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This guide features the best Bitcoin Cash sportsbooks in 2022.

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Up to 3000 USD Welcome Package

check-list-icon Sports Betting
check-list-icon Casino Games
check-list-icon Poker
    Bet on Betonlinearrow-list-icon Less info arrow-blue-icon

    Betonline is an online sportsbook where you’ll find a huge range of sports to play on.

    With 28 sports available and countless markets, it rewards you with the adrenaline rush of sporting action you seek.

    • Boxing Boxing
    • Football (Soccer) Football (Soccer)
    • Golf Golf
    • Horse Racing Horse Racing
    • Tennis Tennis
    • +23
    Bet on Betonlinearrow-list-icon Less info arrow-blue-icon
    rating-icon 4.38
    updated1 month ago

    Up to 1000 USD Welcome Package + 100 Free Spins

    check-list-icon Casino Games
    check-list-icon Poker
    check-list-icon Sports Betting
      Bet on Ditobetarrow-list-icon More info arrow-blue-icon

      Ditobet is an online sportsbook with an impressive selection of sports for you to play on.

      Aside from the 43 sports on offer, this site gives you access to various markets to satisfy your needs.

      • Football (Soccer) Football (Soccer)
      • Basketball Basketball
      • Ice Hockey Ice Hockey
      • American Football American Football
      • Baseball Baseball
      • +38
      Bet on Ditobetarrow-list-icon More info arrow-blue-icon
      updated1 month ago

      Up to 3000 USD Welcome Package

      check-list-icon Casino Games
      check-list-icon Poker
      check-list-icon Sports Betting

        Few sportsbooks can match Sportsbetting.Ag when it comes to sporting events to play on.

        With 31 sports available and countless markets, it rewards you with the adrenaline rush of sporting action you seek.

        • Australian Rules Football Australian Rules Football
        • Horse Racing Horse Racing
        • Motorsports Motorsports
        • Baseball Baseball
        • Basketball Basketball
        • +26
        updated1 month ago

        Up to 2000 USD Welcome Package + 100 Free Spins

        check-list-icon Casino Games
        check-list-icon Sports Betting
          Bet on Jazz Casinoarrow-list-icon More info arrow-blue-icon

          Jazz Casino is a sportsbook known for providing users with a massive range of sports to play on.

          Aside from the 20 sports on offer, this site gives you access to various markets to satisfy your needs.

          • Basketball Basketball
          • Ice Hockey Ice Hockey
          • American Football American Football
          • Football (Soccer) Football (Soccer)
          • UFC UFC
          • +15
          Bet on Jazz Casinoarrow-list-icon More info arrow-blue-icon
          rating-icon 4.22
          updated1 month ago

          Up to 2000 USD Welcome Package

          check-list-icon Casino Games
          check-list-icon Sports Betting
            Bet on LooseLinesarrow-list-icon More info arrow-blue-icon

            LooseLines is an online sportsbook with a positive reputation for providing high-quality sports markets to play on.

            Apart from providing you with 24 sports, this site’s pricing is among the best in the industry.

            • Basketball Basketball
            • Ice Hockey Ice Hockey
            • Baseball Baseball
            • American Football American Football
            • Football (Soccer) Football (Soccer)
            • +19
            Bet on LooseLinesarrow-list-icon More info arrow-blue-icon
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            Bitcoin Cash Sportsbooks Reviews You Can Trust

            Let’s analyze the Bitcoin Cash sportsbook companies reviews of the brands mentioned in the table.





            • Very Good Reputation.

              We could not find more than a few legit complaints about Betonline online.

            • Awesome Customer Service.

              Betonline’s support is easy to contact and should solve any issue you may have quickly.

            • Excellent Gaming Experience.

              Betonline does everything you want in a modern site, with great gameplay and an eye-catching design.

            • Outstanding Mobile Experience.

              Not many sites can compete with Betonline when it comes to mobile experience quality.


            • Unwelcoming Promotions.

              It is rare for Betonline to provide promotions worth mentioning, and even then, they don’t capture the imagination.

            • Pointless VIP Program.

              Despite the effort, Betonline’s VIP benefits are inferior to those available on the best sites.

            • Not Anonymous.

              You can not play anonymously on Betonline.

            • Not End-to-end Crypto.

              The digital currencies you deposit are converted into fiat at the time of the deposit, and vice-versa at the time of the withdrawal. You will be forced to play with fiat currencies.




            • Excellent Reputation.

              Ditobet seems to enjoy a fantastic reputation amongst users with practically no complaints.

            • Curacao License.

              Like most sites of its kind, Ditobet has a license in Curacao. Although that doesn’t say much about its safety, it is better than holding shady licenses, or no license at all.

            • Good Customer Service.

              Although Ditobet’s customer support isn’t top-notch, it is a level above many of its rivals.

            • Excellent Gaming Experience.

