Best Bitcoin Blackjack Sites

This article gives you an overview of the best Bitcoin blackjack sites in 2021.

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    Is Bitcoin Worth Trying on Blackjack Sites?

    A mysterious collective who called themselves Satoshi Nakamoto launched Bitcoin in January 2009.

    It is still the #1 digital asset by market cap, which was over $1 trillion at its peak.

    Supporters of Bitcoin claim the digital currency will change how we use money, and the market has reacted positively.

    As the best-known digital currency, blackjack sites welcome the use of Bitcoin.

    Punters may find the following benefits and drawbacks in using Bitcoin on these online blackjack platforms:

    Pros of using Bitcoin on Blackjack Sites

    • BTC’s popularity means a significant number of blackjack websites give bonuses for using it as a payment method

    • The capacity for BTC to increase in value means even a tiny win now could yield a massive reward later

    • Punters enjoy anonymity, so no one will know you’re wagering on these blackjack websites

    The disadvantages of using Bitcoin on Blackjack Sites

    • Bitcoin is plagued by high transaction fees, which have grown over time

    • If you use a shady blackjack site that steals your money, there is no chance of receiving a refund

    • The extreme volatility of Bitcoin means that the value of your winnings could decrease massively overnight

    Your Guide to Bitcoin Blackjack Sites

    Thanks to the wide availability of online casinos, you can now enjoy a quick game of blackjack any time you want.

    It is one of the world’s most popular casino card games.

    Blackjack comes from the twenty-one family of card games, which also includes Pontoon.

    The game possibly originated in Spain in the early 1600s, although the first record of blackjack being played comes from France in 1768.

    You’ll find that most casinos use 312 cards or six full decks.

    What is the goal in blackjack?

    The primary objective in blackjack is to get as close to 21 as you can without exceeding it.

    If you get a score of 22 or more, you go ‘bust’ and lose any Bitcoin staked unless the dealer also goes bust.

    Remember, the only person you need to beat is the dealer.

    Blackjack cards' value

    You can decide whether you want the Ace to be worth 1 or 11.

    Numbered cards keep their standard score, while Jacks, Queens, and Kings are worth 10 points.

    After you make a play, the dealer will deal the cards clockwise to everyone at the table.

    Winning at blackjack

    Everyone gets two cards face up, except the dealer, who has one card up and one face down.

    Next, you add the value of your two cards to determine your initial score.

    For example, if you have a ‘7’ and a ‘4,’ your total is 11.

    One of the great skills in blackjack is predicting what the dealer might have before deciding if you want a third card.

    You have a ‘natural’ 21 or ‘blackjack’ if your first two cards combine an Ace with a 10 or picture card.

    This means you receive 2.5 times your stake unless the dealer also has a score of 21 with their two cards.

    If you have the same total as the dealer at the end of the hand, it is a ‘push,’ and you get your Bitcoin back.

    Hitting and standing in blackjack

    The odds of hitting a blackjack with your two cards is almost 20/1.

    Therefore, you’ll need to analyze the dealer’s cards and your own to decide on your next move most of the time.

    You can ‘stand’ if you don’t want another card and ‘hit’ if you do.

    While some Bitcoin blackjack sites might do things differently, it is usually the case that the dealer has to hit until they have a score of 17+.

    A ‘soft 17’ occurs when the dealer gets a 6 and an Ace.

    Some Bitcoin blackjack websites have a rule where the dealer must hit on a soft 17.

    You have the option to stand or hit at any time, but you should hit on 11 or less since it is impossible to go bust on that score.

    While you can accept as many cards as you wish, few blackjack hands go beyond five cards.

    Blackjack experts know that they must focus on their score AND that of the dealer.

    Pay special attention if the dealer’s face-up card is between 2 and 6 because it offers you an edge.

    Another benefit of using most Bitcoin blackjack sites is that the dealer is forced to hit on 16.

    Overall, if you win a blackjack hand, you double your stake unless you score a natural 21.

    Doubling down

    Those experienced in blackjack know when to double their stake on a hand, a process called ‘doubling down.’

    You do this after receiving your first two cards and agree to take precisely one more card.

    It is common to take this risk when your score is 11 because there’s a reasonable chance of receiving 10 on your next card.

    Experienced blackjack lovers know that doubling down on 11 is a strong move because you have an edge.

    A score of 10 is a doubling down opportunity if the dealer has a 4, 5, or 6, as is 9 if the dealer shows a 5 or 6.

    How to split in blackjack

    If you get a pair of cards of the same value, such as two 6s, you have the option to split them.

