Best Crypto Slots Sites

This article gives you an overview of the best crypto slots sites in 2021.

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    Benefits of Crypto Slots Sites

    Curious about crypto slots sites, but still looking for reasons to take action?

    There are many reasons to get started; here are some.

    Bypass geo-restrictions

    A cryptocurrency doesn’t need intermediaries to be exchanged.

    Therefore, you don’t have to worry about payment gateways.

    You keep the traditional banking system out of the loop.

    If you live in a country with heavy restrictions, invest in a decent VPN to use crypto slots websites.

    This action means you’re now free to play even if the site normally wouldn’t accept users from your country.

    Certain end-to-end crypto slots sites will also let you play even if you live somewhere where slots websites are illegal.

    Disclaimer: We do not explicitly encourage any kind of illegal or unauthorized activity. There are risks involved in using slots sites that would typically not accept users from your country, including (and not limited to) getting your accounts and funds frozen.

    Fiat currencies have become ineffective

    Fiat currencies are fast becoming yesterday’s news.

    • Inflation is decreasing their value every single year.

    • Ultimately, governments keep the current fiat system because it suits their needs.

    • Banks have carte blanche to determine to whom you can send them.

    It’s time to move away from fiat currencies.

    In 2021, crypto is what’s taking us into the future of money.

    Let your money work for you

    While you play on a regular slots website with fiat currencies, you hold … fiat.

    With fiat currencies, you lose purchasing power every minute.

    When using a crypto slots site, the amount of cryptocurrencies you hold will probably increase in value.

    Higher privacy

    Banks are not really fans of slots sites.

    Banks can cause problems for anyone who uses slots sites. They have even turned down the mortgage applications of many individuals for that very reason.

    It didn’t matter that their use of slots websites was nothing more than casual.

    When using cryptocurrency slots websites, there’s no way your bank will ever know. It will remain your own business.

    Also, your pastime remains a secret from everyone.

    Financial independence

    It is sometimes a challenge for punters to deposit money on slots sites.

    One of us even got his bank account frozen for an entire month.

    Here’s the reason. He wanted to put money into his slots website account.

    However, the UK added a new regulation in April 2020 without him realizing it.

    It turned out he could no longer make deposits on slots websites. The bank even sent him an email warning him not to do it again.

    With cryptocurrencies, you will not need to beg your banker ever again.

    Instant, limitless payments

    Financial regulations limit standard slots websites. This is why they are so slow and inefficient.

    That’s why, on these slots sites, your deposit and withdrawal amounts are very limited, with slow transactions.

    Although the best crypto slots sites are regulated (by the Curacao Gaming Authority most of the time), they are subject to less financial regulation.

    The result is speedy payments along with high deposit and withdrawal limits.

    In some cases, the top slots websites accepting crypto have NO limits on deposits and withdrawals, and you get your money instantly. This doesn’t happen with traditional slots sites.

    That said, it takes time for different blockchains to process your transactions, so please take note of this.

    The new generation of Slots Sites

    Most traditional online slots platforms that accept cryptos aren’t up to date.

    These sites seem locked in a time warp with payouts taking days, poor customer service, and many other issues.

    On the contrary, the best slots sites that accept crypto are more modern, have better technology, and target a more educated audience.

    This translates into better, more competitive, and safer cryptocurrency slots sites overall, with better payments, more frequent promotions, higher-quality support, and more.

    Your Guide to Crypto Slots Sites

    Both physical and online casinos continue to offer a huge range of slot machines.

    The New York-based firm, Sittman & Pitt, is accredited with creating a gambling machine similar to modern slots in the 1890s.

    Yet Charles Fey’s legendary Liberty Bell game is recognized as the first classic slot machine.

    Today, it is possible to enjoy an incredible array of slot machines online by registering with a crypto slots site.

    It takes little time to learn how to play slots, and you could get lucky and win a huge prize.

    A quick overview of using slots

    We recommend checking the rules of whatever machine you use on a slots site that accepts crypto.

    However, it is generally a case of setting a staking amount and pressing the ‘Spin’ button.

    You can adjust how much you stake with each play, which is extremely important.

    With the possibility of staking $100 or more per spin on some slots, make sure you don’t accidentally risk too much.

    There are a few common types of slots, so let’s check out some of the best-known.

    3-Reel slots

    The number of reels a slot machine has relates to the vertical sections that roll each time you press the ‘Spin’ button.

    The 3-reel slot remains an old favorite, well over a century after being created.

    If you have little experience using slots, consider the 3-reel machines because they are simple, easy, and fun to use.

    On the downside, 3-reel slot machines pay out less often than their 5-reel counterparts.