              Ditobet offers a user-friendly experience thanks to its excellent design and convenience.

            • Outstanding Mobile Experience.

              Not many sites can compete with Ditobet when it comes to mobile experience quality.


            • Unwelcoming Promotions.

              If you’re looking for promotions to keep you coming back for more, Ditobet is not the best place to go.

            • Pointless VIP Program.

              Steer clear of Ditobet if a VIP program is crucial to your user experience. There are many sites that give you better value.

            • Not Anonymous.

              You can not play anonymously on Ditobet.

            • Extended Registration Process.

              Ditobet’s registration process is lengthy. It will ask you to provide a significant amount of documentation before you can play.

            • Not End-to-end Crypto.

              The digital currencies you deposit are converted into fiat at the time of the deposit, and vice-versa at the time of the withdrawal. You will be forced to play with fiat currencies.




            • Very Good Reputation.

              We could not find more than a few legit complaints about Sportsbetting.Ag online.

            • Good Customer Service.

              Although Sportsbetting.Ag’s customer support isn’t top-notch, it is a level above many of its rivals.

            • Excellent Gaming Experience.

              Sportsbetting.Ag does everything you want in a modern site, with great gameplay and an eye-catching design.

            • Outstanding Mobile Experience.

              The mobile version of Sportsbetting.Ag is well-thought out and crushes most other sites in this aspect.


            • No VIP Program.

              It is surprising that Sportsbetting.Ag has no VIP program since it is a common feature of such sites.

            • Not Anonymous.

              Sportsbetting.Ag does not give users the option to play anonymously.

            • Not End-to-end Crypto.

              Even though you can deposit with digital assets, they immediately get turned into fiat. When you withdraw, your fiat is turned back into crypto, but you have to use fiat while playing on the site.

            Jazz Casino

            Jazz Casino


            • Very Good Reputation.

              We could not find more than a few legit complaints about Jazz Casino online.

            • Curacao License.

              Like most sites of its kind, Jazz Casino has a license in Curacao. Although that doesn’t say much about its safety, it is better than holding shady licenses, or no license at all.

            • Awesome Customer Service.

              We found that Jazz Casino offers a superior level of customer service that’s easy to find and very helpful.

            • Awesome Promotions.

              With a nice variety of promotions, Jazz Casino tries to offer something for everybody.

            • Excellent Gaming Experience.

              Jazz Casino offers a user-friendly experience thanks to its excellent design and convenience.

            • Outstanding Mobile Experience.

              Jazz Casino has made a major effort to provide a mobile version worth using and offers a much better experience than most sites.


            • Not Anonymous.

              You can not play anonymously on Jazz Casino.

            • Not End-to-end Crypto.

              The digital currencies you deposit are converted into fiat at the time of the deposit, and vice-versa at the time of the withdrawal. You will be forced to play with fiat currencies.




            • Excellent Reputation.

              Overall, we discovered hardly any issues with LooseLines as most users are delighted with the site’s standard.

            • Awesome Customer Service.

              We found that LooseLines offers a superior level of customer service that’s easy to find and very helpful.

            • Anonymous.

              With LooseLines, it is possible to play in private.

            • Excellent Gaming Experience.

              LooseLines offers a user-friendly experience thanks to its excellent design and convenience.


            • No license.

              LooseLines possesses no license. Although there are some decent sites with no licensing, it should cause you to pause for thought before registering.

            • Unwelcoming Promotions.

              If you’re looking for promotions to keep you coming back for more, LooseLines is not the best place to go.

            • Not End-to-end Crypto.

              The digital currencies you deposit are converted into fiat at the time of the deposit, and vice-versa at the time of the withdrawal. You will be forced to play with fiat currencies.

            Bitcoin Cash: Is BTC’s Little Brother Worth Using on Sportsbooks?

            A group of dissatisfied BTC enthusiasts created Bitcoin Cash in 2017, and it split into Bitcoin SV and Bitcoin Cash in November 2018.

            Bitcoin Cash has gained plenty of market support and hovers close to the top 10 regarding market cap.

            Here are a few pros and cons of using Bitcoin Cash on sportsbooks:

            Pros of using Bitcoin Cash on Sportsbooks

            • You benefit from significantly cheaper transfer fees with BCH than with Bitcoin.

            • BCH also has far quicker transfer times, making it ideal for use on sportsbooks.

            • It retains the growth potential of the most popular digital assets.

            Cons of using Bitcoin Cash on Sportsbooks

            • Despite its origins, some experts wonder if Bitcoin Cash can follow in its model’s footsteps

            • Right now, it isn’t easy to find reliable sportsbook companies that accept Bitcoin Cash

            • Bitcoin Cash does not escape market crashes, which could significantly reduce your winnings in a matter of hours

            Why Bitcoin Cash Sportsbooks Are Great?

            Are you looking to play with Bitcoin Cash but can’t decide if you want to go ahead?

