Best Bitcoin Gambling Sites in Australia

In this ultimate resource, you will discover the best Australia Bitcoin gambling sites in 2021 available in real-time.

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    What Are the Upsides and Downsides of Using Bitcoin on Gambling Sites?

    January 2009 was a historic month when Satoshi Nakamoto introduced a digital currency called Bitcoin.

    It is still the #1 digital asset by market cap, which was over $1 trillion at its peak.

    The hype surrounding BTC is immense and has caused its value to skyrocket at different points.

    As the best-known digital currency, gambling sites welcome the use of BTC.

    Punters may find the following benefits and drawbacks in using Bitcoin on these online gambling websites:

    The advantages of using Bitcoin on Gambling Sites

    • Bitcoin’s popularity means a significant number of gambling websites give bonuses for using it as a payment method

    • The capacity for Bitcoin to increase in value means even a tiny win now could yield a massive reward later

    • Punters enjoy anonymity, so no one will know you’re gambling on these gambling websites

    The disadvantages of using Bitcoin on Gambling Sites

    • Each transaction comes with a hefty fee, so Bitcoin users get less value for money

    • If a scam gambling website takes your money, it is lost forever

    • Bitcoin is incredibly volatile, with no way of knowing when its value will rise or fall

    Pros of Australia Bitcoin Gambling Sites

    Are you looking to gamble with BTC but can’t decide if you want to go ahead?

    There are many reasons to get started; here are some.

    Fiat is becoming worthless

    Fiat currencies are old-fashioned.

    • Inflation makes their value go down continually.

    • As long as governments stay in control of fiat currencies, they retain their hold on the financial world and keep their power.

    • As for banks, they have complete control over the who, what, where, when, and why of fiat currency use.

    It’s time to move away from fiat currencies.

    Bitcoin is the new money in 2021.

    Bypass geo-restrictions

    There is no middleman involved in BTC exchange.

    Therefore, you don’t have to worry about payment gateways.

    You keep the traditional banking system out of the loop.

    If you live in a country with heavy restrictions, invest in a decent VPN to use Australia Bitcoin gambling sites.

    You can now start using sites that generally don’t allow users from your country.

    In any case, some end-to-end Australia BTC gambling sites allow punters from almost every country in the world.

    Disclaimer: We do not explicitly encourage any kind of illegal or unauthorized activity. There are risks involved in using gambling websites that would typically not accept users from your country, including (and not limited to) getting your accounts and funds frozen.

    Keep your hobby private

    You might know that banks don’t appreciate online gambling sites.

    Banks can cause problems for anyone who uses gambling sites. They have even turned down the mortgage applications of many individuals for that very reason.

    This can happen even with moderate usage of gambling websites.

    Here’s the thing about Australia BTC gambling sites, you can use them without your bank ever finding out. Therefore, your activity remains a secret.

    Also, your pastime remains a secret from everyone.

    Ride the bull market

    When gambling on standard gambling companies with fiat currencies, you are wasting an investment opportunity.

    Fiat currencies are outdated and lose their value over time.

    However, if you choose to gamble on Australia Bitcoin gambling sites, your Bitcoin balance is much more likely to go up in value.

    Financial investment on your terms

    It is sometimes a challenge for punters to deposit money on gambling websites.

    One of us even got his bank account frozen for an entire month.

    Why, you ask? Well, he made deposits with a credit card on gambling sites.

    It so happened that a new regulation was put in place in the UK on the 14th of April 2020, and he didn’t know about it.

    It turned out he could no longer make deposits on gambling companies. The bank even sent him an email warning him not to do it again.

    With Bitcoin, you will not need to beg your banker ever again.

    The new generation of Gambling Sites

    Many online gambling platforms accept Bitcoin. The trouble is, most of them offer fairly poor services.

    Old-fashioned design, inefficient customer service, slow payouts, and much more.

    In contrast, the best Australian BTC gambling websites are designed for a modern audience with up-to-date technology.

    The result is a growing number of safer Australia Bitcoin gambling websites that you can trust, which offer better customer support, faster payments, and promotions worth something.

    Rapid payouts and higher limits

    Traditional gambling sites have to deal with payment gateways, bank account management, and a ton of financial regulations.

    The result is that these gambling websites have snail-like transactions, along with mediocre deposit and withdrawal amounts at best.

    The best Australia BTC gambling sites are mainly regulated by the Curacao Gaming Authority, which means a lower level of financial regulation.

    The result is speedy payments along with high deposit and withdrawal limits.

    We have found a few top Australia Bitcoin gambling websites that have NO limits on deposits and withdrawals, and you get your money almost instantly. You never get this kind of service from a traditional gambling website.

