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In this ultimate resource, you will discover the best Monero sportsbooks in 2021 available in real-time.

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Your Brief Guide to Using Monero on Sportsbooks

Nicolas van Saberhagen released Monero in 2014 with an emphasis on privacy.

Anyone can send or broadcast transactions, but no outsider can determine the amount involved or the transaction’s source or destination.

At present, Monero’s market cap is moderate and just enough to rank inside the top 30 digital currencies.

If you like the idea of complete privacy, learn more about Monero by reading the following advantages and disadvantages

Why Monero is a convenient payment method on Sportsbooks

  • XMR is considered the world’s best digital currency for privacy

  • Although it isn’t the best-known cryptoasset, there is a considerable amount of information regarding XMR online

  • There is a strictly limited supply of XMR, so it may enjoy long-term growth

Negatives associated with using Monero on Sportsbooks

  • Reputable sportsbooks that accept Monero are rare

  • Monero’s high level of privacy is only worthy when using sportsbooks that ask for minimal personal details

  • You can wave goodbye to your hard-earned Monero if a bad sportsbook scams you

Pros of Monero Sportsbooks

Curious about Monero sportsbooks, but still looking for reasons to take action?

There are countless reasons to give them a try, and here are just a few of them.

Fiat currencies have become ineffective

Fiat currencies are fast becoming yesterday’s news.

  • Inflation reduces their value every day.

  • Governments prefer these centralized currencies as they help them keep control over the financial system.

  • Banks decide if and when you can or can’t use them.

The time of fiat currencies has passed.

In 2021, Monero is what’s taking us into the future of money.

Fewer geographical restrictions

There is no middleman involved in Monero exchange.

Which means no payment gateways are needed.

Banks and credit cards? Forget about them!

If you live in a country with heavy restrictions, invest in a decent VPN to use Monero sportsbooks.

You can now start using sites that generally don’t allow users from your country.

Some end-to-end XMR sportsbooks also let you play despite it being illegal in your location.

Disclaimer: We do not encourage any activity that is against the law. Using sportsbooks that don’t allow people from your country involves risks. One of them is the possibility of losing your entire stake after having your account suspended.

Higher privacy

Banks are not really fans of sportsbooks.

As a matter of fact, there are countless stories about individuals who were denied mortgages because of their use of sportsbook companies.

This can happen even with moderate usage of sportsbooks.

Here’s the thing about sportsbooks with XMR , you can use them without your bank ever finding out. Therefore, your activity remains a secret.

Indeed, you can enjoy complete privacy unless you feel like talking about your hobby.

Your assets grow up in value

When playing on standard sportsbook companies with fiat currencies, you are wasting an investment opportunity.

Fiat currencies are old-fashioned and inflationary.

However, if you choose to play on XMR sportsbooks, your Monero balance is much more likely to go up in value.

Financial investment on your terms

If you’re anything like us, you have had issues trying to deposit money on sportsbooks.

One of us even got his bank account frozen for an entire month.

Why, you ask? Well, he made deposits with a credit card on sportsbooks.

It so happened that a new regulation was put in place in the UK on the 14th of April 2020, and he didn’t know about it.

He even received a warning from the bank and had to promise not to deposit on sportsbook companies anymore.

XMR keep your bank out of the picture permanently.

Modern Sportsbooks

Most traditional online sportsbooks that accept XMR aren’t up to date.

These sites seem locked in a time warp with payouts taking days, poor customer service, and many other issues.

The best sportsbooks that accept Monero, on the other hand, are designed for the modern user. Therefore, they adopt better technology and respect their audience.

This translates into better, more competitive, and safer Monero sportsbooks overall, with better payments, more frequent promotions, higher-quality support, and more.

Instant, limitless payments

Financial regulations limit standard sportsbooks. This is why they are so slow and inefficient.

As a consequence, you’ll notice that you’re forced to accept low deposit and withdrawal maximums, not to mention waiting days to complete a transaction.

The best XMR sportsbooks are mainly regulated by the Curacao Gaming Authority, which means a lower level of financial regulation.

Less financial regulation means fewer limits and faster (sometimes instant) payouts.

In some cases, the top sportsbooks accepting Monero have NO limits on deposits and withdrawals, and you get your money instantly. This doesn’t happen with traditional sportsbooks.

That said, it takes time for different blockchains to process your transactions, so please take note of this.

What Is The #1 Exchange To Use For Monero Sportsbooks In 2021?

Not all exchanges allow their clients to transfer funds to/from sportsbooks that accept Monero.

You may find your account frozen and your funds confiscated if you’re caught using their website to fund your Monero sportsbook account.

And frankly, these days, it’s easy for them to find out. Surprised? Here’s how.

The leading exchanges utilize sophisticated blockchain forensics software to identify relevant blockchain transactions.

And the software is very efficient, to the point that we already received notifications from a few exchanges.

So, what exchange should you use to deposit on XMR sportsbooks?