            There are many reasons to get started; here are some.

            Fiat is becoming worthless

            Fiat currencies are fast becoming yesterday’s news.

            • Inflation makes their value go down continually.

            • As long as governments stay in control of fiat currencies, they retain their hold on the financial world and keep their power.

            • As for banks, they have complete control over the who, what, where, when, and why of fiat currency use.

            The time of fiat currencies has passed.

            In 2022, Bitcoin Cash is what’s taking us into the future of money.

            Bypass geo-restrictions

            Bitcoin Cash don’t need intermediaries to be exchanged.

            Therefore, you don’t have to worry about payment gateways.

            No use for credit cards or banks either.

            Once you use a convenient VPN, registering an account with a Bitcoin Cash sportsbook company becomes easy.

            You can now start using sites that generally don’t allow users from your country.

            Certain end-to-end sportsbooks with BCH will also let you play even if you live somewhere where sportsbooks are illegal.

            Disclaimer: Please note that we do not recommend or encourage illegal activity in any form. You are placing your investment at risk if you use sportsbooks that forbid users from your country. For instance, you could have your account frozen, which means you can’t access your money.

            Nobody will know

            Banks are not really fans of sportsbooks.

            Banks can cause problems for anyone who uses sportsbooks. They have even turned down the mortgage applications of many individuals for that very reason.

            It didn’t matter that their use of sportsbooks was nothing more than casual.

            When using sportsbooks with Bitcoin Cash, there’s no way your bank will ever know. It will remain your own business.

            Also, your pastime remains a secret from everyone.

            Ride the bull market

            While you play on a regular sportsbook company with fiat currencies, you hold … fiat.

            With fiat currencies, you lose purchasing power every minute.

            However, if you choose to play on BCH sportsbooks, your BCH balance is much more likely to go up in value.

            Stay in control of your financial destiny

            It is sometimes a challenge for punters to deposit money on sportsbooks.

            One of us even got his bank account frozen for an entire month.

            Here’s the reason. He wanted to put money into his sportsbook account and his first deposit was with a credit card.

            What he didn’t know was that the UK applied a new regulation in April 2020.

            It turned out he could no longer make deposits or withdrawals on sportsbooks. The bank even sent him an email warning him not to do it again.

            With Bitcoin Cash, you will not need to beg your banker ever again.

            Modern Sportsbooks

            Most traditional online sportsbooks that accept Bitcoin Cash aren’t up to date.

            Theirs old-fashioned design, inefficient customer service, slow payouts and many more drawbacks can get you disappointed.

            The best sportsbooks with BCH, on the other hand, are designed for the modern user. Therefore, they adopt better technology and respect their audience.

            This translates into better, more competitive, and safer BCH sportsbook companies overall, with better payments, more frequent bonuses and promotions, higher-quality support, and more.

            Instant, limitless payments

            Financial regulations limit standard sportsbooks. This is why they are so slow and inefficient.

            As a consequence, you’ll notice that you’re forced to accept low deposit and withdrawal maximums, not to mention waiting days to complete a transaction.

            The Curaçao Gaming Authority regulates many of the best sportsbooks that accept Bitcoin Cash; however, this is a less strict form of financial regulation.

            The result is speedy payments along with high deposit and withdrawal limits.

            In some cases, the top sportsbooks with Bitcoin Cash have NO limits on deposits and withdrawals, and you get your money instantly. This doesn’t happen with traditional sportsbooks.

            Bear in mind that blockchains take a certain amount of time to process transactions, but it is still a fast process.

            What Is The #1 Exchange To Use For Bitcoin Cash Sportsbooks In 2022?

            Most exchanges are against the use of their platform to transfer funds to/from sportsbooks accepting Bitcoin Cash.

            They will keep your money and shut down your account if they catch you using them to deposit on Bitcoin Cash sportsbooks.

            Believe us; it is simple for them to get this information. Want to know how? Let’s find out.

            Top-rated exchanges can track transactions on the blockchain by using blockchain forensics software.

            It is very hi-tech stuff, and a few of these exchanges proved it by sending us notifications.

            So, what is the best exchange for those who want to play on sportsbooks accepting BCH?

            For our money, Binance is the right option.

            Binance is the largest exchange globally, and they allow users to play on sportsbooks with Bitcoin Cash.

            We believe it is the best exchange because of its high level of security and small fees. It also lets you withdraw quickly and offers a massive number of currency pairs.

            Set up an account on Binance, and you’ll discover that depositing funds and playing on any reputable Bitcoin Cash sportsbook is effortless.

            The Upsides of Bitcoin Cash Playing

            People who enjoy sports playing are moving towards BCH sportsbooks with greater frequency.

            Let’s investigate the vast range of sports and markets these impressive sportsbooks offer.


