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In this ultimate resource, you will discover the best XRP betting sites in 2022 available in real-time.

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rating-icon 4.70
updated12 hours ago

Up to 3000 USD Welcome Package

check-list-icon Sports Betting
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check-list-icon Poker
    Bet on Betonlinearrow-list-icon Less info arrow-blue-icon

    Betonline is an online sports betting site where you’ll find a huge range of sports to bet on.

    With 28 sports available and countless markets, it rewards you with the adrenaline rush of sporting action you seek.

    • Boxing Boxing
    • Football (Soccer) Football (Soccer)
    • Golf Golf
    • Horse Racing Horse Racing
    • Tennis Tennis
    • +23
    Bet on Betonlinearrow-list-icon Less info arrow-blue-icon
    rating-icon 4.38
    updated1 month ago

    Up to 1000 USD Welcome Package + 100 Free Spins

    check-list-icon Casino Games
    check-list-icon Poker
    check-list-icon Sports Betting
      Bet on Ditobetarrow-list-icon More info arrow-blue-icon

      Ditobet is an online sports betting site with an impressive selection of sports for you to bet on.

      Aside from the 43 sports on offer, this site gives you access to various markets to satisfy your needs.

      • Football (Soccer) Football (Soccer)
      • Basketball Basketball
      • Ice Hockey Ice Hockey
      • American Football American Football
      • Baseball Baseball
      • +38
      Bet on Ditobetarrow-list-icon More info arrow-blue-icon
      updated1 month ago

      Up to 3000 USD Welcome Package

      check-list-icon Casino Games
      check-list-icon Poker
      check-list-icon Sports Betting

        Few betting sites can match Sportsbetting.Ag when it comes to sporting events to bet on.

        With 31 sports available and countless markets, it rewards you with the adrenaline rush of sporting action you seek.

        • Australian Rules Football Australian Rules Football
        • Horse Racing Horse Racing
        • Motorsports Motorsports
        • Baseball Baseball
        • Basketball Basketball
        • +26
        rating-icon 4.21
        updated3 months ago
        check-list-icon Casino Games
        check-list-icon Sports Betting
          Bet on Gogawiarrow-list-icon More info arrow-blue-icon

          Gogawi is a sports betting site known for providing users with a massive range of sports to bet on.

          If you’re looking for sporting excitement, this is the site for you! It offers 37 sports, a huge array of markets, and great odds.

          • Football (Soccer) Football (Soccer)
          • Tennis Tennis
          • Basketball Basketball
          • Formula 1 Formula 1
          • Golf Golf
          • +32
          Bet on Gogawiarrow-list-icon More info arrow-blue-icon
          rating-icon 4.20
          updated4 days ago

          Up to 1000 USD Welcome Package

          check-list-icon Casino Games
          check-list-icon Sports Betting
            Bet on MyBookiearrow-list-icon More info arrow-blue-icon

            MyBookie is an online sports betting site with an impressive selection of sports for you to bet on.

            If you’re looking for sporting excitement, this is the site for you! It offers 20 sports, a huge array of markets, and great odds.

            • MMA MMA
            • Boxing Boxing
            • Golf Golf
            • Motorsports Motorsports
            • Tennis Tennis
            • +15
            Bet on MyBookiearrow-list-icon More info arrow-blue-icon
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            Best XRP Betting Sites Reviews

            Let’s analyze the XRP betting websites reviews of the brands mentioned in the table.





            • Very Good Reputation.

              We could not find more than a few legit complaints about Betonline online.

            • Awesome Customer Service.

              Betonline’s support is easy to contact and should solve any issue you may have quickly.

            • Excellent Gaming Experience.

              Betonline does everything you want in a modern site, with great gameplay and an eye-catching design.

            • Outstanding Mobile Experience.

              Not many sites can compete with Betonline when it comes to mobile experience quality.


            • Unwelcoming Promotions.

              It is rare for Betonline to provide promotions worth mentioning, and even then, they don’t capture the imagination.

            • Pointless VIP Program.

              Despite the effort, Betonline’s VIP benefits are inferior to those available on the best sites.

            • Not Anonymous.

              You can not play anonymously on Betonline.

            • Not End-to-end Crypto.

              The digital currencies you deposit are converted into fiat at the time of the deposit, and vice-versa at the time of the withdrawal. You will be forced to play with fiat currencies.




            • Excellent Reputation.

              Ditobet seems to enjoy a fantastic reputation amongst users with practically no complaints.

            • Curacao License.

              Like most sites of its kind, Ditobet has a license in Curacao. Although that doesn’t say much about its safety, it is better than holding shady licenses, or no license at all.

            • Good Customer Service.

              Although Ditobet’s customer support isn’t top-notch, it is a level above many of its rivals.

            • Excellent Gaming Experience.

              Ditobet offers a user-friendly experience thanks to its excellent design and convenience.

            • Outstanding Mobile Experience.

              Not many sites can compete with Ditobet when it comes to mobile experience quality.


            • Unwelcoming Promotions.

              If you’re looking for promotions to keep you coming back for more, Ditobet is not the best place to go.

