chasing promotions, look elsewhere.

    • No VIP Program.

      Despite being standard on this type of sites nowadays, no VIP program is available on Casobet.

    How To Play On Sportsbooks Anonymously?

    If you like playing on sportsbooks, anonymous sportsbooks will preserve your privacy while doing so.

    How do Sportsbooks make anonymous Playing possible?

    The main differences between anonymous sportsbooks and other sportsbooks are the personal information they request and the payment methods they accept.

    Discover why anonymous sportsbook companies are better for privacy than sportsbook companies with fiat payment methods.

    Sportsbooks and anonymous payment methods

    When you use reputable sportsbooks, it is almost impossible to play anonymously.

    Most users are okay with this as their main concern is keeping their payment methods private on the sportsbook.

    This is precisely what happens when you use digital currencies on sportsbook companies.

    Indeed, your deposits and withdrawals in cryptoasset aren’t visible to anyone besides your sportsbook

    Also, it is better to focus on sportsbooks with full licensing rather than ‘no registration’ sportsbooks.

    Such companies seldom have the necessary industry licensing and are hard to trust.

    If they are scam sportsbook companies, they will steal your money with no hope of ever receiving a refund.

    Anonymous Sportsbooks ask for minimal personal information

    When you use a traditional sportsbook company, you have to provide certain personal details.

    Expect to give your name, address, DOB, debit/credit card data, and much more.

    Also, these sportsbooks must retain your data as an anti-money laundering measure.

    anonymous sportsbook companies are different because they ask for relatively little information.

    This makes sense because providing certain data means there is no possibility of anonymity.

    There are anonymous sportsbooks that ask for no information whatsoever.

    Yet, some of these sites lack the licensing necessary to operate legally.

    Generally, you’ll find that providing information such as nationality, username, date of birth, and email is sufficient on most sportsbooks.

    It is possible to provide a fake name and date of birth on some sportsbooks due to a lax registration process.

    Benefits of anonymous Playing

    The #1 reason to play anonymously is to ensure your actions remain private.

    playing on sportsbooks is still seen in a bad light despite the huge amount of money involved in the industry.

    As a result, it is only natural for you to keep your hobby hidden from plain sight.

    A key benefit of remaining anonymous while playing on sportsbooks is to keep your bank in the dark.

    If your bank finds out, it could reject any loans you apply for, and your credit score might suffer.

    Another issue that people who make money from playing have is account restriction.

    However, anonymous playing helps solve some, if not all, of the above problems:

    • When you use digital currency on a reputable anonymous sportsbook company, there is no possibility of your bank finding out

    • As no transactions related to sportsbooks appear on your debit or credit card statements, no one else will know either

    • Also, if you’re fed up with being restricted by traditional sportsbooks, anonymous sportsbooks offer a brand-new opportunity.

    Perhaps best of all, anonymous sportsbooks have a greater range of markets, sports, and special offers than almost any sportsbook company that only accepts fiat currency.

    Why Anonymous Sportsbooks Are Great?

    Are you looking to play with cryptoassets but can’t decide if you want to go ahead?

    There are countless reasons to give them a try, and here are just a few of them.

    Ride the bull market

    While you play on a regular sportsbook company with fiat currencies, you hold … fiat.

    Fiat currencies are old-fashioned and inflationary.

    However, if you choose to play on anonymous sportsbooks, your cryptoassets balance is much more likely to go up in value.

    Financial investment on your terms

    It is sometimes a challenge for punters to deposit money on sportsbooks.

    The bank froze the account of a team member for a month.

    Do you know why? He went to a sportsbook and used his credit card to make his first deposit.

    However, the UK added a new regulation in April 2020 without him realizing it.

    He even received a warning from the bank and had to promise not to make any more deposits or withdrawals on sportsbook companies anymore.

    Anonymous currencies keep your bank out of the picture permanently.

    The new generation of Sportsbooks

    You can find standard sportsbooks that will take cryptoassets, but they are behind the times.

    Old-fashioned design, inefficient customer service, slow payouts, and much more.

    On the contrary, the best anonymous sportsbooks are more modern, have better technology, and target a more educated audience.

    The result is a growing number of safer anonymous sportsbook companies that you can trust, which offer better customer support, faster payments, along with bonuses and promotions worth something.

    Rapid payouts and higher limits

    Traditional sportsbook companies have to deal with payment gateways, bank account management, and a ton of financial regulations.

    The result is that these sportsbook companies have snail-like transactions, along with mediocre deposit and withdrawal amounts at best.