    After risking more Bitcoin, you’ll get two additional cards, which you use to make two hands from your pair.

    Please note that BTC blackjack sites only allow splitting with two identical cards, which means you can’t split a 10 and a King even though they are both worth 10.

    The best time to split your cards is if you get a pair of 8s or a pair of Aces.

    The two hands become separate once you complete the split.

    What’s a soft hand?

    Any time you have a hand that includes an Ace, it is classified as a ‘soft’ hand because you have the option of changing its value.

    If you have an Ace and a 5, you have a ‘soft 16,’ but also 6.

    Even though an Ace gives you plenty of options, a soft 19 or 20 is an excellent hand you should stand on.

    If the dealer has a 7 or 8, the sensible option is to stand on a soft 18.

    More often than not, you should take an extra card on soft 17, depending on the dealer’s upturned card.

    How to surrender

    Certain BTC blackjack sites give you the option of reclaiming half your BTC in return for surrendering your hand.

    You can only surrender directly after receiving your first two cards.

    What is insurance in blackjack?

    Finally, if the dealer’s upturned card is an Ace, you have the option of making an ‘insurance’ wager.

    It is worth considering if you believe the dealer will get a blackjack, and you want to reduce your risk.

    The insurance play involves adding an extra 50% of your original stake and getting a payout at odds of 2/1 if the dealer hits a blackjack.

    This effectively means you get your entire stake back on the hand.

    Nonetheless, the statistics suggest that using the insurance option isn’t profitable in the long term.

    Ultimately, while blackjack is a game of chance, it also requires a lot of knowledge and skill.

    Knowing when to stand, hit, double down, split, etc., is the difference between boosting your balance and watching it trickle towards zero.

    We recommend spending some time learning the rules of the game before registering with a BTC blackjack site.

    Pros of Bitcoin Blackjack Sites

    Are you looking to play with Bitcoin but can’t decide if you want to go ahead?

    There are countless reasons to give them a try, and here are just a few of them.

    Fewer geographical restrictions

    A BTC doesn’t need intermediaries to be exchanged.

    You don’t have to concern yourself with payment gateways.

    Banks and credit cards? Forget about them!

    All you need is a reliable VPN to register an account on blackjack sites with BTC.

    This action means you’re now free to wager even if the site normally wouldn’t accept users from your country.

    Some end-to-end Bitcoin blackjack websites also let you play despite it being illegal in your location.

    Disclaimer: We do not explicitly encourage any kind of illegal or unauthorized activity. There are risks involved in using blackjack sites that would typically not accept users from your country, including (and not limited to) getting your accounts and funds frozen.

    Fiat is becoming worthless

    Fiat currencies are fast becoming yesterday’s news.

    • Inflation reduces their value every day.

    • Governments prefer these centralized currencies as they help them keep control over the financial system.

    • Banks decide if and when you can or can’t use them.

    Fiat currencies are not the future.

    Bitcoin is the new money in 2021.

    Ride the bull market

    playing on traditional blackjack sites with fiat currencies means you get stuck with fiat.

    With fiat currencies, you lose purchasing power every minute.

    However, if you choose to play on BTC blackjack sites, your Bitcoin balance is much more likely to go up in value.

    Nobody will know

    Banks don’t like online blackjack sites.

    We have heard and read many stories where people couldn’t get a mortgage due to their use of blackjack websites.

    It didn’t matter that their use of blackjack websites was nothing more than casual.

    It is different with Bitcoin blackjack websites. You can use them without the bank’s knowledge.

    Also, your pastime remains a secret from everyone.

    Stay in control of your financial destiny

    Do you find it hard to deposit money on blackjack sites? We do.

    One of us even got his bank account frozen for an entire month.

    Here’s the reason. He wanted to put money into his blackjack site account.

    What he didn’t know was that the UK applied a new regulation in April 2020.

    It turned out he could no longer make deposits on blackjack websites. The bank even sent him an email warning him not to do it again.

    With Bitcoin, you will not need to beg your banker ever again.

    Fewer limits, faster payouts

    Typically, blackjack sites are slow because they have to do business within the banking system and its heavy regulations.

    As a consequence, you’ll notice that you’re forced to accept low deposit and withdrawal maximums, not to mention waiting days to complete a transaction.

    The best Bitcoin blackjack websites are mainly regulated by the Curacao Gaming Authority, which means a lower level of financial regulation.

    The result is speedy payments along with high deposit and withdrawal limits.

    We have found a few top Bitcoin blackjack platforms that have NO limits on deposits and withdrawals, and you get your money almost instantly. You never get this kind of service from a traditional blackjack site.