            • Pointless VIP Program.

              Steer clear of Ditobet if a VIP program is crucial to your user experience. There are many sites that give you better value.

            • Not Anonymous.

              You can not play anonymously on Ditobet.

            • Extended Registration Process.

              Ditobet’s registration process is lengthy. It will ask you to provide a significant amount of documentation before you can play.

            • Not End-to-end Crypto.

              The digital currencies you deposit are converted into fiat at the time of the deposit, and vice-versa at the time of the withdrawal. You will be forced to play with fiat currencies.




            • Very Good Reputation.

              We could not find more than a few legit complaints about Sportsbetting.Ag online.

            • Good Customer Service.

              Although Sportsbetting.Ag’s customer support isn’t top-notch, it is a level above many of its rivals.

            • Excellent Gaming Experience.

              Sportsbetting.Ag does everything you want in a modern site, with great gameplay and an eye-catching design.

            • Outstanding Mobile Experience.

              The mobile version of Sportsbetting.Ag is well-thought out and crushes most other sites in this aspect.


            • No VIP Program.

              It is surprising that Sportsbetting.Ag has no VIP program since it is a common feature of such sites.

            • Not Anonymous.

              Sportsbetting.Ag does not give users the option to play anonymously.

            • Not End-to-end Crypto.

              Even though you can deposit with digital assets, they immediately get turned into fiat. When you withdraw, your fiat is turned back into crypto, but you have to use fiat while playing on the site.




            • Excellent Reputation.

              Overall, we discovered hardly any issues with Gogawi as most users are delighted with the site’s standard.

            • Curacao License.

              While having a Curacao license isn’t something to shout about for Gogawi, it is marginally better than possessing no license, which is the case for plenty of other sites.

            • Excellent Gaming Experience.

              Gogawi offers a user-friendly experience thanks to its excellent design and convenience.

            • Outstanding Mobile Experience.

              Gogawi has made a major effort to provide a mobile version worth using and offers a much better experience than most sites.


            • No VIP Program.

              Despite being standard on this type of sites nowadays, no VIP program is available on Gogawi.

            • Not Anonymous.

              Unfortunately, anonymous playing is impossible with Gogawi.

            • Extended Registration Process.

              If you want to register quickly, avoid Gogawi. It asks for a ton of information, and you’re unable to play until you provide it.

            • Not End-to-end Crypto.

              While it is possible to deposit crypto, you can’t use it. This is because the site switches it to fiat when you play. When it is time to withdraw, the fiat is converted into crypto.




            • Very Good Reputation.

              Ultimately, MyBookie is recognized as a high-standard site with few complaints against it.

            • Curacao License.

              While having a Curacao license isn’t something to shout about for MyBookie, it is marginally better than possessing no license, which is the case for plenty of other sites.

            • Good Customer Service.

              Even though MyBookie doesn’t meet the gold standard in customer service, it is still above average.

            • Excellent Gaming Experience.

              MyBookie offers a user-friendly experience thanks to its excellent design and convenience.

            • Outstanding Mobile Experience.

              The mobile version of MyBookie is well-thought out and crushes most other sites in this aspect.

            • End-to-end Crypto.

              You have the option to deposit AND play with these digital assets:


              • Unwelcoming Promotions.

                It is rare for MyBookie to provide promotions worth mentioning, and even then, they don’t capture the imagination.

              • Pointless VIP Program.

                Despite the effort, MyBookie’s VIP benefits are inferior to those available on the best sites.

              • Not Anonymous.

                MyBookie does not give users the option to play anonymously.

              Sports Bets You Should Focus On

              Those in the know realize that XRP sports betting is highly favored amongst bettors.

              This is why an impressive number of betting sites now let you use XRP to wager on a significant volume of sports and esports.

              Furthermore, there are an extraordinary number of markets to choose from.

              Yet, before you get too excited and register with any XRP bookmaker company, you must understand the ‘why’ behind your bets.

              This means learning about the different sports betting markets and what they represent.

              This detailed guide discusses numerous popular markets and illustrates how you can win.

              With this knowledge, you’re more likely to find the best markets for your betting style, increasing your chances of winning XRP.

              The win market

              The most popular XRP sports betting market is backing a team or player to win.

              It is as easy as picking the team or player you believe will triumph.

              For example, you can pick the Boston Celtics to beat the Los Angeles Lakers in the NBA.

              However, the basic win market is not necessarily the same from one sport to the next, so we highlight some differences below.


              Soccer’s win market gives you the chance to back the home team, the away team, or the draw.

              If you’re looking for higher odds options, the draw is a realistic option since it happens at least 25% of the time in most leagues.

              Soccer also has the following variations on the Moneyline:

              • Draw no Bet: Your bet is successful if the team you select wins the game, and you get your XRP back if it draws.

              • Double Chance: You make a profit if the team of your choice wins or draws the game. However, please note that you don’t win any extra money if the team wins.

              Baseball/Basketball/American Football

              There is no ‘draw’ in many North American sports because if a game finishes level, it goes straight into overtime.

