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At first glance, you might find Hong Kong odds a little confusing. However, once you understand what they mean, they are among the easiest odds to calculate. There are no negative values like American odds, so the numbers are always above 0.

Once you grasp this particular format, you’re better positioned to utilize Hong Kong horse racing odds, not to mention football pricing. The Hong Kong Jockey Club monopolizes football, horse racing, and lottery betting. Therefore, wagering with any other bookmaker within HK is illegal.

However, many crypto websites offer you the chance to wager using Hong Kong odds, so read on to learn more about this simple-to-understand format.

How Are Odds in Hong Kong Calculated?

Hong Kong odds are similar to European decimal odds. The difference is that the stake isn’t included. Instead, the odds reflect how much profit you’ll make if you win. Any price below 1 means an odds-on bet, where the profit is less than your stake. Any price above 1 means odds against, so the potential profit is greater than your stake.

Converting odds in Hong Kong to their decimal equivalent is as simple as adding 1. Once you achieve this goal, converting them into the other main betting odds formats becomes easier.

Let’s check out a few examples of Hong Kong odds in action.

HK Odds Examples

Suppose you see the following Hong Kong football betting odds:

  • Liverpool: 0.4
  • Everton: 7.5
  • Draw: 3.5

All you need to do is add one to each set of Hong Kong odds to get the decimal version:

  • Liverpool: 1.4
  • Everton: 8.5
  • Draw: 4.5

Now you know that a $20 bet on Liverpool makes a profit of $8 if it wins.

Here’s an example in a tennis match, although the Jockey Club does NOT offer this option in Hong Kong (you can wager on matches on crypto sites, though):

  • Emeline Dartron: 1.2
  • Pemra Ozgen: 0.66

Here are how the odds look converted into decimals:

  • Emeline Dartron: 2.2
  • Pemra Ozgen: 1.66

A $10 wager on Dartron means a possible profit of $12 and a total return of $22.

One final example is horse racing, which is hugely popular in Hong Kong. Racing takes place at the Happy Valley track on Wednesdays, while Sha Tin holds events every Sunday. Here’s a look at the top three horses in a race:

  • Hearty Wish: 1.7
  • Little Player: 5.0
  • U W Brother: 6.5

When converted into decimal odds, here is what you get:

  • Hearty Wish: 2.7
  • Little Player: 6.0
  • U W Brother: 7.5

If you fancy the second favorite, Little Player, a $20 bet could result in a $100 profit.

To Better Understand Hong Kong Odds, Just Add One!

Sports betting is huge in HK, and if you happen to place wagers with the Jockey Club, you need to learn how it prices events. Hong Kong odds are extremely easy to understand if you’re used to the decimal format. All you need to do is add 1 to the HK odds to get their equivalent in decimals.


For simplicity’s sake, we outlined how to convert Hong Kong odds into their decimal equivalent. However, readers may also want advice on transforming these prices into the other main formats. Therefore, we answer frequently asked questions on this subject below.

How Do I Convert Hong Kong Odds into American?

Regarding Hong Kong odds of 1.00 and above, converting into American is as easy as multiplying by 100 and adding a plus symbol. Here is what HK odds of +1.5 equate to in US odds: 

1.5 x 100 = 150

Add the plus = +150

Therefore, HK odds of 1.5 is the same as +150 in the American version. Bet $10 at these odds and win, and your profit is $15.

It is almost as straightforward for Hong Kong odds of 0.99 and under. Divide the HK price into 100 and add a minus sign.

Here is how you convert HK odds of 0.7 into American: 

100 / 0.7 = 142.85

Add a minus sign and round-up: -143

HK odds of 0.7 are the equivalent of -143 in US odds. This means a $10 bet gives you a possible profit of $7.

How Do I Convert Hong Kong Odds into British?

This process is a little easier than you might think. Convert the HK odds into a fraction and reduce it to its simplest form. For example, if the Hong Kong odds are 1.4, this is the equivalent of 14/10. As both numbers are divisible by 2, the odds are 7/5 in fractional form. Consequently, a $10 wager means a possible profit of $14.

HK odds of 0.5 are 5/10 or 1/2, and so on.

How Do I Convert Hong Kong Odds into Malay?

Malaysian and HK odds are the same when it comes to odds-on favorites or bets where the price is 1 or less in Hong Kong. Therefore, HK odds of 0.9 are +0.9 in Malay. A $10 wager means a potential profit of $9.

Regarding HK odds of more than 1, the simplest option is to divide the Hong Kong figure into 1 and add a minus sign. Therefore, if the price is 5.00 in HK, you do the following to get the Malaysian equivalent: 

1 / 5 = 0.2

Add a minus sign, so the odds become -0.2. Therefore, 5.00 in HK odds is the same as -0.2 in Malay. A $10 bet equals a profit of $50 if you are successful.

How Do I Convert Hong Kong Odds into Indo?

Indo and Hong Odds are the same when the number is 1.00 or higher. Therefore, HK odds of 3.5 are also 3.5 in Indonesia. If you risk $10, you could earn a profit of $35.

Hong Kong odds below 1.00 are accompanied by a minus sign in the Indonesian version because they are odds-on bets. One quick way to convert them involves multiplying the HK version by 100, dividing that figure into 100, and adding a minus sign. It may seem confusing, but it is easier than it sounds!

Suppose the Hong Kong odds are 0.8. Here is what you do to get their Indo version:

0.8 x 100 = 80

100 / 80 = 1.25

Add a minus sign = -1.25

As a result, 0.8 odds in Hong Kong mean -1.25 in Indonesia. In both instances, a $10 wager means a profit of $8 if you win.

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