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Malaysian odds are a little more complicated than other betting odds associated with South-East Asian nations. They are like Hong Kong odds but also implement the minus sign associated with American odds. However, odds with a minus sign signify the underdogs, unlike American odds, which relate to the favorite.

Technically speaking, gambling is illegal in Malaysia, but many residents place online bets daily. We strongly recommend that you do NOT break the law as you could face jail time if caught. Nonetheless, learning to understand Malaysian odds could prove useful if you live overseas and use a site that implements Malay pricing.

Malaysian Odds Explained

There are positive and negative Malay odds. Positive Malaysian odds may have a + sign in front or nothing at all. The smaller the number, the shorter the odds. For instance, +0.2 means you’ll only win 0.2 units for every unit staked.

Converting to decimal odds is as easy as adding 1 to the Malay odds. As a result, +0.4 in Malaysian odds is the same as 1.4 in decimal odds. A $10 bet means a profit of $4 if you win.

Negative odds have a minus sign and relate to underdogs. -0.2 means a bet of 0.2 units would earn a 1-unit profit. Converting to decimal odds involves removing the negative symbol, dividing the Malay odds into 1, and adding 1 to the total as follows:

Turn -0.2 into 0.2

1 / 0.2 = 5

5 + 1 = 6

As a result, -0.2 in Malaysian odds is the same as 6.00 in decimal. A $10 bet yields a profit of $50 if you win.

Examples of Malaysian Odds

Here are three quick examples of Malaysian odds in action.

The odds for the following World Cup match are as follows:

  • England: -0.5
  • France: -0.7
  • Draw: -0.45

You’ll find that Malaysian odds don’t always divide neatly into decimal odds, as you’re about to see! If you choose to bet on France at -0.7, here is what it looks like as a decimal:

-0.7 becomes 0.7

1 / 0.7 = 1.428 + 1 = 2.428

In this case, you would round up to 2.43.

In a tennis match, the odds are:

  • Anna Blinkova: -0.57
  • Clara Tauson: +0.44

As Tauson has the positive odds, we know she is the favorite. Add 1 to her price to get the decimal version, which is 1.44. Meanwhile, Blinkova’s decimal price is:

-0.57 turns into 0.57

1 / 0.57 = 1.75 + 1 = 2.75

As a result, the odds in decimal form are:

  • Anna Blinkova: 2.75
  • Clara Tauson: 1.44

Finally, in the NBA, we see that the LA Clippers are +0.9 to beat the -6.5-point spread. This means the odds in decimal form are 1.90. You only win if the Clippers triumph by 7+ points.

The Malaysian Odds Format: It’s Easy When You Know How!

You can get involved with online betting sites in the region by learning more about Malaysian odds. When you see a plus symbol or no symbol, add one to convert it into decimal odds. When there is a minus before the number, turn it into a plus, divide it into one and finally add one for the decimal version.

Approximately 90% of the money wagered on sports in Malaysia relates to football. Therefore, you’re likely to find a huge array of markets for this sport, even though online sites in the nation operate under a legal gray area at best.


The above guide focused on turning Malaysian odds into their decimal equivalent. However, it is also handy to learn how to transform them into the other four main odds formats, which is the subject of this FAQ section.

How to Convert Malaysian Odds into US Odds?

Turning Malay prices considered odds-on (with the + symbol) into US odds involves dividing the Malaysian odds into 100 and adding a – sign. Therefore, +0.8 in Malaysian odds means an American price of -125. This is how to calculate it:

100 / 0.8 = 125

Add a minus sign = -125

Bet $20 at +0.8 Malay odds, and you earn a profit of $16 if you win.

Converting Malay prices with the – sign into their American equivalent involves dividing them into 100 and adding a + symbol. As a result, -0.5 in Malaysian odds is +200 in US pricing:

100 / -0.5 = -200

Add the plus sign = +200

Therefore, a successful $20 wager at Malay odds of -0.5 means a profit of $40.

How to Convert Malaysian Odds into British Odds?

Remember, plus Malaysian odds are odds-on prices. Turning them into fractions involves viewing the Malay price as a fraction of one. Therefore, 0.50 in Malay odds is half of one or 1/2 as a fraction. 0.4 is four-tenths of one, which equates to 4/10. Both figures can be broken down as they’re divisible by two, which means the odds are 2/5.

Minus Malay odds are higher than evens. In this case, perform the same calculation as with + symbols but switch the fractions around. For instance:

If +0.5 in Malaysian odds = 1/2, -0.5 = 2/1

If +0.4 in Malaysian odds = 2/5, +0.4 = 5/2 and so on

How to Convert Malaysian Odds into Indo Odds?

If the Malay odds are plus, turn the decimal into a percentage (multiply by 100), divide that number into 100, and turn the plus symbol into a minus. Here’s what you would do with +0.75 in Malaysian odds:

0.75 * 100 = 75

100 / 75 = 1.33

Switch to -1.33

This means +0.75 in Malay odds equals -1.33 in Indonesian odds. It is the same calculation with minus Malaysian odds. Only this time, you switch the symbol to a minus. Consequently, -0.75 in Malaysia is +1.33 in Indonesia.

How to Convert Malaysian Odds into HK Odds?

The simplest answer is this; Malay odds above 0 are the same as their HK equivalent. +0.2 in Malaysia is the same as +0.2 in Hong Kong.

Minus Malay odds are the same in Hong Kong and Indonesia. This means going through the same calculation as outlined above. Here is what -0.2 Malay odds equates to in Hong Kong:

Switch minus into a plus, so -0.2 becomes 0.2

0.2  * 100 = 20

100 / 20 = 5

-0.2 in Malaysian odds = 5.00 in Hong Kong.

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