    Bear in mind that blockchains take a certain amount of time to process transactions, but it is still a fast process.

    What Are the Australia Bitcoin Gambling Site Laws in Australia?

    If you live in Australia, you’ll find that Australia BTC gambling site use is technically possible as digital currencies are legal.

    Australians can enjoy several types of games on gambling companies, although there are some exceptions.

    However, things are more complicated for gambling websites, as you’ll find out.

    Is it legal to use Bitcoin in Australia?

    Yes, Australia permits Bitcoin and is considered one of the more forward-thinking countries regarding digital currencies.

    The country’s government declared digital currencies legal in 2017.

    Consequently, you have to pay capital gains tax on them since they are classified as property.

    This means they are subject to the Australian Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorism Financing Act of 2006.

    As far as Bitcoin exchanges are considered, registration with AUSTRAC, Australia’s financial crimes government agency, is mandatory.

    Consequently, these exchanges must comply with various government reporting obligations.

    It is unwise for an exchange to try and do business without a license because the penalties are harsh if caught.

    In the end, there is some protection when using a reputable Bitcoin exchange in Australia.

    Which Exchange To Use For Australia Bitcoin Gambling Sites In 2021?

    Many exchanges have policies against Australia Bitcoin gambling sites.

    They will keep your money and shut down your account if they catch you using them to deposit on Australia Bitcoin gambling sites.

    And trust us, they can find out if they want to. But how?

    The most serious exchanges use blockchain forensics software to track transactions on the blockchain.

    It is very hi-tech stuff, and a few of these exchanges proved it by sending us notifications.

    So, what is the best exchange for those who want to gamble on Bitcoin gambling websites in Australia?

    The answer is Binance.

    Not only is it the biggest exchange in the world; it has never had any policy against Australian BTC gambling websites, ever.

    We believe it is the best exchange because of its high level of security and small fees. It also lets you withdraw quickly and offers a massive number of currency pairs.

    Set up an account on Binance, and you’ll discover that depositing funds and gambling on any reputable Australia BTC gambling site is effortless.

    Australia Bitcoin Gambling Sites

    The worldwide gambling industry’s value is closing in on the trillion-dollar mark.

    This is no surprise given the incredible range of options provided by Australia Bitcoin gambling sites.

    With countless online poker tables, almost every casino game under the sun, and various sports, punters won’t get bored.

    What’s even better is the massive number of markets, ways to stake Bitcoin, and a whole lot more.

    Casino favorites

    There’s no question that online casino gaming is a major part of the gambling sector.

    Whether you like the excitement of roulette, the refinement of baccarat, or the tension of blackjack, Australia Bitcoin gambling sites have you covered.

    The European wheel has 37 numbers (one zero) in roulette, but the American version has 38 (two zeroes).

    In blackjack, you win by beating the dealer’s score while getting a maximum total of 21.

    The goal of baccarat is to earn nine points, or as close to it as possible, and have a higher score than the opposition player or banker.

    Australia Bitcoin gambling websites also often let you try other casino classics such as Red Dog, Three-Card Poker, and Slots.

    Sports betting

    It seems as if the sports betting industry has adverts everywhere.

    The Internet age is hugely responsible for the sector’s rapid growth, and Australia Bitcoin gambling sites took advantage.

    The modern bettor almost has too much choice when risking BTC on sporting events.

    Much of the money wagered on Australia BTC gambling sites relates to soccer, NFL, tennis, and golf.

    The available markets you can gamble on include the money line, handicaps, and team props.

    Please note that Australia Bitcoin gambling sites have an edge of between 5% and 10% on most markets, making it harder to become profitable in the long term.


    Online poker has enjoyed as rapid a rise as the overall gambling industry.

    Texas Hold’em and classic five-card stud remain among the biggest poker games in terms of participation on Australia BTC gambling sites.

    Once you register, you face the prospect of meeting fellow poker lovers on an online table.

    There is also the possibility of winning a fortune by coming first in a mega online poker tournament hosted by a Australia Bitcoin gambling site.

    It is obvious that using a Australia Bitcoin gambling site is different from face-to-face action; the online version offers:

    • A faster pace

    • Tougher competition

    • A great level of pre-flop action

    • No method of seeing an opponent’s tells

    • The ability to use several poker tables at once

    If the above sounds good to you, register with a Australia Bitcoin gambling site today, and see if you can beat the world’s best poker experts.

    How to pick the best Australia Bitcoin Gambling Site for your needs?

    Here’s what you should consider when selecting the best Australia Bitcoin gambling website for your needs.