            Bitcoin Cash sportsbooks have grown to the stage where they match or even exceed what traditional sportsbooks offer regarding sports markets.

            You’ll also find that BCH sportsbook companies provide better odds for various markets than a standard sportsbook company.

            In addition, you can get involved in practically all of the biggest sporting events in the world, such as:

            • Soccer: The German Bundesliga, English Premier League, and the Copa America

            • Tennis: The US Open and the Australian Open

            • Golf: The Masters and the PGA Grand Slam of Golf

            • Basketball: The European Championships and the NBA All-Star Game

            • American Football: NFL and college football action, including the Super Bowl.

            • Cricket: The Indian Premier League, The Hundred, and the ICC Cricket World Cup

            Ultimately, Bitcoin Cash sportsbooks ensure you can get involved in all the tournaments and games that matter.

            You also benefit from in-play markets which are fast, furious and potentially very lucrative.


            Estimates vary, but eSports now attract over 450 million viewers in what is a worldwide phenomenon.

            Thousands of global tournaments take place annually, featuring many of the world’s best gamers.

            There is even a suggestion that eSports will eventually become part of the Olympic Games.

            Initially, regular sportsbooks dominated the eSports markets, but BCH sportsbook companies are catching up fast.

            It is wise to familiarize yourself with eSports before you consider making plays on them.

            There are plenty of important tournaments featuring games such as Overwatch, FIFA, and League of Legends.

            eSports markets are often very similar to other sports and may include tournament winner, over/under, and half markets.

            Regardless of what you think of eSports, they aren’t going away, so it is best to embrace their presence on BCH sportsbook companies.

            Virtual Sports

            Unlike the traditional version, virtual sports require advanced technology to create events and their results.

            The computer-generated graphics are often of exceptional quality and truly immerse the user.

            You’re spoiled for choice when it comes to the virtual sports on offer, including cycling, tennis, and greyhound racing.

            If you want to play on virtual sports using Bitcoin Cash, rest assured that you see what everyone else sees.

            Unlike eSports which involves humans, virtual sports are entirely computer-generated.

            There is no formbook to look through, nor can you determine the quality of team, individual, or animal involved.

            You can only base your decision on the available odds or a hunch, which means winning is all about luck.

            Sportsbooks accepting Bitcoin Cash know that they can offer a huge volume of virtual events for you to play on each day.

            A case in point is that there’s a motor race every three minutes, with American Football games starting every four minutes.

            There is no link between real-world and virtual sports, so you could enjoy the latter in places where regular sports playing is forbidden.

            Consequently, if your country bans you from using BCH on sports, you might have the option of playing on virtual sports markets instead.

            Sports Plays You Should Focus On

            Bitcoin Cash sports playing is incredibly popular these days.

            As a result, a growing number of sportsbooks enable you to play on a wide range of sports and esports using BCH.

            That’s only the tip of the iceberg; there are also countless markets.

            Yet, before you get too excited and register with any Bitcoin Cash sportsbook company, you must understand the ‘why’ behind your plays.

            This process involves performing research to gain greater awareness of the sports betting markets that interest you.

            This detailed guide discusses numerous popular markets and illustrates how you can win.

            When you’ve finished reading, you should have an idea of the markets you’d like to play on, knowledge that should help boost your bottom line.

            The win market

            Backing the winner of an event remains the best-known BCH sports playing market.

            You have to choose which team/player you think will win the game.

            For example, you can choose the New York Mets to beat the Boston Red Sox in the MLB.

            As simple as the Moneyline market is, not every sport offers the same options, as we describe below.


            In soccer, the Moneyline offers three choices: Home win, away win, or the draw.

            Draws happen in top-level soccer in 25% to 30% of games, making it a viable option usually available at decent odds.

            Soccer also has the following variations on the Moneyline:

            • Draw no Bet: Your bet is successful if the team you select wins the game, and you get your Bitcoin Cash back if it draws.

            • Double Chance: You make a profit if the team of your choice wins or draws the game. However, please note that you don’t win any extra money if the team wins.

            Basketball/ American Football/ Baseball

            In several North American sports, games that finish level are decided in overtime.

            Basketball, American football, and baseball are three examples of this happening.

            It is rare for Bitcoin Cash sportsbooks to offer an option to back the ‘tie,’ even though a small percentage of American football games end up with no winner.

            Therefore, your play carries into overtime and wins if your team is victorious.

            However, we advise you to ensure that the BCH sportsbook company includes overtime in your original Moneyline play.


            There are plenty of sports where the outcome can only be a win or a loss for one team or player.

            For example, the game only ends with one player winning a pre-determined number of sets in tennis.

            Consequently, the tennis Moneyline is one of the simplest Bitcoin Cash sports playing markets you can use.

            Overall winner

            There are generally large tournaments featuring dozens if not hundreds of games in different sports.

            The tournament winner market enables you to select who you think will likely win the big prize.