              Basketball, American football, and baseball are three examples of this happening.

              It is rare for XRP bookmakers to offer an option to back the ‘tie,’ even though a small percentage of American football games end up with no winner.

              As a result, you should win your bet as long as your selection triumphs after overtime.

              Despite this fact, it is wise to check the market offered by the XRP betting website to ensure it counts overtime wins.


              There are plenty of sports where the outcome can only be a win or a loss for one team or player.

              Tennis is one of the best examples because a game can’t end until one player wins the requisite number of sets.

              Therefore, this particular XRP sports betting market is as straightforward as it gets.

              Tournament Winner

              In virtually every sport, each match is part of a bigger tournament.

              The tournament winner market enables you to select who you think will likely win the big prize.

              It represents an opportunity to win a substantial amount of XRP as most selections are available at relatively long odds.

              Depending on the XRP betting site, you might also get the chance to back your selection each-way.

              This means you can win XRP if your selection makes it to a certain stage, usually the semi-final or final.


              This market relates to the number of scores in a match.

              Your mission is to determine whether the event will have more or fewer scores than the ‘line’ set by the XRP bookie.

              There are also alternative over and under markets if you think a match will have a surprisingly high or low number of scores.

              There are different scoring methods depending on the sport, and this affects the over/under line.

              For example, imagine that the bookmaker that accepts XRP has the line on a game between Arsenal and Leeds United at over/under 2.5 goals.

              You would make a bet on under 2.5 goals if you’re expecting a cagey game with less than 3 goals and over 2.5 goals if you feel it will be open with 3+ goals.

              However, if you believe the game will be quite open, you could look for an over 3.5 goal market and win if there are 4+ goals.

              When you get involved in the over/under market, it is all about the number of scores as the actual winner of the game is irrelevant.

              Next score

              This is one of the easiest betting markets to understand and is ideal for beginners.

              All you have to do is make a bet on whichever team or player you think will get the game’s next score.

              For example, you may believe that the Toronto Blue Jays will score the next run against the Boston Red Sox.

              Please note that some sports are often low-scoring, so prepare to wait to learn the fate of your bet.

              Indeed, in soccer, almost 7% of games in top European leagues end with no goals scored across 90 minutes!

              Therefore, consider sports like tennis and basketball if you want bets where the outcome is resolved quickly.

              Most XRP betting websites let you wager on each basket or point in a match.

              With dozens of scores per match, it doesn’t take long for you to discover if you made a successful wager or not.

              Line betting

              It is rare for a sporting contest to be evenly matched on paper, which bookmakers know only too well.

              Sometimes, the favorite’s odds are so unappealing that it isn’t worth betting on.

              However, you can make things more interesting by betting on the handicap market.

              XRP bookmaker websites will give the stronger team a theoretical deficit in the match, and you have to decide whether it can overcome it.

              Let’s say that the Milwaukee Bucks are strong favorites to beat the Chicago Bulls and have a -10.5 handicap.

              If you believe the Bucks are good enough to overcome this obstacle and make a bet, they need to win by at least 11 points.

              Alternatively, you can wager on the Bulls with a +10.5 handicap and win XRP if they win the match or lose by a maximum of 10 points.

              Asian handicap

              As you might guess from the name, the Asian handicap is a XRP sports betting market that began in Asia.

              While it is more complex than the typical handicap market, it tends to provide better value bets.

              This is why pro gamblers prefer the Asian handicap market over the conventional version.

              Using a game between Manchester City and Everton as our example, let’s investigate a few Asian handicap markets:

              • Man City (0): If City wins, your bet is successful. If they lose, your bet is unsuccessful, and if the game ends in a draw, your stake is refunded.

              • Man City (-0.25): In the event of a draw, the site returns half your XRP. Otherwise, you win if City wins and lose if they lose.

              • Man City (-0.5): This is the same as a double chance for Everton, meaning you only win if City triumphs.

              • Man City (-0.75): If City fails to win, you lose the wager. A victory by two or more goals for City means a full win, while a single goal victory is half a win. Suppose you would earn a profit of $20 for a City 2+ goal win. In this case, you net a $10 profit for a one-goal win.

              • Man City (-1): You lose the bet if City doesn’t win the game and get your stake refunded if they win by one goal. You need a 2+ goal City win to earn a profit.

              If you believe Everton will outperform the XRP betting website’s expectations, you can also use the Asian handicap market.

              Let’s say you think Everton has a very good chance. You can back the Toffees on the Asian Handicap at 0 and get your money back if they draw.

              Certainly, these markets are worth exploring if you’re a risk-averse bettor because of the possibility of getting your money back in certain circumstances.

              The Asian handicap market shows that betting isn’t necessarily a zero-sum ‘must-win or lose’ pastime.

              Sectional markets

              You have additional betting options in the form of half/quarter/period markets because most sports have breaks in play.

              Suppose your research reveals that a specific team is a strong finisher.

              You can see the half-time score and consider your options if you have the time.

              Now, you can judge whether you should bet on the team of interest scoring heavily or winning the match.