The answer is Binance.

It is a vast exchange, the world’s largest. But, more importantly, it doesn’t have any rules against using sportsbooks that accept Monero.

We believe it is the best exchange because of its high level of security and small fees. It also lets you withdraw quickly and offers a massive number of currency pairs.

This exchange allows its clients to begin playing on Monero sportsbooks easily.

Monero Sportsbooks

Both serious and casual punters are beginning to see the advantages of using Monero sportsbooks.

For such individuals, it is increasingly important that they enjoy privacy, and using Monero gives them that luxury.


XMR sportsbook companies have grown to the stage where they match or even exceed what traditional sportsbooks offer regarding sports markets.

Monero sportsbooks not only offer countless daily markets, but they also give you the chance to stake Monero on huge events such as the World Cup.

It is also becoming apparent that the prices offered by Monero sportsbooks are often superior to regular sportsbooks.

If that isn’t enough, Monero sportsbooks also provide the following benefits:

  • Hardly any transaction fees

  • Rapid deposits and withdrawals

  • Higher bonuses and rewards

  • Strong account security

  • No need to provide much information when registering

Ultimately, with Monero sportsbooks, you get the gaming experience you always wanted from other sportsbooks but could never get.


Estimates vary, but eSports now attract over 450 million viewers in what is a worldwide phenomenon.

Tournaments take place virtually every day and involve elite gamers.

There is even a suggestion that eSports will eventually become part of the Olympic Games.

While traditional sportsbook companies earned money from eSports, it hasn’t taken long for Monero sportsbooks to follow suit.

Perhaps you can gain an edge if you look into the top performing eSports stars before risking any cash.

There are plenty of important tournaments featuring games such as Overwatch, FIFA, and League of Legends.

Monero sportsbooks tend to offer markets relating to total maps for certain games, not to mention handicap options.

Regardless of what you think of eSports, they aren’t going away, so it is best to embrace their presence on Monero sportsbook companies.

How to determine the best Monero Sportsbook?

When choosing the best Monero sportsbook company, here are some things to take into account.

Does the Monero Sportsbook support your country?

Don’t make the mistake of registering and adding money before finding out that you’re not allowed to do so in your country.

If you’re in a prohibited country, legit sportsbooks with Monero will simply make it impossible for you to register and deposit funds.

Sadly, some unreliable sportsbooks with Monero will not stop you from registering an account and playing but will block your account when you try to withdraw your gains.

At this stage, such Monero sportsbooks will ask for verification. But, of course, once you try to go through the process, you’ll find that you can’t use the site legally and lose all your money as your account is blocked.

This is why you must stick with Monero sportsbooks that allow people from your country.

If you decide otherwise at your own risk, make sure you play on trustworthy and legit Monero sportsbooks that allow for more anonymity.

Look for good Monero sportsbook companies that return your money even if they find out you’re not allowed to play.

Stake is a fine example of such Monero sportsbook.

Monero Sportsbook trustworthiness

This is another crucial aspect to take into account when selecting your XMR sportsbook company.

XMR transactions are fast, cheap (most of the time), and there’s no central authority behind them.

It is mainly a good thing, but one downside is that your Monero transaction is final.

With no central authority, you’re unlikely to get your money back if you get ripped off.

These specifics of XMR are the reason why the reputation of the sportsbooks with XMR you select is vital.

Our assessment of the best sportsbooks that accept XMR therefore includes a particular focus on their reputation.

Check out our Monero sportsbooks reviews if you’re unsure about the safe Monero sportsbooks you can trust.

Is the Monero Sportsbook end-to-end Monero?

There is no question that end-to-end sportsbooks accepting Monero are very different from standard sportsbooks. So let’s look at each option.

Conventional Sportsbook Companies

If you deposit XMR on standard sportsbooks, they will turn it into fiat currency whether you like it or not.

The same will happen when you withdraw (if they offer Monero as a withdrawal method); they will convert your fiat back into Monero.

Not only do these transactions incur fees, but it also means you no longer hold XMR while your funds are on the site.

That’s why, if you are confident about the future of XMR, you should prefer using end-to-end XMR sportsbooks when possible.

End-to-end Sportsbooks Accepting Monero

These sportsbooks that accept Monero generally accept a more comprehensive range of digital assets as deposit/withdrawal methods.

But most importantly, they allow you to play with XMR directly.

End-to-end sportsbooks accepting XMR allow you to leverage the benefits of Monero, including:

  • Faster withdrawals

  • Higher payment limits

  • More Privacy

However, don’t assume that you automatically get these benefits from every one of these sportsbooks that accept Monero.

Just because these Monero sportsbooks CAN give you these benefits, it doesn’t mean they WILL.

You’ll discover that only the top Monero sportsbooks care enough about their customers to provide these advantages.

