Best Ethereum Slots Sites

In this ultimate resource, you will discover the best Ethereum slots sites in 2021 available in real-time.

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    Is it Wise to Deposit on Slots Sites With Ethereum?

    Ethereum is the world’s second-biggest digital asset by market cap.

    Vitalik Buterin and Gavin Wood are the original authors and released Ethereum in July 2015.

    ETH is similar to many top-rated digital assets but can potentially rise even higher in value.

    If you’re interested in using Ethereum on slots sites, here are a few upsides and downsides.

    Why you should use Ethereum on Slots Sites

    • The transaction fees associated with Ethereum are lower than when using standard money

    • Ethereum has a relatively fast transaction time compared to many cryptoassets

    • Ethereum offers a high degree of privacy

    The case against using Ethereum on Slots Sites

    • While many coins have fixed transaction fees, the more Ethereum you transfer, the higher the fee

    • Many slots platforms still prefer other cryptoassets to Ethereum, which means your choice is more limited

    • Specific slots sites that accept ETH don’t have the same licensing or regulation as slots platforms that use fiat currency

    Benefits of Ethereum Slots Sites

    Are you looking to play with ETH but can’t decide if you want to go ahead?

    We’re sharing several reasons why they are worth your attention.

    Avoid restrictions

    You can exchange ETH without intermediaries.

    Therefore, you don’t have to worry about payment gateways.

    You keep the traditional banking system out of the loop.

    If you live in a country with heavy restrictions, invest in a decent VPN to use Ethereum slots platforms.

    You can now start using sites that generally don’t allow users from your country.

    In any case, some end-to-end slots websites accepting Ethereum allow punters from almost every country in the world.

    Disclaimer: Please note that we do not recommend or encourage illegal activity in any form. You are placing your investment at risk if you use slots sites that forbid users from your country. For instance, you could have your account frozen, which means you can’t access your money.

    Fiat currencies are losing their value

    Fiat currencies are old-fashioned.

    • Inflation is decreasing their value every single year.

    • Ultimately, governments keep the current fiat system because it suits their needs.

    • Banks have carte blanche to determine to whom you can send them.

    The time of fiat currencies has passed.

    Ethereum is the new money in 2021.

    Your assets grow up in value

    While you play on a regular slots website with fiat currencies, you hold … fiat.

    With fiat currencies, you lose purchasing power every minute.

    Instead, set up an account on a slots website accepting ETH, and there’s a good chance your Ethereum balance will rise.

    Higher privacy

    Banks don’t like online slots platforms.

    Banks can cause problems for anyone who uses slots sites. They have even turned down the mortgage applications of many individuals for that very reason.

    It didn’t matter that their use of slots sites was nothing more than casual.

    It is different with slots sites that accept Ethereum. You can use them without the bank’s knowledge.

    Indeed, you can enjoy complete privacy unless you feel like talking about your hobby.

    Financial investment on your terms

    Do you find it hard to deposit money on slots sites? We do.

    The bank froze the account of a team member for a month.

    Here’s the reason. He wanted to put money into his slots site account.

    It so happened that a new regulation was put in place in the UK on the 14th of April 2020, and he didn’t know about it.

    It turned out he could no longer make deposits on slots sites. The bank even sent him an email warning him not to do it again.

    With Ethereum, you will not need to beg your banker ever again.

    Rapid payouts and higher limits

    Traditional slots websites have to deal with payment gateways, bank account management, and a ton of financial regulations.

    That’s why, on these slots platforms, your deposit and withdrawal amounts are very limited, with slow transactions.

    Although the best Ethereum slots sites are regulated (by the Curacao Gaming Authority most of the time), they are subject to less financial regulation.

    The result is speedy payments along with high deposit and withdrawal limits.

    We have found a few top Ethereum slots sites that have NO limits on deposits and withdrawals, and you get your money almost instantly. You never get this kind of service from a traditional slots website.

    Of course, remember to consider the time it takes for the various blockchains to process the transactions.

    The new generation of Slots Sites

    Many online slots sites accept Ethereum. The trouble is, most of them offer fairly poor services.

    Issues include slow withdrawals, poorly designed websites, low-quality customer service, and more.

    In contrast, the best Ethereum slots websites are designed for a modern audience with up-to-date technology.

    The result is a growing number of safer ETH slots sites that you can trust, which offer better customer support, faster payments, and promotions worth something.

    How to Play on Ethereum Slots Sites

    Both physical and online casinos continue to offer a huge range of slot machines.

    Sittman and Pitt created a machine similar to the modern slot version in 1891.

    Yet Charles Fey’s legendary Liberty Bell game is recognized as the first classic slot machine.

    Today, it is possible to enjoy an incredible array of slot machines online by registering with a ETH slots site.

    It takes little time to learn how to play slots, and you could get lucky and win a huge prize.

    How to use slot machines

    Prior to beginning a slot machine session, it is wise to see if there are any special rules regarding the game on the slots site with Ethereum.