    Of course, remember to consider the time it takes for the various blockchains to process the transactions.

    Modern Blackjack Sites

    Many online blackjack websites accept Bitcoin. The trouble is, most of them offer fairly poor services.

    Old-fashioned design, inefficient customer service, slow payouts, and much more.

    The best Bitcoin blackjack websites, on the other hand, are designed for the modern user. Therefore, they adopt better technology and respect their audience.

    This translates into better, more competitive, and safer BTC blackjack sites overall, with better payments, more frequent promotions, higher-quality support, and more.

    How to find the best Bitcoin Blackjack Site?

    Here’s what you should consider when selecting the best Bitcoin blackjack site for your needs.

    Is your country on the Bitcoin Blackjack Site's prohibited list?

    Don’t make the mistake of registering and adding money before finding out that you’re not allowed to do so in your country.

    This isn’t an issue if you use legit BTC blackjack sites because most of them won’t permit you to register, let alone add funds if you come from a country where its service is prohibited.

    Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case. Some low-grade blackjack websites accepting BTC enable you to register and put money into your account, and all seems well until you enjoy some success and try to withdraw the money.

    Then these Bitcoin blackjack sites decide to ask for account verification. To your horror, you’ll find that your account is suspended, and you have no access to your money.

    That’s why you must make sure the BTC blackjack sites you choose accept users from your country.

    If you decide otherwise at your own risk, make sure you wager on trustworthy and legit Bitcoin blackjack platforms that allow for more anonymity.

    Good Bitcoin blackjack platforms that act fairly and will likely return your funds if they catch you.

    Sites like Stake.

    Bitcoin Blackjack Site trustworthiness

    When choosing your BTC blackjack site, there is another issue to consider.

    In general, Bitcoin transactions are quick, carry low fees, and have no central authority to answer to.

    That’s great, but Bitcoin transactions are also permanent.

    Since there’s no central authority involved, don’t expect to get your funds back if you get scammed.

    Therefore, it is essential to pick Bitcoin blackjack websites known for their legitimacy.

    And that’s also why the reputation of Bitcoin blackjack websites holds such a significant role in our ratings and rankings.

    To save yourself some time, have a look at our BTC blackjack websites reviews to make sure you only play on safe Bitcoin blackjack websites.


    It is essential to find Bitcoin blackjack sites that help you manage your transactions, and we typically take the following factors into account in our ratings.

    Variety of payment methods

    Some blackjack sites offer more deposit and withdrawal methods than others.

    Of course, it’s generally better to have as many deposit methods as possible.

    Withdrawal speed

    The BTC space moves fast, and so do Bitcoin blackjack sites.

    In this matter, speed is king. If an opportunity arises, you’ll want to get access to your BTC quickly. For example, you might find something interesting on another blackjack website that accepts Bitcoin.

    In some cases, blackjack sites with Bitcoin process withdrawals in seconds. Other sites are slower and could take several days.

    You’ll likely want to find Bitcoin blackjack sites that process withdrawals ASAP.

    How much can you withdraw?

    You’ll find that standard blackjack websites often heavily limit the amount of money you can withdraw at once.

    Most of them can’t pay more than the equivalent of $10,000 per month.

    Top BTC blackjack websites don’t have important restrictions.

    However, some blackjack sites that accept BTC still have low withdrawal limit policies.

    Why? Because they can’t afford to pay significant amounts of money in one go.

    In contrast, the best Bitcoin blackjack websites let you withdraw as much as you want. Stake falls into this category.

    Therefore, it is wise to use safe blackjack sites accepting Bitcoin with no withdrawal limits, especially if you play big.

    Bonus, promotions, VIP

    It is easier to split things into three distinct categories.

    Welcome bonus or package

    It is common for Bitcoin blackjack websites to provide newcomers with bonuses to help them get started.

    At first glance, it seems as if the blackjack website is being extremely generous.

    If you think there is a catch, you’re correct!

    These bonuses have heavy strings attached.

    Many of them include playing requirements (generally 30x to 60x your deposit) and have very restrictive terms.

    Most of the time, it’s best to choose BTC blackjack websites that offer great promotions and VIP perks as they are much more valuable than the welcome bonus for 99% of users.

    Promotions available

    Most traditional blackjack websites with Bitcoin are very stingy with their promotions.

    As we mentioned earlier, their preference is to provide restrictive bonuses.

    Meanwhile, the best blackjack sites with Bitcoin focus on keeping you happy, which means lots of cool promotions.