    5-Reel slots

    As you would expect, this type of slot machine offers five reels and, theoretically, more chances to win.

    Depending on the crypto slots website, there might be three or five visible horizontal lines equating to 15 or 25 total symbols.

    You’ll find that 5-reel machines provide plenty of excitement with the opportunity for additional spins and other bonuses.

    Even so, increasing your chances of winning generally involves staking more cryptocurrency on each game.

    Progressive jackpots

    slots sites with crypto attract users by offering enormous jackpots on certain slot games.

    At one time, the jackpot payout for slot machines was limited to a specific maximum amount.

    slots sites that accept cryptocurrency continually boost progressive jackpots by adding money, and the fund grows until there is a winner.

    Even though many progressive jackpot wins are in the thousands, a few people have become millionaires after winning.

    Unfortunately, as progressive jackpot winners are random and can come from countless people, you have little chance of winning.

    In addition, unless you risk a certain amount per spin, you don’t even qualify for most progressive jackpots.

    Ultimately, when you use a slot machine, you win when certain matching symbols appear on the screen.

    Success is entirely based on luck, so don’t waste your time following any slots strategy.

    How to pick the best Crypto Slots Site for your needs?

    Here are some essential factors when looking for the best cryptocurrency slots website.

    Are you allowed to Wager on the Crypto Slots Site?

    Don’t make the mistake of registering and adding money before finding out that you’re not allowed to do so in your country.

    This isn’t an issue if you use legit crypto slots sites because most of them won’t permit you to register, let alone add funds if you come from a country where its service is prohibited.

    Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case. Some low-grade slots sites with crypto enable you to register and put money into your account, and all seems well until you enjoy some success and try to withdraw the money.

    At this point, your account is flagged for verification. For some shameless slots websites with crypto, the most likely result is that your account gets frozen and your funds confiscated.

    Therefore, it is crucial only to use crypto slots platforms that are legal in your country.

    If you want to proceed with a slots site that prohibits your country, focus on crypto slots websites known for being honest.

    Good cryptocurrency slots sites that act fairly and will likely return your funds if they catch you.

    Stake is a fine example of such crypto slots site.

    Crypto Slots Site reputation

    There are several things to note when looking for a high-quality crypto slots site, including reputation.

    In general, crypto transactions are quick, carry low fees, and have no central authority to answer to.

    That’s great, but crypto transactions are also permanent.

    Since there’s no central authority involved, don’t expect to get your funds back if you get scammed.

    That’s why reputation and ethics go a long way with cryptocurrency slots websites.

    Our assessment of the best crypto slots sites therefore includes a particular focus on their reputation.

    Check out our cryptocurrency slots sites reviews if you’re unsure about the safe cryptocurrency slots sites you can trust.

    Deposits and withdrawals

    Yet another critical aspect of cryptocurrency slots websites is how they handle withdrawals and deposits, not to mention means of payment variety.

    Variety of payment methods

    Some slots platforms offer more deposit and withdrawal methods than others.

    For most punters, having multiple ways to deposit money is an important consideration.

    How quickly can you withdraw?

    The crypto market doesn’t ‘pause,’ and top-ranked cryptocurrency slots websites know this.

    You may need your crypto to trade them rapidly or participate in an event on another good slots site that accepts crypto.

    In some cases, crypto slots sites process withdrawals in seconds. Other sites are slower and could take several days.

    The quicker the cryptocurrency slots site processes your withdrawal, the better.

    Withdrawal limits

    Standard slots sites keep maximum withdrawal limits low.

    Indeed, finding one that enables withdrawals totaling $10,000 a month is tough.

    Fortunately, the top cryptocurrency slots sites don’t hit you with such restrictions.

    Nonetheless, not all slots websites with cryptocurrency provide high withdrawal limits.

    Do you want to know why? It is due to their lack of available cash.

    Still, the best crypto slots websites, like Stake, offer unlimited withdrawals.

    For big-money punters, in particular, the key is to find safe crypto slots sites with no limits on withdrawals.

    Offers and promotions

    There are three aspects of ‘extras’ worth considering.

    New customer offers

    It is common for cryptocurrency slots sites to provide newcomers with bonuses to help them get started.

    At first glance, it seems as if the slots website is being extremely generous.

    If you think there is a catch, you’re correct!

    There are usually many stipulations.

    Many of them include wagering requirements (generally 30x to 60x your deposit) and have very restrictive terms.

    To get the best out of your funds, we recommend finding crypto slots sites with a solid VIP program and regular promotions.

    Promotions available

    In general, standard slots sites accepting crypto provide poor-quality promotions.