              By taking a detailed look into the capacity of a team to either start or finish fast, you could take your wagering to the next level.

              Individual performance

              Although sports such as soccer and basketball involve a team functioning as a unit, you can make bets on individual performance.

              It is the ideal market if you know that a certain player is in the form of their life and want to earn XRP during this hot streak.

              This market could involve selecting player points, goals, or baskets depending on the sport.

              Team performance

              If you believe a certain team will perform especially well or badly in a game, you can avail of several markets.

              One of the benefits of this market is that your bet isn’t entirely dependent on the event’s outcome.

              Even if the team you select ends up losing, you can still win XRP if you make the right call.

              Correct score

              Depending on the XRP betting site and the sport, you could have the opportunity to use the correct score market.

              Winning involves accurately predicting the event’s final score.

              It is less difficult in tennis, for instance, because there are only a handful of potential scores.

              Let’s say you guess the score of a best of three-set match; you only need to choose between one of the following outcomes: 0-2, 1-2, 2-0, 2-1.

              It is far harder to predict the final score in a soccer match due to the immense number of potential outcomes.

              Research is essential to have any chance of success.

              The difficulty involved in winning on the correct score market is reflected in the long odds offered by XRP sports betting sites.

              Betting in-running

              Setting aside time to watch a match live could help you make money.

              As long as you can make sensible decisions quickly, the in-play sports betting markets offered by XRP sportsbooks give you plenty of chances to win.

              Bettors reluctant to commit to a bet pre-match can see how things are going to discover if their initial assumptions are confirmed.

              Sometimes, all you need is to watch a few minutes of a game to get a feel for how it is likely to pan out.

              Also, specific markets are almost guaranteed to provide better value odds as the game proceeds.

              Futures Betting

              Ante-post betting technically relates to any market where the event isn’t due to begin for at least another day.

              However, the futures markets offered by sportsbooks with XRP generally involve events a few months away.

              The goal is to get good odds on a team/entrant in advance, believing that the price will fall closer to the event.

              Of course, there is always the risk of getting it wrong, and the odds of your selection get even longer.

              Furthermore, it is essential to read the T’s and C’s of the XRP sportsbook when placing your ante-post bet.

              Some sites refuse to refund your money if your selection isn’t involved in the event.

              For example, let’s say you back Rafael Nadal to win the French Open tournament.

              Then, he withdraws from the tournament due to injury.

              In this unfortunate circumstance, some XRP betting sites will hold onto your XRP even though you had no chance to win.

              An ante-post wager means you stake XRP on the winner of an event before it begins.

              Benefits of XRP Betting Sites

              Are you looking to bet with XRP but can’t decide if you want to go ahead?

              We’re sharing several reasons why they are worth your attention.

              Fiat currencies have become ineffective

              Fiat currencies are fast becoming yesterday’s news.

              • Inflation makes their value go down continually.

              • As long as governments stay in control of fiat currencies, they retain their hold on the financial world and keep their power.

              • As for banks, they have complete control over the who, what, where, when, and why of fiat currency use.

              The time of fiat currencies has passed.

              In 2022, XRP is what’s taking us into the future of money.

              Avoid restrictions

              XRP don’t need intermediaries to be exchanged.

              Therefore, you don’t have to worry about payment gateways.

              Banks and credit cards? Forget about them!

              If you live in a country with heavy restrictions, invest in a decent VPN to use XRP betting sites.

              This action means you’re now free to bet even if the site normally wouldn’t accept users from your country.

              Some end-to-end XRP betting sites also let you bet despite it being illegal in your location.

              Disclaimer: We do not encourage any activity that is against the law. Using bookmaker companies that don’t allow people from your country involves risks. One of them is the possibility of losing your entire stake after having your account suspended.

              Higher privacy

              Banks are not really fans of sportsbook platforms.

              We have heard and read many stories where people couldn’t get a mortgage due to their use of sportsbook platforms.

              The fact that they only spent small sums on these betting sites was irrelevant.

              Here’s the thing about XRP sportsbooks, you can use them without your bank ever finding out. Therefore, your activity remains a secret.

              As a bonus, no one else will find out either.

              Let your money work for you

              While you wager on a regular sports betting site with fiat currencies, you hold … fiat.

              With fiat currencies, you lose purchasing power every minute.

              Instead, set up an account on sportsbooks with XRP, and there’s a good chance your XRP balance will rise.

              Financial investment on your terms

              Do you find it hard to deposit money on sportsbooks? We do.

              One of our team couldn’t access their bank account for a month.

              Do you know why? He went to a betting website and used his credit card to make his first deposit.

              It so happened that a new regulation was put in place in the UK on the 14th of April 2020, and he didn’t know about it.

              He even received a warning from the bank and had to promise not to make any more deposits or withdrawals on betting sites anymore.

              XRP keep your bank out of the picture permanently.

              Modern Betting Sites

              You can find standard sports betting sites that will take XRP, but they are behind the times.

              Issues include slow withdrawals, poorly designed websites, low-quality customer service, and more.