            It represents an opportunity to win a substantial amount of Bitcoin Cash as most selections are available at relatively long odds.

            Some sportsbooks accepting Bitcoin Cash let you mitigate your risk by letting you back your choice each-way.

            This means you can win BCH if your selection makes it to a certain stage, usually the semi-final or final.

            Over or under

            This market relates to the number of scores in a match.

            The sportsbook that accepts Bitcoin Cash will set a ‘line,’ and you have to decide whether there will be more or less scoring plays.

            If you believe a particular event will have a significantly higher or lower amount of scores, you can pick one of the alternative lines on offer.

            There are different scoring methods depending on the sport, and this affects the over/under line.

            Let’s suppose that the sportsbook accepting BCH has the line on a game between Barcelona and Real Madrid at over/under 2.5 goals.

            You would make a play on over 2.5 goals if you think the game will have 3+ goals and under 2.5 if you feel it will have 2 or fewer goals.

            Alternatively, you could risk money on the over 3.5 goal market if you think a classic soccer match is on the cards.

            With the totals market, you don’t care about who wins, only that the game has the right number of scores for you to win.

            Next score

            This is one of the easiest playing markets to understand and is ideal for beginners.

            All you have to do is make a play on whichever team or player you think will get the game’s next score.

            For example, you might decide that the Detroit Lions will get the next touchdown or field goal against the Chicago Bears.

            However, please note that certain sports are low-scoring, so you may not know if you win or lose your play for a while.

            Did you know that approximately 7% of high-level European soccer games have zero goals in matches despite the teams playing for over 90 minutes?

            For that reason, you should look into high-scoring sports such as basketball or tennis if you’re seeking fast action when you play.

            Virtually every sportsbook accepting BCH enables you to play on the next point or basket.

            With dozens of scores per match, it doesn’t take long for you to discover if you made a successful play or not.

            Line betting

            Most sporting events have a clear favorite, so sportsbooks must adjust accordingly.

            In this instance, the odds on the favorite are often too short to warrant a play.

            Fortunately, it is possible to choose handicap playing, an innovative way to make apparent mismatches more interesting.

            sportsbooks with Bitcoin Cash place the favorite at a disadvantage, and your goal is to conclude whether it can win with a handicap or not.

            Suppose the Milwaukee Bucks are favored to beat the Chicago Bulls; a sportsbook company might start them off with a -10.5 handicap.

            The above handicap means that the Bucks have to win by a minimum of 11 points should you choose to bet on them.

            Conversely, if the Bulls are +10.5 and you play on them to win with the handicap, you earn Bitcoin Cash if they lose by 10 points or less.

            Asian handicap

            Originating in Asia, this is an intriguing BCH sports playing market.

            While it is more complex than the typical handicap market, it tends to provide better value bets.

            This is why pro gamblers prefer the Asian handicap market over the conventional version.

            Here’s a quick overview of what each Asian handicap market means, using a game between Manchester City and Everton as an example:

            • Man City (0): You win if Man City wins the game, lose if they lose, and get your money back if they draw.

            • Man City (-0.25): You win if City wins, lose your money if they lose the game, and get half your BCH back if they draw.

            • Man City (-0.5): You lose your full stake if City draws or loses and only win if the Citizens win the game.

            • Man City (-0.75): You need City to win by two clear goals to win the bet. A draw or loss results in a lost play, while a one-goal win means you get a ‘half win.’ If the profit for a 2+ goal win is $10, for example, a one-goal win earns you a $5 profit.

            • Man City (-1): You get your money back if City wins by a goal, win if they defeat Everton by 2+ goals, and lose if the Citizens lose or draw.

            The markets above work similarly if you decide that Everton will fare better than the BCH sportsbook company’s odds suggest.

            For example, backing Everton at +0.5 on the Asian handicap market means you win if the Toffees draw or win the match.

            Check out these markets if you take your gambling seriously and want to make your money last longer.

            With the Asian handicap market, playing is no longer a binary ‘win or lose’ scenario.

            Half/Quarter Markets

            You have additional playing options in the form of half/quarter/period markets because most sports have breaks in play.

            Let’s say you know that a certain team is strong in the second half of matches.

            You can wait for the first half to conclude and analyze the action if you have the opportunity.

            From that point, you can decide if you want to back the outfit to win the game or score a certain number of times in the second half.

            It is worth performing additional research to see if any particular team/player shows strengths or weaknesses at certain periods of matches.

            Player props

            Even in team sports, you have the chance to play on selected players’ performance.

            Players have hot streaks, and if you can identify this uptick in performance early, you could win Bitcoin Cash.

            Depending on the sport you choose, this market can relate to goals, points, or baskets.

            Team performance

            In potential mismatches, it is always worth focusing on the performance of a specific team.

            A major plus point of this market is that the overall result doesn’t necessarily dictate whether your play wins.