    Yet it is typically easy to begin; select the size of your stake and start spinning those reels!

    Bear in mind that you have the option of changing your stake size as often as you like.

    With the possibility of staking $100 or more per spin on some slots, make sure you don’t accidentally risk too much.

    Despite the big selection of games, there are only a few types of slot machines.

    3-Reel slots

    A slot machine has a certain number of reels featuring several symbols that spin with every game.

    The earliest slots had three reels, and casinos retain these popular machines.

    Consider using this slot if you’re a novice because there isn’t much of a learning curve.

    One negative aspect of a 3-reel machine is the relative lack of payouts compared to larger slots.

    5-Reel slots

    As you would expect, this type of slot machine offers five reels and, theoretically, more chances to win.

    With perhaps five horizontal lines, there’s a possibility of seeing 25 symbols at once.

    You’ll find that 5-reel machines provide plenty of excitement with the opportunity for additional spins and other bonuses.

    Yet if you want access to the highest number of possible wins, you’ll need to place a minimum level of Ethereum per spin.

    Progressive jackpots

    ETH slots websites attract users by offering enormous jackpots on certain slot games.

    It was standard to have maximum jackpots on slot machines for a long time.

    However, with a progressive jackpot, the size of the payout continues to grow because the slots website accepting Ethereum adds a certain percentage of money staked to it.

    In some cases, the progressive jackpot can reach the millions, though payouts tend to be in the tens to hundreds of thousands range.

    Of course, it is extremely unlikely you’ll win since the jackpot is open to everyone who uses the machine and is won at random.

    Please remember that certain ETH slots websites ensure you’re ineligible for a progressive jackpot unless you stake a specific amount per spin.

    Overall, winning Ethereum on a slot machine involves getting specific symbols after a spin.

    It is a game of complete chance, and there is no clearly defined winning strategy.

    How to determine the best Ethereum Slots Site?

    Here’s what you should consider when selecting the best ETH slots site for your needs.

    Is your country on the Ethereum Slots Site's prohibited list?

    Punters are generally unaware of this aspect, even though this is the very first one you need to look at.

    Legit Ethereum slots websites will not allow you to register an account and deposit funds if you’re visiting the website from one of their restricted countries.

    Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case. Some low-grade ETH slots sites enable you to register and put money into your account, and all seems well until you enjoy some success and try to withdraw the money.

    At this point, your account is flagged for verification. For some shameless Ethereum slots sites, the most likely result is that your account gets frozen and your funds confiscated.

    Therefore, it is crucial only to use ETH slots websites that are legal in your country.

    If you want to proceed with a slots site that prohibits your country, focus on Ethereum slots websites known for being honest.

    Focus on good ETH slots websites that won’t keep your money if they discover that you’re wagering illegally.

    Stake is one such site.

    Ethereum Slots Site trustworthiness

    This is another crucial aspect to take into account when selecting your Ethereum slots website.

    In general, ETH transactions are quick, carry low fees, and have no central authority to answer to.

    However, there is no going back with Ethereum transactions.

    Since there’s no central authority involved, don’t expect to get your funds back if you get scammed.

    These specifics of Ethereum are the reason why the reputation of the slots websites accepting ETH you select is vital.

    This is why we place such an emphasis on the reputation of the slots websites accepting Ethereum we review.

    To save yourself some time, have a look at our ETH slots platforms reviews to make sure you only play on safe slots sites that accept ETH.

    Deposits and withdrawals

    Yet another critical aspect of ETH slots sites is how they handle withdrawals and deposits, not to mention means of payment variety.

    Variety of payment methods

    Some slots sites offer more deposit and withdrawal methods than others.

    For most punters, having multiple ways to deposit money is an important consideration.

    How quickly can you withdraw?

    The Ethereum market doesn’t ‘pause,’ and top-ranked ETH slots sites know this.

    You may need your Ethereum to trade them rapidly or participate in an event on another good slots website with Ethereum.

    While some slots sites that accept Ethereum process withdrawals immediately, others can take hours or even days.

    The quicker the slots site that accepts Ethereum processes your withdrawal, the better.

    What are the limits on withdrawals?

    Standard slots sites keep maximum withdrawal limits low.

    Most of them can’t pay more than the equivalent of $10,000 per month.

    Top Ethereum slots sites don’t have important restrictions.

    Nonetheless, not all slots sites that accept Ethereum provide high withdrawal limits.

    Why? Because they can’t afford to pay significant amounts of money in one go.

    The best Ethereum slots sites are different. Stake, for instance, has no cap on withdrawals.

    Therefore, it is wise to use safe Ethereum slots sites with no withdrawal limits, especially if you play big.

    Selection of bonuses etc.

    We divide these benefits into three parts.

    New customer offers

    Typically, ETH slots sites give you bonuses after registration.

    These bonuses can be pretty attractive; many of them offer to double your money or more.

    However, you’ll usually find that these bonuses aren’t as good as you first thought.

    There are usually many stipulations.

    You might have to play at least 30 times what you deposit before withdrawing any money, for example.