              On the contrary, the best XRP betting sites are more modern, have better technology, and target a more educated audience.

              The result is a growing number of safer XRP betting websites that you can trust, which offer better customer support, faster payments, along with bonuses and promotions worth something.

              Instant, limitless payments

              Financial regulations limit standard sportsbooks. This is why they are so slow and inefficient.

              That’s why, on these sports betting sites, your deposit and withdrawal amounts are very limited, with slow transactions.

              The best XRP sportsbook platforms are mainly regulated by the Curacao Gaming Authority, which means a lower level of financial regulation.

              Less financial regulation means fewer limits and faster (sometimes instant) payouts.

              For example, some of the top XRP betting sites offer instant and unlimited deposits and withdrawals. That’s unseen in the traditional sportsbook platform industry.

              Bear in mind that blockchains take a certain amount of time to process transactions, but it is still a fast process.

              What Is The #1 Exchange To Use For XRP Betting Sites In 2022?

              Most exchanges are against the use of their platform to transfer funds to/from XRP betting sites.

              They will keep your money and shut down your account if they catch you using them to deposit on betting sites that accept XRP.

              And trust us, they can find out if they want to. But how?

              The most serious exchanges use blockchain forensics software to track transactions on the blockchain.

              It is very hi-tech stuff, and a few of these exchanges proved it by sending us notifications.

              So, what is the top-rated exchange if you want to get involved with XRP betting websites?

              In our view, Binance is the obvious answer.

              Not only is it the biggest exchange in the world; it has never had any policy against XRP sportsbook platforms, ever.

              As well as being the biggest, it is also the best exchange: it offers low fees, rapid withdrawals, excellent security, more currency pairs than other exchanges, and much more.

              Set up an account on Binance, and you’ll discover that depositing funds and betting on any reputable XRP sportsbook website is effortless.

              The Upsides of XRP Sports Betting

              Many users of sports markets now register with sportsbooks and deposit XRP.

              Let’s investigate the vast range of sports and markets these impressive sports betting sites offer.


              XRP bookies provide as many sports markets as traditional betting websites.

              You’ll also find that XRP betting sites provide better odds for various markets than a standard betting site.

              Moreover, these betting companies also give you access to the hottest sports, leagues, and competitions on the planet, including:

              • Soccer: The German Bundesliga, English Premier League, and the Copa America

              • Tennis: The US Open and the Australian Open

              • Golf: The Masters and the PGA Grand Slam of Golf

              • Basketball: The European Championships and the NBA All-Star Game

              • American Football: NFL and college football action, including the Super Bowl.

              • Cricket: The Indian Premier League, The Hundred, and the ICC Cricket World Cup

              Ultimately, XRP betting websites ensure you can get involved in all the tournaments and games that matter.

              Furthermore, there are an incredible number of in-play markets that provide an opportunity for quick wins.


              The electronic sports industry is now a billion-dollar sector that attracts an astonishingly large audience of over 450 million.

              eSports involve video games, and the most skilled individuals compete against one another on a global stage in tournaments.

              Although eSports will not feature prominently in the 2024 Olympic Games, many experts believe it is a matter of time before they get Olympic recognition.

              While traditional sports betting websites earned money from eSports, it hasn’t taken long for XRP betting sites to follow suit.

              If you want to learn more about electronic sports, it is best to perform research so you can identify the best individuals and teams.

              Games such as DOTA 2, StarCraft II, and PUBG are among the most popular for tournament purposes.

              Common markets on which you can stake XRP include match outcome, over/under maps and handicap lines.

              There’s no question that eSports are here to stay, and XRP sports betting sites continue to increase their exposure.

              Virtual Sports

              Unlike the traditional version, virtual sports require advanced technology to create events and their results.

              The graphics resemble those used in video games and are usually high quality.

              There is a nice choice of virtual sports available, including darts, basketball, and cricket.

              Everyone who wagers XRP on virtual sports witnesses the same outcome, regardless of where they are.

              Please note that these events are computer-generated, making them very different from eSports which involve human participants.

              This means there is no historical data to fall back on when making a selection.

              Earning a profit is essentially down to how lucky you are on any given day.

              Bookmakers that accept XRP know that they can offer a huge volume of virtual events for you to bet on each day.

              For example, there is a cricket game every four minutes, and a greyhound race is available every minute!

              There is no link between real-world and virtual sports, so you could enjoy the latter in places where regular sports wagering is forbidden.

              Consequently, if your country bans you from using XRP on sports, you might have the option of wagering on virtual sports markets instead.

              How To Determine The Best XRP Betting Site?

              Here are some essential factors when looking for the best XRP sports betting site.

              Is the XRP Betting Site reputable?

              This is another crucial aspect to take into account when selecting your XRP sports betting site.


              XRP transactions are fast, cheap (most of the time), and there’s no central authority behind them.

              However, there is no going back with XRP transactions.

              With no central authority, you’re unlikely to get your money back if you get ripped off.

              These specifics of XRP are the reason why the reputation of the XRP sportsbooks you select is vital.