    Besides the fun they add, these promotions can help you increase your balance over time.

    Loyalty Club

    Good BTC blackjack sites are aware of the need to provide VIP programs worthy of the name.

    After all, it is a great way to keep you entertained.

    Still, many of them don’t.

    When done right, a VIP program can significantly boost the level of enjoyment.

    As a result, we urge you to look for legit Bitcoin blackjack sites with outstanding VIP rewards. The best sites will reward your loyalty.

    Help and support

    If you have an issue with a payment or anything else, you want to rely on a well-trained customer service that speaks your language fluently.

    Particularly if you’ve never practiced BTC blackjack sites before.

    Therefore, our reviews of the best blackjack sites that accept Bitcoin in 2021 include a thorough check and testing of their customer service.

    Is fiat involved on the Bitcoin Blackjack Site?

    There is a big difference between traditional blackjack websites accepting Bitcoin and BTC blackjack websites (end-to-end).

    Conventional Blackjack Platforms

    Once you put your money into standard blackjack websites that happen to accept Bitcoin, you’ll find that it automatically becomes fiat.

    The same will happen when you withdraw (if they offer Bitcoin as a withdrawal method); they will convert your fiat back into Bitcoin.

    This means you don’t have any Bitcoin in your account after the deposit. You can also expect to pay transaction fees.

    This is terrible news if you think Bitcoin’s price will rise. Instead, using end-to-end BTC blackjack sites is a better idea.

    Why are end-to-end Bitcoin Blackjack Sites better?

    These BTC blackjack sites generally accept a more comprehensive range of digital assets as deposit/withdrawal methods.

    You also get to use Bitcoin on the site, which is vital.

    Using these blackjack websites with BTC gives you several Bitcoin advantages, such as:

    • Faster withdrawals

    • Higher payment limits

    • More Privacy

    Yet, it is a mistake to think that the above pros are guaranteed with 100% of end-to-end Bitcoin blackjack sites.

    Being end-to-end BTC only means they can provide these benefits if they want to and put the effort.

    You’ll discover that only the top Bitcoin blackjack sites care enough about their customers to provide these advantages.

    Best Bitcoin Exchange For Bitcoin Blackjack Sites In 2021

    Many exchanges have policies against Bitcoin blackjack sites.

    Some will freeze your funds and close your account if they learn that you’re using their services to deposit on blackjack websites with Bitcoin.

    Believe us; it is simple for them to get this information. Want to know how? Let’s find out.

    The leading exchanges utilize sophisticated blockchain forensics software to identify relevant blockchain transactions.

    And the software is very efficient, to the point that we already received notifications from a few exchanges.

    So, what is the best exchange for those who want to play on blackjack sites accepting BTC?

    In our view, Binance is the obvious answer.

    Binance is the largest exchange globally, and they allow users to play on blackjack sites with Bitcoin.

    We believe it is the best exchange because of its high level of security and small fees. It also lets you withdraw quickly and offers a massive number of currency pairs.

    This exchange allows its clients to begin playing on blackjack sites with Bitcoin easily.

    Questions frequently asked about Bitcoin Blackjack Sites

    Are Blackjack Sites With Bitcoin legal?

    blackjack sites that accept Bitcoin are allowed in most countries. However, you need to check your country’s rules to know for sure.

    It isn’t clear-cut because it depends on Bitcoin and blackjack site law in each jurisdiction.

    Typically, there are greater restrictions surrounding blackjack websites than BTC in the majority of locations.

    Yet, there are good BTC blackjack sites that let you register even if it isn’t legal in your country.

    Things are even more difficult for regulators as many people use a VPN nowadays to navigate the web more privately.

    Can I Wager completely anonymously with Bitcoin?

    The anonymity of this means of payment rests on BTC addresses (privately created by each user’s wallets) which are the only information used to define where BTC are and where they are sent.

    Therefore, you can protect your privacy by using a new address for each new payment received. In addition, you can also use multiple wallets for different purposes.

    How long do Bitcoin deposits take?

    It varies from a couple of minutes to an hour, depending on several factors, including the Bitcoin network.

    There are numerous Blockchains involved in the transaction confirmation process, and they occasionally become overwhelmed.

    Faster transactions are possible if you pay more. Doing so ensures your transaction skips the Blockchain queue.

    How long do Bitcoin withdrawals take?

    The withdrawal process goes through the same procedure as when you deposit. However, the majority of Bitcoin blackjack sites also have to authenticate the action manually.

    Some operators take up to a few days to validate your request, whereas other sites skip this validation step, making withdrawals as fast as deposits.