    To get the best out of your funds, we recommend finding ETH slots websites with a solid VIP program and regular promotions.

    Promotions quantity and quality

    Average Ethereum slots sites don’t go out of their way to provide great promotions.

    They prefer to offer attractive bonuses, which have, in fact, a lot of strings attached to them.

    Meanwhile, the best ETH slots sites focus on keeping you happy, which means lots of cool promotions.

    Thanks to these promotions, you’ll probably get a lot more enjoyment from playing, and they’ll also help keep your balance topped up.

    VIP Benefits

    Good Ethereum slots websites usually know the importance of VIP programs with excellent bonuses.

    After all, it is a great way to keep you entertained.

    However, too many companies don’t bother.

    VIP benefits, just like great promotions, will add a lot of fun and rewards.

    As a result, we urge you to look for legit Ethereum slots platforms with outstanding VIP rewards. The best sites will reward your loyalty.

    Help and support

    If you need help with something, things go more smoothly when you can quickly and easily chat to a trained customer service operative.

    Particularly if you’ve never practiced ETH slots websites before.

    When determining the best Ethereum slots sites in 2021, we tested and rated each site’s customer service quality so you don’t have to.

    Is the Ethereum Slots Site end-to-end Ethereum?

    There is a big difference between traditional slots platforms accepting ETH and slots sites accepting Ethereum (end-to-end).

    Standard Slots Sites

    If you deposit ETH on standard slots websites, they will turn it into fiat currency whether you like it or not.

    Whenever you try to take out your money, your fiat is turned back into ETH. That is, if the slots site even permits you to withdraw in ETH.

    In the end, you have to pay fees for each transaction, and you’re stuck with fiat currency on the site rather than ETH.

    This is terrible news if you think Ethereum’s price will rise. Instead, using end-to-end ETH slots sites is a better idea.

    Why are end-to-end Slots Sites That Accept Ethereum better?

    For one thing, you can deposit or withdraw using many different digital assets on such Ethereum slots sites.

    But most importantly, they allow you to wager with Ethereum directly.

    Using these slots sites accepting Ethereum gives you several ETH advantages, such as:

    • Lightning-fast withdrawals

    • The ability to deposit and withdraw large amounts

    • Anonymity

    Yet, it is a mistake to think that the above pros are guaranteed with 100% of end-to-end Ethereum slots sites.

    An end-to-end Ethereum slots website only has the potential to do it; there is no guarantee.

    You’ll discover that only the top ETH slots sites care enough about their customers to provide these advantages.

    Best Ethereum Exchange For Ethereum Slots Sites In 2021

    Not all exchanges allow their clients to transfer funds to/from Ethereum slots websites.

    They will keep your money and shut down your account if they catch you using them to deposit on slots websites that accept ETH.

    And frankly, these days, it’s easy for them to find out. Surprised? Here’s how.

    Top-rated exchanges can track transactions on the blockchain by using blockchain forensics software.

    We quickly found out the quality of the software when we received notifications from some of these exchanges.

    So, what is the best exchange for those who want to play on ETH slots websites?

    For our money, Binance is the right option.

    Binance is the largest exchange globally, and they allow users to play on ETH slots websites.

    As well as being the biggest, it is also the best exchange: it offers low fees, rapid withdrawals, excellent security, more currency pairs than other exchanges, and much more.

    This exchange allows its clients to begin playing on slots sites accepting Ethereum easily.

    Questions frequently asked about ETH Slots Websites

    Are ETH Slots Sites legal?

    slots websites with Ethereum can claim to be legal in most cases, but your location dictates the answer.

    It isn’t clear-cut because it depends on Ethereum and slots platform law in each jurisdiction.

    Although ETH is legal or tolerated in most countries, regulators are generally more severe with slots websites.

    Still, some good Ethereum slots platforms accept customers even from countries where they cannot operate.

    If you have a VPN, your transactions are out of the glare of a centralized authority, which means regulators have their work cut out.

    Can I Play completely anonymously with Ethereum?

    Yes, you can because of how Ethereum addresses work. These are created privately by your wallet, and there is no other information that outlines where your Ethereum are stored or any location you send them to.

    As a result, you can maintain secrecy by using a new address every time you receive payment. Another tactic is to use several wallets, each one for a different reason.

    How long do Ethereum deposits take?

    It can take anywhere from a few minutes to an hour if you want your wallet completely secure with a pair of confirmations from the network.

    However, it also depends on the Ethereum network in question. The different Blockchains must confirm the transactions, and they are overworked on occasion.

    You must pay an extra fee if you want to avoid having your transaction delayed by the Blockchain queue.

    How long do Ethereum withdrawals take?

    The withdrawal process goes through the same procedure as when you deposit. However, the majority of slots sites accepting ETH also have to authenticate the action manually.

    The quick answer is, ‘it depends.’ A slightly longer answer is that some sites can take several days to certify your withdrawal. Others don’t go through this process to ensure their withdrawals are no slower than deposits.

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