    Although the best anonymous sportsbooks are regulated (by the Curacao Gaming Authority most of the time), they are subject to less financial regulation.

    Less financial regulation means fewer limits and faster (sometimes instant) payouts.

    For example, some of the top anonymous sportsbook companies offer instant and unlimited deposits and withdrawals. That’s unseen in the traditional sportsbook company industry.

    Bear in mind that blockchains take a certain amount of time to process transactions, but it is still a fast process.

    The Upsides of Anonymous Sportsbooks

    Both serious and casual punters are beginning to see the advantages of using anonymous sportsbooks.

    Now, let’s check out the impressive variety of sports and markets provided by these exciting sportsbook companies.


    Anonymous sportsbooks have grown to the stage where they match or even exceed what traditional sportsbooks offer regarding sports markets.

    It is also becoming apparent that the prices offered by anonymous sportsbooks are often superior to regular sportsbooks.

    Best of all, you have a front-row seat to globally famous events, including:

    • Soccer: The German Bundesliga, English Premier League, and the Copa America

    • Tennis: The US Open and the Australian Open

    • Golf: The Masters and the PGA Grand Slam of Golf

    • Basketball: The European Championships and the NBA All-Star Game

    • American Football: NFL and college football action, including the Super Bowl.

    • Cricket: The Indian Premier League, The Hundred, and the ICC Cricket World Cup

    Open an account with a reputable anonymous sportsbook to ensure you don’t miss out on the action.

    You also benefit from in-play markets which are fast, furious and potentially very lucrative.

    The electronic sports industry is now a billion-dollar sector that attracts an astonishingly large audience of over 450 million.

    Thousands of global tournaments take place annually, featuring many of the world’s best gamers.

    Such is the reputation of eSports that they will likely feature in the Olympic Games one day.

    While traditional sportsbooks earned money from eSports, it hasn’t taken long for anonymous sportsbooks to follow suit.

    It is wise to familiarize yourself with eSports before you consider making plays on them.

    Games such as DOTA 2, StarCraft II, and PUBG are among the most popular for tournament purposes.

    eSports markets are often very similar to other sports and may include tournament winner, over/under, and half markets.

    There’s no question that eSports are here to stay, and anonymous sportsbooks continue to increase their exposure.


    The rise of the electronic sports sector is nothing short of extraordinary, and it now enjoys an audience of approximately 450 million people.

    Tournaments take place virtually every day and involve elite gamers.

    There is even a suggestion that eSports will eventually become part of the Olympic Games.

    While traditional sportsbooks earned money from eSports, it hasn’t taken long for anonymous sportsbooks to follow suit.

    If you want to learn more about electronic sports, it is best to perform research so you can identify the best individuals and teams.

    Games such as DOTA 2, StarCraft II, and PUBG are among the most popular for tournament purposes.

    eSports markets are often very similar to other sports and may include tournament winner, over/under, and half markets.

    Regardless of what you think of eSports, they aren’t going away, so it is best to embrace their presence on anonymous sportsbook companies.

    Virtual Sports

    Virtual sports are events where sophisticated algorithms determine the result.

    The computer-generated graphics are often of exceptional quality and truly immerse the user.

    There is a nice choice of virtual sports available, including darts, basketball, and cricket.

    If you want to play on virtual sports using cryptoasset, rest assured that you see what everyone else sees.

    Please note that these events are computer-generated, making them very different from eSports which involve human participants.

    As a result, it is harder to win because you can’t analyze any statistical data to help you.

    You can only base your decision on the available odds or a hunch, which means winning is all about luck.

    Anonymous sportsbooks know that they can offer a huge volume of virtual events for you to play on each day.

    For example, there is a cricket game every four minutes, and a greyhound race is available every minute!

    Since virtual sports don’t impact real-world events, they are legal in many places where traditional sports are not.

    Consequently, if your country bans you from using anonymous currency on sports, you might have the option of playing on virtual sports markets instead.

    Getting Started with Digital Currency Playing

    There is a lot of information on whether it is a good or bad idea to use crypto on sportsbook companies.

    However, you’re also likely to discover relatively few resources outlining how to start using it.

    This is why we’ve created a brief guide explaining the steps you need to take when opening a anonymous sportsbook and using a crypto asset.

    Before we begin, please note the following:

    • There are thousands of cryptocurrencies, but most sites only accept a handful of the best known

    • Most digital currencies are notorious for their volatility, a fact that can affect your profit and loss

    • Crypto transactions are irreversible, so if you make a mistake, you could lose all the money deposited or withdrawn

    #1 Go to our list, select a Anonymous Sportsbook and register

    Our review team spent significant time investigating every anonymous sportsbook company you see on our list.