    Instead, they focus on bonuses because they know most people will never meet the requirements.

    On the other hand, the best crypto slots websites like to keep things fresh for punters, and unique promotions are part of this strategy.

    Thanks to these promotions, you’ll probably get a lot more enjoyment from playing, and they’ll also help keep your balance topped up.

    VIP Program

    These days, all good slots websites with crypto should offer strong VIP programs with clear benefits.

    Otherwise, how do they keep punters interested?

    Still, many of them don’t.

    When done right, a VIP program can significantly boost the level of enjoyment.

    That’s why we strongly recommend only the most legit crypto slots platforms with clear terms for their VIP program that offer generous rewards to their most loyal users.

    Support team

    If you need help with something, things go more smoothly when you can quickly and easily chat to a trained customer service operative.

    Particularly if you’ve never practiced cryptocurrency slots sites before.

    Therefore, our reviews of the best cryptocurrency slots sites in 2021 include a thorough check and testing of their customer service.

    Is the Crypto Slots Site end-to-end Crypto?

    There is no question that end-to-end crypto slots sites are very different from standard slots sites. So let’s look at each option.

    Conventional Slots Sites

    Traditional slots sites that accept cryptocurrencies will convert yours into fiat when you deposit.

    You face the same issue when withdrawing, as your cryptocurrency becomes fiat once again. That is if you can even withdraw via cryptocurrency.

    Not only do these transactions incur fees, but it also means you no longer hold cryptocurrency while your funds are on the site.

    If you strongly believe in cryptoassets, it makes no sense to convert them into fiat. Therefore, you should stick with end-to-end crypto slots sites.

    What are end-to-end Crypto Slots Sites?

    These types of cryptocurrency slots sites let you deposit or withdraw with a massive number of digital assets.

    They also make it possible for you to use cryptoasset directly.

    End-to-end slots websites accepting crypto allow you to leverage the benefits of cryptos, including:

    • Almost instant withdrawals

    • Fewer payment restrictions

    • Anonymous play

    However, don’t assume that you automatically get these benefits from every one of these cryptocurrency slots sites.

    Just because these slots websites with crypto CAN give you these benefits, it doesn’t mean they WILL.

    However, only the top crypto slots sites offer most of these benefits.

    Best Crypto Exchange For Crypto Slots Sites In 2021

    Not all exchanges allow their clients to transfer funds to/from crypto slots websites.

    You may find your account frozen and your funds confiscated if you’re caught using their website to fund your crypto slots site account.

    Believe us; it is simple for them to get this information. Want to know how? Let’s find out.

    Top-rated exchanges can track transactions on the blockchain by using blockchain forensics software.

    We quickly found out the quality of the software when we received notifications from some of these exchanges.

    So, what is the top-rated exchange if you want to get involved with slots sites that accept crypto?

    In our view, Binance is the obvious answer.

    It is a vast exchange, the world’s largest. But, more importantly, it doesn’t have any rules against using slots sites accepting crypto.

    We believe it is the best exchange because of its high level of security and small fees. It also lets you withdraw quickly and offers a massive number of currency pairs.

    By using Binance, you can deposit and play on your favorite crypto slots site almost instantly.

    Questions frequently asked about Crypto Slots Sites

    Are Crypto Slots Sites legal?

    slots sites that accept cryptocurrency are allowed in most countries. However, you need to check your country’s rules to know for sure.

    You have to analyze the legal status of cryptocurrencies and also slots sites in general within your nation.

    Typically, there are greater restrictions surrounding slots websites than cryptoassets in the majority of locations.

    Still, some good crypto slots platforms accept customers even from countries where they cannot operate.

    Things are even more difficult for regulators as many people use a VPN nowadays to navigate the web more privately.

    Can I Play completely anonymously with Cryptocurrencies?

    Yes, you can because of how crypto addresses work. These are created privately by your wallet, and there is no other information that outlines where your cryptocurrencies are stored or any location you send them to.

    Therefore, you can protect your privacy by using a new address for each new payment received. In addition, you can also use multiple wallets for different purposes.

    How long do Crypto deposits take?

    It varies from a couple of minutes to an hour, depending on several factors, including the crypto network.

    There are numerous Blockchains involved in the transaction confirmation process, and they occasionally become overwhelmed.

    Faster transactions are possible if you pay more. Doing so ensures your transaction skips the Blockchain queue.

    How long do Crypto withdrawals take?

    Regarding withdrawal of your cryptocurrency, in addition to the same transfer process as for a deposit, most of the crypto slots sites have first to validate the operation manually.

    Some operators take up to a few days to validate your request, whereas other sites skip this validation step, making withdrawals as fast as deposits.