    Is your country on the Australia Bitcoin Gambling Site's prohibited list?

    Punters are generally unaware of this aspect, even though this is the very first one you need to look at.

    If you’re in a prohibited country, legit Bitcoin gambling sites in Australia will simply make it impossible for you to register and deposit funds.

    However, some less cautious Australia Bitcoin gambling sites will let you register your account and deposit funds until you win big (or consistently) and attempt a withdrawal.

    At this stage, such Australia Bitcoin gambling sites will ask for verification. But, of course, once you try to go through the process, you’ll find that you can’t use the site legally and lose all your money as your account is blocked.

    Therefore, it is crucial only to use Australian BTC gambling sites that are legal in your country.

    If you want to proceed with a gambling site that prohibits your country, focus on Australia Bitcoin gambling sites known for being honest.

    Focus on good Australia Bitcoin gambling sites that won’t keep your money if they discover that you’re gambling illegally.

    Stake is one such site.

    Is the Australia Bitcoin Gambling Site reputable?

    There are several things to note when looking for a high-quality Bitcoin gambling website in AU, including reputation.

    In general, Bitcoin transactions are quick, carry low fees, and have no central authority to answer to.

    However, there is no going back with BTC transactions.

    Without the “protection” of a central authority, you can forget about a refund if Australia Bitcoin gambling sites are dishonest.

    These specifics of Bitcoin are the reason why the reputation of the Australian gambling sites that accept Bitcoin you select is vital.

    Our assessment of the best Australia Bitcoin gambling websites therefore includes a particular focus on their reputation.

    Check out our Australia Bitcoin gambling sites reviews if you’re unsure about the safe Australia Bitcoin gambling sites you can trust.


    Yet another critical aspect of Australia Bitcoin gambling sites is how they handle withdrawals and deposits, not to mention means of payment variety.

    Payment options

    There is a disparity in the range of deposit and withdrawal methods available on gambling sites.

    Keep your options open by selecting a site that lets you deposit or withdraw in several ways.

    How quickly can you withdraw?

    The Bitcoin market doesn’t ‘pause,’ and top-ranked Australia Bitcoin gambling sites know this.

    In this matter, speed is king. If an opportunity arises, you’ll want to get access to your Bitcoin quickly. For example, you might find something interesting on another Australia Bitcoin gambling site.

    Some BTC gambling sites in Australia will process your withdrawals within a few days, while others will process them instantly.

    The quicker the Australia BTC gambling site processes your withdrawal, the better.

    What are the limits on withdrawals?

    You’ll find that standard gambling sites often heavily limit the amount of money you can withdraw at once.

    Indeed, finding one that enables withdrawals totaling $10,000 a month is tough.

    Fortunately, the top Australian gambling sites that accept BTC don’t hit you with such restrictions.

    Yet, there are Australia BTC gambling websites that only allow you to withdraw small sums.

    This is because they generally don’t have a large amount of money to hand.

    Still, the best Australia Bitcoin gambling websites, like Stake, offer unlimited withdrawals.

    Therefore, it is wise to use safe Bitcoin gambling sites in Australia with no withdrawal limits, especially if you gamble big.

    Is the Australia Bitcoin Gambling Site end-to-end Bitcoin?

    There is no question that end-to-end Australia Bitcoin gambling sites are very different from standard gambling websites. So let’s look at each option.

    Traditional Gambling Websites

    If you deposit BTC on standard gambling sites, they will turn it into fiat currency whether you like it or not.

    Whenever you try to take out your money, your fiat is turned back into BTC. That is, if the gambling site even permits you to withdraw in BTC.

    In the end, you have to pay fees for each transaction, and you’re stuck with fiat currency on the site rather than Bitcoin.

    This is terrible news if you think BTC’s price will rise. Instead, using end-to-end Australia BTC gambling sites is a better idea.

    What are end-to-end Australian Gambling Sites That Accept Bitcoin?

    These Bitcoin gambling sites in Australia generally accept a more comprehensive range of digital assets as deposit/withdrawal methods.

    They also make it possible for you to use Bitcoin directly.

    End-to-end Australia Bitcoin gambling sites allow you to leverage the benefits of Bitcoin, including:

    • Almost instant withdrawals

    • Fewer payment restrictions

    • Anonymous gamble

    Yet, it is a mistake to think that the above pros are guaranteed with 100% of end-to-end Australia Bitcoin gambling sites.

    Being end-to-end Bitcoin only means they can provide these benefits if they want to and put the effort.

    You’ll discover that only the top Australia Bitcoin gambling websites care enough about their customers to provide these advantages.