    It is an important part of our process as it decreases the chances of a dodgy site stealing from you.

    Once you’ve found a suitable anonymous sportsbook, it is time to begin the registration process.

    Most users report a straightforward process that takes a few minutes at most.

    Indeed, many people claim it is quicker to register with a crypto site than traditional sportsbooks.

    Check our reviews to determine the anonymous sportsbooks that provide the smoothest registration process if that is important for you.

    Furthermore, look for any promo codes we include to earn a bonus.

    It is common for anonymous sportsbooks to provide initial deposit bonuses to new customers and individuals who use digital currency.

    #2 Purchase crypto (optional)

    If there are already funds in your e-wallet, you can begin the depositing process and receive your welcome bonus.

    If your wallet requires digital currency, head to an exchange and buy your chosen asset.

    We recommend only purchasing a highly-regarded exchange such as Kraken or Binance.

    This is especially the case if you’re a bettor since these companies don’t mind if you use anonymous payment method to play.

    Coinbase, on the other hand, is a reputable exchange but is bad for punters.

    If you try to deposit anonymous payment method in your sportsbook company from Coinbase, the exchange could close your account.

    Please ensure you choose the cryptocurrency you wish to play with once registered.

    Or else the site will charge you a fee to convert the currency.

    #3 Get your Anonymous Payment Methods ready

    Once you have enough digital currency available, it is time to fund your account.

    You need to set up a cryptocurrency ‘wallet,’ which is a place to keep your digital coins safe.

    Your preferred levels of safety, security, and freedom of crypto movement determine the type of wallet you should choose.

    There are two ways to create a wallet: use a non-custodial wallet which means you’re responsible for its safety, or a hosted wallet.

    In either case, you must locate the ‘send crypto’ section to complete the transfer.

    Non-custodial wallet

    A non-custodial wallet, also referred to as a ‘self-custody’ wallet, involves no third-party oversight.

    This means all the power and responsibility of managing your crypto falls on your shoulders.

    For instance, you have to keep your private key in a secure location once you receive it.

    If someone else discovers your private key, they gain total access to your anonymous currency.

    Unfortunately, you also cannot access your crypto if you forget your password.

    However, a self-custody wallet does give you absolute power over your money.

    This is great news if you enjoy using anonymous sportsbook companies because transferring the funds is easy.

    If you want a non-custodial wallet, download an app (such as MetaMask).

    Once you open an account, write down your private key.

    Hosted wallet

    Creating a hosted wallet is as easy as opening an account with an exchange you trust.

    If you lose your hosted wallet password, it doesn’t result in lost crypto because the exchange stores it for you.

    Unfortunately, there are restrictions on spending your crypto, which depend on the third party’s rules.

    There is a possibility that you might have to verify your identity with hosted wallets, thus taking away the benefit of anonymity.

    They may even stop you from spending your money on anonymous sportsbook companies.

    #4 Ensure you use the right deposit address

    Look for the site’s ‘deposit’ section and select your preferred cryptocurrency.

    There is a public address associated with your account.

    The unique nature of this series of letters and numbers lets the operator know that you sent the money.

    Copy this address to your clipboard and triple-check it to make certain everything is correct.

    One slight inaccuracy in a transaction could mean the loss of your whole deposit.

    #5 Deposit, Play, and enjoy

    Return to the crypto exchange or your wallet, paste the address, and click ‘send.’

    As transaction times vary from seconds to hours or even days, you may need patience.

    Our reviews reveal which anonymous sportsbooks rank first and last for transaction times.

    If you don’t receive your money after six hours, get in touch with the brand’s customer support team.

    With money in your account, begin playing on the site to experience its benefits.

    How To Pick The Best Anonymous Sportsbook For Your Needs?

    Here’s what you should consider when selecting the best anonymous sportsbook for your needs.

    Does the Anonymous Sportsbook support your country?

    Don’t make the mistake of registering and adding money before finding out that you’re not allowed to do so in your country.

    Legit anonymous sportsbook companies will not allow you to register an account and deposit funds if you’re visiting the website from one of their restricted countries.

    Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case. Some low-grade anonymous sportsbooks enable you to register and put money into your account, and all seems well until you enjoy some success and try to withdraw the money.

    At this point, your account is flagged for verification. For some shameless anonymous sportsbook companies, the most likely result is that your account gets frozen and your funds confiscated.

    Therefore, it is crucial only to use anonymous sportsbooks that are legal in your country.