Sports available

No matter which Monero sportsbook you use for sports, make sure it provides the best:

  • Selection of sporting events

  • Choice of markets

  • Probability of winning

Not all Monero sportsbooks offering a large variety of sports are good Monero sportsbook companies worth using.

You could potentially use Monero sportsbook companies with fantastic sports options, but they defraud you in the end.

To identify the best offers, we recommend registering with several legit sportsbooks with Monero.

From there, compare their offers for each sport and event that interest you.

Yes, you may love sports, but don’t let it blind you when using your XMR. When choosing sportsbooks that accept XMR, the most important things to consider remain legitimacy and whether you can legally use them in your country.

Customer service

If you need help with something, things go more smoothly when you can quickly and easily chat to a trained customer service operative.

Particularly if you’ve never practiced sportsbooks accepting Monero before.

Therefore, our reviews of the best sportsbooks that accept XMR in 2021 include a thorough check and testing of their customer service.

Deposits and withdrawals

Yet another critical aspect of sportsbooks with Monero is how they handle withdrawals and deposits, not to mention means of payment variety.

Payment methods available

Not all sportsbooks provide the same ways of depositing and withdrawing your funds.

For most punters, having multiple ways to deposit money is an important consideration.

Does the site offer fast withdrawals?

The Monero market doesn’t ‘pause,’ and top-ranked Monero sportsbooks know this.

You may need your Monero to trade them rapidly or participate in an event on another good Monero sportsbook.

In some cases, XMR sportsbooks process withdrawals in seconds. Other sites are slower and could take several days.

In general, when it comes to withdrawal speed on sportsbooks accepting Monero, faster is better.

What are the limits on withdrawals?

You’ll find that standard sportsbooks often heavily limit the amount of money you can withdraw at once.

Indeed, finding one that enables withdrawals totaling $10,000 a month is tough.

Fortunately, the top sportsbooks that accept XMR don’t hit you with such restrictions.

Yet, there are XMR sportsbook companies that only allow you to withdraw small sums.

This is because they generally don’t have a large amount of money to hand.

In contrast, the best sportsbooks accepting Monero let you withdraw as much as you want. Stake falls into this category.

Therefore, it is wise to use safe sportsbooks accepting Monero with no withdrawal limits, especially if you play big.

Selection of bonuses etc.

It is easier to split things into three distinct categories.

The initial signing up package (bonuses after registration)

Most sportsbooks that accept Monero offer welcome bonuses.

These offers often make it seem as if you’re getting a good deal.

Is there a catch? Yes.

There are usually many stipulations.

You might have to play at least 30 times what you deposit before withdrawing any money, for example.

Most of the time, it’s best to choose XMR sportsbooks that offer great promotions and VIP perks as they are much more valuable than the welcome bonus for 99% of users.

Promotions available

Most traditional XMR sportsbooks are very stingy with their promotions.

As we mentioned earlier, their preference is to provide restrictive bonuses.

On the other hand, the best sportsbooks that accept Monero like to keep things fresh for punters, and unique promotions are part of this strategy.

These promotions not only keep the game fun, but they will also add a lot to your balance at the end of the month.

VIP Program

These days, all good Monero sportsbooks should offer strong VIP programs with clear benefits.

Otherwise, how do they keep punters interested?

Still, many of them don’t.

VIP benefits, just like great promotions, will add a lot of fun and rewards.

As a result, we urge you to look for legit Monero sportsbooks with outstanding VIP rewards. The best sites will reward your loyalty.

Questions frequently asked about Sportsbooks That Accept XMR

Are Sportsbooks That Accept Monero legal?

sportsbooks accepting XMR are allowed in most countries. However, you need to check your country’s rules to know for sure.

You have to analyze the legal status of Monero and also sportsbooks in general within your nation.

Typically, there are greater restrictions surrounding sportsbooks than Monero in the majority of locations.

Even if your country doesn’t allow it, you could still find good XMR sportsbook companies that let you play.

If you have a VPN, your transactions are out of the glare of a centralized authority, which means regulators have their work cut out.

Can I Play completely anonymously with XMR?

Your wallet creates XMR addresses which are the only information available that outlines where your XMR is and where you are sending it. The anonymous nature of XMR means it is very popular with punters.

One easy way to retain anonymity is to use a new address each time you receive payment. Also, remember that you can use various wallets, each one with a different aim.

How long do Monero deposits take?

It can take anywhere from a few minutes to an hour if you want your wallet completely secure with a pair of confirmations from the network.

The transactions have to be confirmed on the various Blockchains, which are sometimes overloaded.

You must pay an extra fee if you want to avoid having your transaction delayed by the Blockchain queue.

How long do XMR withdrawals take?

Regarding withdrawal of your Monero, in addition to the same transfer process as for a deposit, most of the sportsbooks that accept Monero have first to validate the operation manually.

The quick answer is, ‘it depends.’ A slightly longer answer is that some sites can take several days to certify your withdrawal. Others don’t go through this process to ensure their withdrawals are no slower than deposits.