              And that’s also why the reputation of XRP betting websites holds such a significant role in our ratings and rankings.

              You can ensure you discover safe XRP betting sites by reading our informative XRP sports betting website reviews.

              Is your country on the XRP Betting Site's prohibited list?

              Don’t make the mistake of registering and adding money before finding out that you’re not allowed to do so in your country.

              This isn’t an issue if you use legit sportsbooks accepting XRP because most of them won’t permit you to register, let alone add funds if you come from a country where its service is prohibited.

              Sadly, some unreliable XRP sports betting websites will not stop you from registering an account and betting but will block your account when you try to withdraw your gains.

              At this stage, such XRP sportsbooks will ask for verification. But, of course, once you try to go through the process, you’ll find that you can’t use the site legally and lose all your money as your account is blocked.

              That’s why you must make sure the XRP betting platforms you choose accept users from your country.

              If you want to proceed with sports betting websites that prohibit your country, focus on XRP sportsbooks known for being honest.

              Look for good XRP sports betting websites that return your money even if they find out you’re not allowed to bet.

              Stake is one such site.

              Does the XRP Betting Site accept fiat?

              There is a big difference between traditional sports betting sites accepting XRP and XRP sportsbook platforms (end-to-end).

              Standard Sportsbooks

              If you deposit XRP on standard bookmaker companies, they will turn it into fiat currency whether you like it or not.

              Whenever you try to take out your money, your fiat is turned back into XRP. That is, if the betting platform even permits you to withdraw in XRP.

              Not only do these transactions incur fees, but it also means you no longer hold XRP while your funds are on the site.

              That’s why, if you are confident about the future of XRP, you should prefer using end-to-end bookmakers that accept XRP when possible.

              End-to-end XRP Betting Sites

              These types of sportsbooks accepting XRP let you deposit or withdraw with a massive number of digital assets.

              You also get to use XRP on the site, which is vital.

              Using these XRP bookies gives you several XRP advantages, such as:

              • Lightning-fast withdrawals

              • The ability to deposit and withdraw large amounts

              • Anonymity

              However, don’t assume that you automatically get these benefits from every one of these XRP sports betting websites.

              Just because these XRP bookmakers CAN give you these benefits, it doesn’t mean they WILL.

              However, only the top XRP sportsbooks offer most of these benefits.

              Customer service

              If you have an issue with a payment or anything else, you want to rely on a well-trained customer service that speaks your language fluently.

              Particularly if you’ve never practiced XRP betting websites before.

              Therefore, our reviews of the best XRP betting sites in 2022 include a thorough check and testing of their customer service.


              Yet another critical aspect of XRP sportsbooks is how they handle withdrawals and deposits, not to mention means of payment variety.

              Payment methods available

              Some sportsbooks offer more deposit and withdrawal methods than others.

              Keep your options open by selecting a site that lets you deposit or withdraw in several ways.

              Withdrawal speed

              One of the big attractions of XRP betting companies is the prospect of a rapid withdrawal.

              You might require quick access to your XRP so you can transfer to a different XRP sportsbook website or make a fast trade.

              While some XRP betting sites process withdrawals immediately, others can take hours or even days.

              The quicker the XRP sports betting site processes your withdrawal, the better.

              How much can you withdraw?

              Standard betting websites keep maximum withdrawal limits low.

              Most of them can’t pay more than the equivalent of $10,000 per month.

              Such restrictions are a thing of the past when you use the top betting sites with XRP.

              Nonetheless, not all sportsbooks with XRP provide high withdrawal limits.

              This is because they generally don’t have a large amount of money to hand.

              Still, the best XRP sportsbooks, like Stake, offer unlimited withdrawals.

              Therefore, it is wise to use safe XRP sportsbooks with no withdrawal limits, especially if you bet big.

              Offers and promotions

              There are three aspects of ‘extras’ worth considering.

              The initial signing up package (bonuses after registration)

              It is common for XRP bookmakers to provide newcomers with bonuses to help them get started.

              These bonuses can be pretty attractive; many of them offer to double your money or more.

              Is there a catch? Yes.

              Welcome bonuses often have certain conditions.

              You might have to bet at least 30 times what you deposit before withdrawing any money, for example.

              Most of the time, it’s best to choose XRP bookies that offer great promotions and VIP perks as they are much more valuable than the welcome bonus for 99% of users.

              Promotions available

              Average betting sites accepting XRP don’t go out of their way to provide great promotions.

              Instead, they focus on bonuses because they know most people will never meet the requirements.

              Meanwhile, the best XRP betting platforms focus on keeping you happy, which means lots of cool promotions.

              Besides the fun they add, these promotions can help you increase your balance over time.

              VIP Program

              These days, all good XRP bookmakers should offer strong VIP programs with clear benefits.

              This is a great way to ensure you come back for more.

              Yet, a large number of sites fail to offer anything resembling such a program.

              This is a shame because a good VIP package can greatly add to the user experience.

              This is why you should choose legit XRP sportsbooks with high-quality VIP programs that make you feel valued.

