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Updated Oct 10, 2022
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“I don’t like cricket; I love it,” goes the famous slogan. Certainly, it applies to Twenty20 cricket, a form of the game that has attracted a legion of new fans. Gone is the outdated notion that cricket is a slow-moving sport where nothing happens for long stretches.

T20 games last about 70 minutes per inning (assuming a team bats the full 20 overs) and a short interval between. If one team excels or another flounders, a match could last approximately the same length as the average soccer match!

Besides introducing a new generation to cricket, Twenty20 is also favored by sports bettors. The relatively short match time and fast-moving betting markets make it a great option if you like to wager on sports. From backing one team to win to predicting the outcome of the next ball, this is a game for different types of gamblers.

A quick online search will reveal ICC cricket world cup betting odds, NatWest T20 cricket betting tips, and much more. However, it is a mistake to risk money without a strategy. This article provides useful information designed to improve your knowledge of Twenty20 and your likelihood of profitability when betting on it.  

1. Understand the Anatomy of a Winning T20 Team

Much is written about what makes a strong T20 team. It is a mystery that confounds even the best captains! However, the leader of a team is its most vital component. The most successful sides have intelligent individuals who are also strong leaders. T20 cricket betting tips revolving around a team captained by the legendary MS Dhoni would carry more weight than most, for example.

Great captains make the best of their resources and think long-term, refusing to risk important players when they’re unfit. They also keep their emotions in check when chaos unfolds around them. T20 games can change in an over, so resisting the urge to make rash, impulsive decisions is vital. When you check out cricket world cup betting odds, please take note of favored sides with questionable leadership; you can arguably discount them from the reckoning.

However, even the best captain can’t manufacture miracles with a poor supporting cast. Before betting on any Twenty20 team, make sure it has the following:

  • An opening batter capable of making the most of the first six overs
  • A steady top three batter who keeps their wicket to support the faster scorer while still getting runs at a decent rate
  • Powerful hitting mid-order batters
  • A sensible batter who may take a few balls to get going but scores heavily late in the innings
  • A finisher; a batter who gets big runs at the end
  • A specialist wicketkeeper
  • A disciplined opening spin bowler
  • A swing bowling prolific wicket-taker
  • An aggressive fast bowler for the mid-overs (overs 7 to 13)
  • An economical bowler for the frenetic last few overs

As you can see, it is quite a long list! Hardly any team possesses all of the above but winning sides tick many boxes. If you’re looking at ICC World Cup 2022 betting odds, critically analyze how many of the above criteria your favored selection has.  

2. Consider Waiting for the Coin Toss

Sometimes, there is no advantage to winning the pre-game coin toss. However, there are occasions where the wicket and conditions are best for bowling or batting first. One factor to keep in mind is the ‘dew factor’ in day-night games, which favors the team that fields first.

Other factors can make it advantageous to bat or bowl first. For instance, at Trent Bridge in England, batting first in the morning is notoriously difficult as the ball swings significantly. In contrast, wickets in the UAE often deteriorate as the game progresses, making it better to bat first.

Also, some teams are masters at batting first and defending totals, while others excel at chasing scores. Therefore, it is often a good idea to wait and see who wins the toss, even though this may also change the odds.

3. Look at the Weather Forecast

If rain is forecast, this could adjust your betting strategy. Wet weather is the bane of cricket as it can ruin a game, particularly test matches and 50-over games. T20 games are short enough that a rain delay often doesn’t impact matters if the match commences in the morning.

However, sometimes, the Duckworth-Lewis-Stern (DLS) method comes into play. It is a rather complicated mathematical formula that calculates a target score for teams batting second in cricket matches interrupted by the weather (or for any other reason). With DLS, it is possible to revise this target after every ball, with changes made according to the number of overs left and amount of wickets in hand.

As a result, you may find that in-play betting becomes very interesting indeed. The thing about DLS is that the team batting second derives the most benefit. Suppose Pakistan scored 179 in their 20 overs. Then the rain comes, unleashing the DLS method for Australia, and decides they need to score 152 in 16 overs.

At first glance, you might believe that Pakistan benefits because Australia’s required run rate has increased from 9.0 per over to 9.5. However, with 24 fewer balls to face, Australia’s batters can take more risks because they have ten wickets in hand. Pakistan must take a wicket every 9.6 balls instead of every 12 to bowl the Aussie team out. Therefore, Australia can play a more aggressive game than normal.

Check the weather forecast before looking at betting odds on cricket T20. If rain is possible or probable, you may need to think twice before backing the side batting first.

4. Analyze Head-to-Head Records

Regardless of the sport, there are always situations where one team/individual can’t get the better of an opponent they are considered to be better than. In boxing, Fighting Harada famously beat Eder Jofre in both their encounters. These were the only defeats in Jofre’s incredible career, and he is ranked much higher in the list of all-time greats than his conqueror.

When analyzing ICC Cricket World Cup 2022 odds, look at the head-to-head record of teams in any match you’re betting on. You might find that the bookies fail to take the H-2-H form into account.

For instance, India versus Pakistan is one of the all-time great sporting rivalries. However, in T20 cricket, it is very one-sided. India has won seven of the nine meetings between the teams.

It is also worth looking beyond historical data and focusing on recent meetings, as they are likely more relevant. On the surface, England versus Australia is as competitive as expected; Australia leads 10-9 with two non-results/ties in their 21 meetings.

Upon closer inspection, you’ll see that England has won four of the last five meetings. Does this mean they have their rivals’ number? Not quite. Australia has won seven of the eight matches to have taken place Down Under. England has won six of its ten home matches and lost only two. Consequently, if you can get a good price on the home team in this particular fixture, it is well worth taking it, regardless of their recent form!

5. Horse for Courses

Cricket grounds have unique quirks and different dimensions. The ICC has set maximum and minimum dimensions, but these can differ by more than you realize. Take Sydney’s SCG; it is an enormous ground where hitting a six requires extreme power and exceptional timing. Big-hitting teams dependent on boundaries are likely to struggle on such a ground. In contrast, sides with batters who use gaps in the field can rack up big scores.

Meanwhile, in India, Mumbai’s Brabourne Stadium has shorter boundaries, ideal for hard strikers. Such locations are primed for teams to chase seemingly massive targets successfully. As a bettor, you’re probably best-served backing ‘overs’ on the run line when a game takes place in a ground with fairly small boundaries.

We Don’t Like T20 Betting; We Love It!

Whether you’re looking to make the most of the T20 cricket betting tips you see online or want to know if the available cricket world cup betting odds offer value, we hope this guide proves useful.

Twenty20 cricket has become a phenomenally popular sport in a relatively short period. As such, betting sites are keen to take advantage by offering as many games and markets as possible. Following the tips outlined above will give you an edge over casual punters and perhaps earn you a profit in the bargain. 

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