            A team can perform relatively well, help you win Bitcoin Cash but still lose the match.

            Correct score

            Bitcoin Cash sportsbook companies also offer a correct score market for certain sports.

            Winning involves accurately predicting the event’s final score.

            It is easier to do this in tennis due to the lack of scoreline combinations.

            For example, in a best of three sets match, the only choices are 2-0, 0-2, 2-1, and 1-2.

            It is more challenging to guess the right score in a soccer game because there are dozens, if not hundreds, of possibilities.

            If you don’t conduct plenty of research, any wins you achieve are solely down to luck.

            As difficult as it is to win on the correct score market, at least you’ll find that sportsbooks with Bitcoin Cash often offer generous odds.

            Live Playing

            Those who watch a live sporting event often find that there are opportunities to make a profit.

            As long as you can make sensible decisions quickly, the in-play playing markets offered by sportsbooks that accept Bitcoin Cash give you plenty of chances to win.

            Bettors reluctant to commit to a play pre-match can see how things are going to discover if their initial assumptions are confirmed.

            Professional gamblers often only need to see a few minutes of a match to know the best play.

            In addition, there are in-play markets that offer improved odds the longer the game goes on, depending on the state of play.

            Ante-post Playing

            Technically speaking, ante-post playing involves events set to take place at least a day later.

            In reality, sportsbooks that accept Bitcoin Cash offer markets for sports events that don’t even begin for several months!

            Experts in this form of playing aim to get long odds on an outcome in the belief that the price will drop before the event.

            Unfortunately, it doesn’t always work out that way, and you may find that the odds drift.

            Also, check the terms and conditions of the BCH sportsbook you place your ante-post play with.

            Some sites refuse to refund your money if your selection isn’t involved in the event.

            Imagine you confidently back clay court king, Rafael Nadal, to once again win the French Open.

            Then, he withdraws from the tournament due to injury.

            Depending on the sportsbook that accepts Bitcoin Cash, you might lose all of your Bitcoin Cash.

            Effectively, you make an ante-post play any time you risk Bitcoin Cash on a tournament winner before the event begins.

            How To Pick The Best Bitcoin Cash Sportsbook For Your Needs?

            Here’s what you should consider when selecting the best Bitcoin Cash sportsbook company for your needs.

            Does the Bitcoin Cash Sportsbook support your country?

            Many people try to sign up to sites without realizing that their country doesn’t permit it.

            This isn’t an issue if you use legit Bitcoin Cash sportsbooks because most of them won’t permit you to register, let alone add funds if you come from a country where its service is prohibited.

            Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case. Some low-grade sportsbooks with Bitcoin Cash enable you to register and put money into your account, and all seems well until you enjoy some success and try to withdraw the money.

            Then these Bitcoin Cash sportsbooks decide to ask for account verification. To your horror, you’ll find that your account is suspended, and you have no access to your money.

            This is why you must stick with Bitcoin Cash sportsbook companies that allow people from your country.

            Bypassing this type of regulation will expose you and your funds, making it even more necessary to play on trustworthy and legit Bitcoin Cash sportsbooks.

            Good Bitcoin Cash sportsbook companies that act fairly and will likely return your funds if they catch you.

            Sites like Stake.

            Bitcoin Cash Sportsbook trustworthiness

            There are several things to note when looking for a high-quality sportsbook accepting BCH, including reputation.

            In general, Bitcoin Cash transactions are quick, carry low fees, and have no central authority to answer to.

            However, there is no going back with Bitcoin Cash transactions.

            Without the “protection” of a central authority, you can forget about a refund if BCH sportsbook companies are dishonest.

            These specifics of BCH are the reason why the reputation of the Bitcoin Cash sportsbooks you select is vital.

            Our assessment of the best sportsbooks accepting Bitcoin Cash therefore includes a particular focus on their reputation.

            Check out our BCH sportsbook reviews if you’re unsure about the safe Bitcoin Cash sportsbooks you can trust.

            Does the Bitcoin Cash Sportsbook accept fiat?

            There is a big difference between traditional sportsbooks accepting BCH and Bitcoin Cash sportsbooks (end-to-end).

            Traditional Sportsbooks

            Once you put your money into standard sportsbooks that happen to accept Bitcoin Cash, you’ll find that it automatically becomes fiat.

            You face the same issue when withdrawing, as your Bitcoin Cash becomes fiat once again. That is if you can even withdraw via Bitcoin Cash.

            This means you don’t have any BCH in your account after the deposit. You can also expect to pay transaction fees.

            If you strongly believe in Bitcoin Cash, it makes no sense to convert them into fiat. Therefore, you should stick with end-to-end sportsbooks that accept Bitcoin Cash.

            What are end-to-end Bitcoin Cash Sportsbook Companies?

            These types of sportsbooks accepting BCH let you deposit or withdraw with a massive number of digital assets.