              Everything You Need to Know About Betting Odds

              While learning the intricacies of sports markets is very useful, it is only part of the overall equation.

              Winning in the long term is effectively impossible without knowing how betting odds work.

              Regardless of your level of research into an event, not knowing the right odds will result in failure.

              Every XRP betting site has a house edge on each market you bet on, and it is usually at least 3% but can increase to 30% depending on the market.

              You must aim to consistently find occasions where the sports betting site’s odds aren’t a fair reflection of the likelihood of an event happening.

              Value Betting

              Value betting aims to discover a bookmaker error in a market.

              For instance, let’s say you think Manchester United has a 30% chance of beating Arsenal.

              Ask yourself this question: If the XRP bookmaker company offers a price of 2.50 (in decimal odds) for a United win, is it value or not?

              Absolutely not! According to the bookmaker, United has a 40% chance (100/2.50) of winning.

              The challenge is to perform enough research into an event to determine the real chance of a specific outcome.

              Once you finish the investigation, the reward is a ‘betting tissue,’ a tool that places you in the role of a bookmaker.

              In simple terms, a betting tissue enables you to develop your own odds for any event.

              Of course, you can’t even begin this process until you learn more about the different sports betting odds formats.

              Calculating betting odds is a learned skill, so we’re providing information on three of the best-known types.

              American odds

              XRP betting websites that cater to users in the United States will often use American odds, which have a plus or minus sign before a number.

              This sign indicates whether your profit will be more or less than the amount of XRP you bet.

              The minus sign (-) denotes a short odds bet, meaning the overall profit is lower than what you risk.

              If the sign is plus (+), it means a longer odds bet where the profit is greater than the amount you bet.

              Here are some examples of American odds and how much you could win depending on the size of your bet:

              • +110: If you bet $100 and win, you earn a $110 profit

              • +150: The potential total return from a $100 bet is $250

              • +300: If you take a risk at these odds with a $100 bet, you’ll be rewarded with a profit of $300 should you win

              • -110: This odds on this bet means a $100 stake would return $190.91 in total

              • -150: A $100 bet at this short price means a profit of $66.67 if you win

              • -300: This is a short-priced bet, so a win with a $100 stake equates to a profit of $33.33

              Decimal odds

              If you live in Europe, you’re likely familiar with decimal odds which are the most basic form.

              Multiply these odds by your wager size in XRP to determine your potential total returns.

              Imagine England’s price to beat Sweden is 1.6, and you bet $200; multiply 1.6 x 200 for a total of 320.

              An English victory means you enjoy a $120 profit as 320 – 200 = 120.

              By dividing the odds into 100, you can quickly determine the percentage likelihood of a selection winning.

              In the England versus Sweden game, the XRP betting site believes that the former’s chance of victory is 62.5% because 100/1.6 = 62.5.

              Fractional odds

              Generally speaking, fractional odds are popular in the United Kingdom and Ireland.

              This odds format features a slash between two numbers.

              For example, 6/1 means six-to-one, indicating that you earn a profit of $6 for every $1 you risk if the wager wins.

              Consequently, you will enjoy a return of $70 if you happen to risk $10 worth of XRP at the above odds.

              The number on the left-hand side outlines how much profit you’ll earn should you bet a sum of money equivalent to the number on the right.

              Let’s say you back the Tennessee Titans to defeat the Tampa Bay Buccaneers at odds of 11/4; this means your profit is $11 for every $4 you wager should the Titans win.

              Of course, you have to include the XRP you staked to determine the full payout.

              Most XRP sportsbooks will allow you to change the odds format, so experiment to see which one you like the most.

              A Short Guide to XRP Sports Betting

              There is a lot of information on whether it is a good or bad idea to use crypto on betting platforms.

              However, you’re also likely to discover relatively few resources outlining how to start using it.

              We have spotted this gap and developed a quick guide on registering with a XRP sportsbook and getting the best out of your digital currency.

              Before we begin, please note this about XRP sports betting:

              • You can only use a fairly small percentage of the huge crypto range on most sites

              • Barring a few exceptions, the level of volatility the market experiences is enormous and can hurt or help your investment

              • There is no going back when you make a transaction, so a blunder on your part could see you lose 100% of your money

              #1 Choose a XRP Betting Site from our list and register

              Our team of reviewers spent hours analyzing each bookmaker with XRP on our list.

              It is an important part of our process as it decreases the chances of a dodgy site stealing from you.

              As soon as you select a XRP betting platform from our list, you can proceed with registration.

              In general, it is a smooth process that takes little time.

              We are fast getting to the stage where it is faster and easier to register on a digital currency site than a standard betting platform.

              Check our reviews to determine the XRP betting websites that provide the smoothest registration process if that is important for you.

              Get even better value for money by using any promo codes we add to our reviews.

              It is common for XRP sportsbooks to provide initial deposit bonuses to new customers and individuals who use digital currency.

              #2 Buy digital currency (your choice)

              If you’ve already put XRP into your e-wallet, start depositing if you want to earn a welcome bonus.

              If not, go to a reputable XRP exchange and make a purchase.