    If you want to proceed with sportsbooks that prohibit your country, focus on anonymous sportsbooks known for being honest.

    Look for good anonymous sportsbooks that return your money even if they find out you’re not allowed to play.

    Stake is one such site.

    Anonymous Sportsbook reputation

    This is another crucial aspect to take into account when selecting your anonymous sportsbook.

    Customer Service
    Support Quality
    Final Reputation rating

    Casobet |

    Bet on Casobetbutton icon


    In general, anonymous currency transactions are quick, carry low fees, and have no central authority to answer to.

    That’s great, but anonymous currency transactions are also permanent.

    Without the “protection” of a central authority, you can forget about a refund if anonymous sportsbooks are dishonest.

    Therefore, it is essential to pick anonymous sportsbooks known for their legitimacy.

    And that’s also why the reputation of anonymous sportsbooks holds such a significant role in our ratings and rankings.

    Check out our anonymous sportsbook reviews if you’re unsure about the safe anonymous sportsbook companies you can trust.

    Is the Anonymous Sportsbook end-to-end Anonymous Payment Method?

    Standard sportsbook companies that allow the use of digital currencies and end-to-end sportsbooks are entirely different.

    Standard Sportsbooks

    Traditional sportsbooks that accept anonymous payment methods will convert yours into fiat when you deposit.

    The same will happen when you withdraw (if they offer anonymous payment method as a withdrawal method); they will convert your fiat back into anonymous payment method.

    In the end, you have to pay fees for each transaction, and you’re stuck with fiat currency on the site rather than anonymous currencies.

    If you strongly believe in digital currencies, it makes no sense to convert them into fiat. Therefore, you should stick with end-to-end sportsbooks.

    Why are end-to-end Sportsbook Companies better?

    These types of sportsbooks let you deposit or withdraw with a massive number of digital assets.

    You also get to use anonymous currency on the site, which is vital.

    End-to-end sportsbooks allow you to leverage the benefits of digital currencies, including:

    • Lightning-fast withdrawals

    • The ability to deposit and withdraw large amounts

    • Anonymity

    Of course, not all end-to-end sportsbooks offer all these benefits.

    Being end-to-end anonymous currency only means they can provide these benefits if they want to and put the effort.

    However, only the top anonymous sportsbook companies offer most of these benefits.

    Offers and promotions

    It is easier to split things into three distinct categories.

    The initial signing up package (bonuses after registration)

    Most anonymous sportsbooks offer welcome bonuses.

    At first glance, it seems as if the sportsbook is being extremely generous.

    If you think there is a catch, you’re correct!

    These bonuses have heavy strings attached.

    Many of them include playing requirements (generally 30x to 60x your deposit) and have very restrictive terms.

    To get the best out of your funds, we recommend finding anonymous sportsbooks with a solid VIP program and regular promotions.

    Promotions quantity and quality

    In general, standard anonymous sportsbooks provide poor-quality promotions.

    As we mentioned earlier, their preference is to provide restrictive bonuses.

    The best anonymous sportsbooks offer modern services, and as a result, offer a lot of great promotions.

    Besides the fun they add, these promotions can help you increase your balance over time.

    Loyalty Club

    Good anonymous sportsbooks are aware of the need to provide VIP programs worthy of the name.

    This is a great way to ensure you come back for more.

    Still, many of them don’t.

    VIP benefits, just like great promotions, will add a lot of fun and rewards.

    This is why you should choose legit anonymous sportsbooks with high-quality VIP programs that make you feel valued.


    When considering whether anonymous sportsbooks offer good payment terms, we generally look at the following aspects.

    Payment options

    There is a disparity in the range of deposit and withdrawal methods available on sportsbook companies.

    Keep your options open by selecting a site that lets you deposit or withdraw in several ways.

    How quickly can you withdraw?

    The anonymous currency space moves fast, and so do anonymous sportsbook companies.

    You might require quick access to your anonymous currency so you can transfer to a different sportsbook company or make a fast trade.

    Some anonymous sportsbooks will process your withdrawals within a few days, while others will process them instantly.

    You’ll likely want to find anonymous sportsbooks that process withdrawals ASAP.

    Withdrawal limits

    You’ll find that standard sportsbook companies often heavily limit the amount of money you can withdraw at once.

    Most of them can’t pay more than the equivalent of $10,000 per month.

    Top anonymous sportsbooks don’t have important restrictions.

    However, some anonymous sportsbooks still have low withdrawal limit policies.

    This is because they generally don’t have a large amount of money to hand.