            You also get to use Bitcoin Cash on the site, which is vital.

            Using these sportsbooks accepting BCH gives you several Bitcoin Cash advantages, such as:

            • Faster withdrawals

            • Higher payment limits

            • More Privacy

            Of course, not all end-to-end BCH sportsbook companies offer all these benefits.

            Just because these sportsbooks accepting BCH CAN give you these benefits, it doesn’t mean they WILL.

            However, only the top BCH sportsbooks offer most of these benefits.

            Sports offering

            Just like with any other Bitcoin Cash sportsbook, you want to pick those that offer the best:

            • Selection of sporting events

            • Choice of markets

            • Probability of winning

            That said, the fact that some Bitcoin Cash sportsbooks offer an excellent variety of sports and odds doesn’t mean that they are good Bitcoin Cash sportsbooks overall.

            After all, you could find sportsbooks with Bitcoin Cash with incredible sports offerings that will scam you.

            A wise option is to create an account with many legit BCH sportsbooks.

            You can then compare their sports options side-by-side.

            Yes, you may love sports, but don’t let it blind you when using your Bitcoin Cash. When choosing sportsbooks accepting BCH, the most important things to consider remain legitimacy and whether you can legally use them in your country.

            Customer service

            If you need help with something, things go more smoothly when you can quickly and easily chat to a trained customer service operative.

            Particularly if you’ve never practiced BCH sportsbooks before.

            When determining the best sportsbooks accepting Bitcoin Cash in 2022, we tested and rated each site’s customer service quality so you don’t have to.


            It is essential to find BCH sportsbooks that help you manage your transactions, and we typically take the following factors into account in our ratings.

            Payment options

            Some sportsbooks offer more deposit and withdrawal methods than others.

            For most punters, having multiple ways to deposit money is an important consideration.

            How quickly can you withdraw?

            The BCH market doesn’t ‘pause,’ and top-ranked BCH sportsbooks know this.

            You might require quick access to your BCH so you can transfer to a different sportsbook with Bitcoin Cash or make a fast trade.

            Some sportsbooks that accept Bitcoin Cash will process your withdrawals within a few days, while others will process them instantly.

            The quicker the BCH sportsbook processes your withdrawal, the better.

            What are the limits on withdrawals?

            Traditional sportsbook companies have important restrictions in terms of payout.

            It isn’t easy to find one that lets you withdraw over $10,000 a month.

            Such restrictions are a thing of the past when you use the top BCH sportsbooks.

            Yet, there are Bitcoin Cash sportsbooks that only allow you to withdraw small sums.

            Do you want to know why? It is due to their lack of available cash.

            In contrast, the best sportsbooks accepting Bitcoin Cash let you withdraw as much as you want. Stake falls into this category.

            Therefore, it is wise to use safe sportsbooks that accept Bitcoin Cash with no withdrawal limits, especially if you play big.

            Bonus, promotions, VIP

            It is easier to split things into three distinct categories.

            New customer offers

            It is common for sportsbooks accepting BCH to provide newcomers with bonuses to help them get started.

            At first glance, it seems as if the sportsbook is being extremely generous.

            Is there a catch? Yes.

            Welcome bonuses often have certain conditions.

            For instance, you may have to play up to 60 times your initial deposit before you can withdraw, among other limitations.

            To get the best out of your funds, we recommend finding Bitcoin Cash sportsbooks with a solid VIP program and regular promotions.

            Promotions available

            Average sportsbooks accepting BCH don’t go out of their way to provide great promotions.

            Instead, they focus on bonuses because they know most people will never meet the requirements.

            On the other hand, the best sportsbooks accepting BCH like to keep things fresh for punters, and unique promotions are part of this strategy.

            Besides the fun they add, these promotions can help you increase your balance over time.

            Loyalty Club

            These days, all good sportsbooks accepting Bitcoin Cash should offer strong VIP programs with clear benefits.

            Otherwise, how do they keep punters interested?

            Yet, a large number of sites fail to offer anything resembling such a program.

            When done right, a VIP program can significantly boost the level of enjoyment.

            This is why you should choose legit Bitcoin Cash sportsbooks with high-quality VIP programs that make you feel valued.

            A Short Guide to BCH Playing

            You have probably heard a great deal about using crypto on sportsbooks, including its pros and cons.

            Yet, finding high-quality advice on setting up an account and using it is less simple.

            This is why we’ve created a brief guide explaining the steps you need to take when opening a sportsbook accepting BCH and using a crypto asset.

            Before you read on, we would like to outline the following aspects of Bitcoin Cash playing:

            • There are thousands of cryptocurrencies, but most sites only accept a handful of the best known

            • Most digital currencies are notorious for their volatility, a fact that can affect your profit and loss

            • Crypto transactions are irreversible, so if you make a mistake, you could lose all the money deposited or withdrawn

            #1 Choose a Bitcoin Cash Sportsbook from our list and register

            Our review team spent significant time investigating every Bitcoin Cash sportsbook you see on our list.