              Ideally, you’ll use a trustworthy exchange such as Binance or Kraken.

              Aside from allowing rapid XRP transactions, such exchanges have no problem with you using them for betting.

              Coinbase, on the other hand, is a reputable exchange but is bad for punters.

              There are stories of Coinbase shutting down accounts because users deposited XRP into betting companies from the exchange.

              Consider the digital currency you’d rather bet with on a site and purchase it.

              Or else the site will charge you a fee to convert the currency.

              #3 Prepare your XRP

              Once you have enough XRP available, it is time to fund your account.

              At this stage, you must set up a ‘wallet’ for your cryptocurrency to ensure it remains secure.

              There are a few options, and the best one depends on how you plan to spend your funds and how safe you want your money to be.

              You can rely on a hosted wallet for security or take matters into your hands with a non-custodial wallet.

              You need to visit the ‘send crypto’ section to perform the transfer no matter which option you select.

              Non-custodial wallet

              Also called ‘self-custody,’ this particular wallet doesn’t use a third party to keep the coins safe.

              Instead, you are entirely responsible for the digital currency’s safety.

              For instance, you have to keep your private key in a secure location once you receive it.

              If someone else discovers your private key, they gain total access to your XRP.

              Also, misplacing your private key without memorizing it means you can’t access your digital currency.

              However, a self-custody wallet does give you absolute power over your money.

              This enables you to use advanced digital currency activities such as staking, lending, and using it on XRP bookmakers.

              Gaining access to a non-custodial wallet is as simple as downloading a special app like MetaMask.

              From there, you register and keep the private key you receive safe.

              Hosted wallet

              Opening an account with a trusted exchange enables you to access a hosted wallet.

              Since the exchange stores your password, losing it isn’t a catastrophe.

              It isn’t the best option if you want to spend your crypto as you please because the third-party issues restrictions on how you use it.

              For example, hosted wallets might request identification, which means you lose the benefit of anonymity typically associated with cryptocurrency.

              Certain sites forbid users from transferring digital currency to betting sites accepting XRP.

              #4 Locate your deposit address

              Go to the site’s deposit page and choose the crypto you want to use.

              You should see a public address linked to your account at this stage.

              This address is unique to your account, ensuring the operator understands that the funds are coming from you.

              Copy and paste the address to your clipboard, and check it thoroughly.

              A single mistake will prevent the transaction from occurring, and you could lose your money.

              #5 Deposit and start Betting

              Go back to your wallet or crypto exchange to paste the address, and send the money.

              Now, you must wait patiently for the deposit to arrive as it could take anywhere from minutes to hours.

              Our reviews reveal which XRP betting sites rank first and last for transaction times.

              In general, you should wait approximately six hours for the deposit to go through before chatting with a site’s customer service agents.

              Congratulations! Now that your account is loaded, you can begin betting on the site and enjoy its many features.

              XRP Betting Sites FAQ

              default icon

              Are XRP Betting Sites legal?


              XRP sports betting sites are allowed in most countries. However, you need to check your country’s rules to know for sure.

              It isn’t clear-cut because it depends on XRP and sports betting site law in each jurisdiction.

              Although XRP is legal or tolerated in most countries, regulators are generally more severe with sportsbooks.

              Still, some good XRP betting sites accept customers even from countries where they cannot operate.

              Regulators find it hard these days because many punters use VPNs to keep their online activity a secret.

              default icon

              Can I Bet completely anonymously with XRP?


              Yes, you can because of how XRP addresses work. These are created privately by your wallet, and there is no other information that outlines where your XRP are stored or any location you send them to.

              One easy way to retain anonymity is to use a new address each time you receive payment. Also, remember that you can use various wallets, each one with a different aim.

              default icon

              How long do XRP deposits take?


              For a truly secure wallet with two confirmations from the network, the transfer can take from five minutes to an hour, depending on the XRP network.

              However, it also depends on the XRP network in question. The different Blockchains must confirm the transactions, and they are overworked on occasion.

              You must pay an extra fee if you want to avoid having your transaction delayed by the Blockchain queue.

              default icon

              How long do XRP withdrawals take?


              Regarding withdrawal of your XRP, in addition to the same transfer process as for a deposit, most of the XRP sportsbook websites have first to validate the operation manually.

              The time it takes varies depending on the XRP betting website. Some sites go through a long validation process which takes days. Others don’t complete this step and ensure your withdrawal happens as quickly as a deposit.

              default icon

              What coins can I use for betting and gambling online?


              Bitcoin (BTC)

              Ethereum (ETH)

              Bitcoin Cash (BCH)

              Binance Coin (BNB)

              Dogecoin (DOGE)

              Tether (USDT)

              Litecoin (LTC)

              Cardano (ADA)

              Monero (XMR)

              Tron (TRX)

              EOS (EOS)

              XRP (XRP)

              default icon

              What are the top five sports available on betting sites?


              American Football (NFL)

              Football  (Premier League, La Liga)

              Hockey (NHL)

              Basketball (NBA)

              Tennis (Roland Garros)