    The best anonymous sportsbook companies are different. Stake, for instance, has no cap on withdrawals.

    You should aim to register on safe anonymous sportsbook companies that offer unlimited withdrawals, even more if you’re a high-staker.

    Customer service

    If you need help with something, things go more smoothly when you can quickly and easily chat to a trained customer service operative.

    Contact Methods
    Support Quality
    Support languages
    Live chat availability
    Final Customer Service rating

    Casobet |

    Bet on Casobetbutton icon
    Live chat
    Email support
    English, French

    Particularly if you’ve never practiced sportsbook companies before.

    Therefore, our reviews of the best anonymous sportsbooks in 2022 include a thorough check and testing of their customer service.

    Sports available

    When choosing anonymous sportsbook companies, look for the ones that give you the best:

    • Selection of sporting events

    • Choice of markets

    • Probability of winning

    Not all anonymous sportsbook companies offering a large variety of sports are good anonymous sportsbooks worth using.

    After all, you could find anonymous sportsbook companies with incredible sports offerings that will scam you.

    To identify the best offers, we recommend registering with several legit anonymous sportsbooks.

    You can then compare their sports options side-by-side.

    Ultimately though, it is all about finding the best overall anonymous sportsbook before exposing your anonymous currency, one that has an excellent reputation and allows users from your country.

    Which Exchange To Use For Anonymous Sportsbooks In 2022?

    Not all exchanges allow their clients to transfer funds to/from sportsbooks.

    Some will freeze your funds and close your account if they learn that you’re using their services to deposit on anonymous sportsbook companies.

    Believe us; it is simple for them to get this information. Want to know how? Let’s find out.

    The most serious exchanges use blockchain forensics software to track transactions on the blockchain.

    We quickly found out the quality of the software when we received notifications from some of these exchanges.

    So, what is the top-rated exchange if you want to get involved with anonymous sportsbook companies?

    For our money, Binance is the right option.

    It is a vast exchange, the world’s largest. But, more importantly, it doesn’t have any rules against using anonymous sportsbooks.

    Plus, it is also the best exchange by far for many reasons: top security, currency pairs available, lowest fees, fast withdrawals, and much more.

    Set up an account on Binance, and you’ll discover that depositing funds and playing on any reputable anonymous sportsbook is effortless.

    Anonymous Sportsbooks FAQ

    default icon

    Are Anonymous Sportsbooks legal?


    Sportsbook companies are allowed in most countries. However, you need to check your country’s rules to know for sure.

    There are two different aspects to consider: the legality of anonymous currencies and sportsbook companies in your country.

    Typically, there are greater restrictions surrounding sportsbook companies than anonymous payment methods in the majority of locations.

    Even if your country doesn’t allow it, you could still find good anonymous sportsbook companies that let you play.

    Regulators find it hard these days because many punters use VPNs to keep their online activity a secret.

    default icon

    Can I Play completely anonymously with Anonymous Currencies?


    Your wallet creates anonymous currency addresses which are the only information available that outlines where your anonymous currency is and where you are sending it. The anonymous nature of anonymous currency means it is very popular with punters.

    One easy way to retain anonymity is to use a new address each time you receive payment. Also, remember that you can use various wallets, each one with a different aim.

    default icon

    How long do Anonymous Currency deposits take?


    It can take anywhere from a few minutes to an hour if you want your wallet completely secure with a pair of confirmations from the network.

    The transactions have to be confirmed on the various Blockchains, which are sometimes overloaded.

    Faster transactions are possible if you pay more. Doing so ensures your transaction skips the Blockchain queue.

    default icon

    How long do Anonymous Currency withdrawals take?


    Withdrawing anonymous payment methods is much the same as depositing them, but in most cases, anonymous sportsbooks also have to certify the task manually.

    The time it takes varies depending on the anonymous sportsbook. Some sites go through a long validation process which takes days. Others don’t complete this step and ensure your withdrawal happens as quickly as a deposit.

    default icon

    What coins can I use for betting and gambling online?


    Bitcoin (BTC)

    Ethereum (ETH)

    Bitcoin Cash (BCH)

    Binance Coin (BNB)

    Dogecoin (DOGE)

    Tether (USDT)

    Litecoin (LTC)

    Cardano (ADA)

    Monero (XMR)

    Tron (TRX)

    EOS (EOS)

    XRP (XRP)

    default icon

    What are the most popular sports markets offered by gambling sites?


    American Football (NFL)

    Football  (Premier League, La Liga)

    Hockey (NHL)

    Basketball (NBA)

    Tennis (Roland Garros)