            We do this to help you avoid losing your money to a scam site.

            After you’re happy with a specific Bitcoin Cash sportsbook, your next move is to register with it.

            Most users report a straightforward process that takes a few minutes at most.

            Indeed, many people claim it is quicker to register with a crypto site than traditional sportsbook companies.

            If you dislike slow registration, see what our reviews say about the process on Bitcoin Cash sportsbooks.

            Furthermore, look for any promo codes we include to earn a bonus.

            Many sportsbooks with Bitcoin Cash reward users who deposit using a crypto asset, not to mention the standard new customer deposit bonus.

            #2 Buy digital currency (your choice)

            If your e-wallet is funded, it is time to deposit and benefit from a welcome bonus.

            If your wallet requires Bitcoin Cash, head to an exchange and buy your chosen asset.

            We recommend only purchasing a highly-regarded exchange such as Kraken or Binance.

            Aside from allowing rapid Bitcoin Cash transactions, such exchanges have no problem with you using them for playing.

            In contrast, it is essential to avoid Coinbase at all costs, despite being among the top-rated exchanges.

            It is known for closing the accounts of people who fund their sportsbook accounts using BCH from the exchange.

            Please ensure you choose the cryptocurrency you wish to play with once registered.

            Or else the site will charge you a fee to convert the currency.

            #3 Get your Bitcoin Cash ready

            Once you have enough BCH available, it is time to fund your account.

            You need to set up a cryptocurrency ‘wallet,’ which is a place to keep your digital coins safe.

            Your preferred levels of safety, security, and freedom of crypto movement determine the type of wallet you should choose.

            You have a choice of using a hosted wallet or a non-custodial option, which ensures you’re in charge of its safety.

            Regardless of your decision, you can only complete the transfer via the ‘send crypto’ section.

            Non-custodial wallet

            A non-custodial wallet, also referred to as a ‘self-custody’ wallet, involves no third-party oversight.

            With no custodian, you are 100% responsible for the security and safety of your cryptocurrency.

            For example, once you gain your private key, you must keep it away from prying eyes.

            Should someone get hold of your password, they have the power to take all your BCH.

            In addition, forgetting where you leave your private key means you can’t get hold of your digital coins.

            On a positive note, a non-custodial wallet gives you almost limitless control over your crypto.

            This enables you to use advanced digital currency activities such as staking, lending, and using it on BCH sportsbooks.

            Utilize an app such as MetaMask for access to a non-custodial wallet.

            Then you must take note of the private key and keep it safe.

            Hosted wallet

            Opening an account with a trusted exchange enables you to access a hosted wallet.

            A hosted wallet’s major selling point is that the exchange keeps your password stored, so losing it isn’t a big deal.

            Yet, what you gain in safety, you lose in freedom as the third party has rules on how you use your money.

            There is a possibility that you might have to verify your identity with hosted wallets, thus taking away the benefit of anonymity.

            Certain sites forbid users from transferring digital currency to sportsbooks that accept Bitcoin Cash.

            #4 Ensure you use the right deposit address

            Go to the site’s deposit page and choose the crypto you want to use.

            There is a public address associated with your account.

            It is a collection of random numbers and letters that only relates to your account.

            Copy and paste the address to your clipboard, and check it thoroughly.

            Remember, it only takes a minor error to cause big problems with a transaction and perhaps lose your deposit.

            #5 It’s time to deposit and Play

            Upon returning to the exchange or your wallet, paste the address and send your cryptos.

            We want to point out that you could wait days or minutes for your money depending on the payment method used.

            Look at our reviews to see which Bitcoin Cash sportsbooks offer fast transactions and which ones take their time.

            Ultimately, consider talking to customer support six hours after a deposit if the money still hasn’t entered your account.

            With money in your account, begin playing on the site to experience its benefits.

            Everything You Need to Know About Playing Odds

            Even though it’s important to become an expert in sports markets, this is not your only concern.

            Winning in the long term is effectively impossible without knowing how playing odds work.

            Regardless of your level of research into an event, not knowing the right odds will result in failure.

            When making plays, you have to realize that BCH sportsbooks have an edge on every market ranging from 3% to 30% or more.

            You must aim to consistently find occasions where the sportsbook’s odds aren’t a fair reflection of the likelihood of an event happening.

            Value Playing: Your key to success

            Value playing experts forensically examine each market to discover that elusive edge.

            For instance, let’s say you think Manchester United has a 30% chance of beating Arsenal.

            Ask yourself this question: If the sportsbook accepting BCH offers a price of 2.50 (in decimal odds) for a United win, is it value or not?

            Certainly not! At these odds, the sportsbook company thinks there’s a 40% chance of a Manchester United victory (100/2.50 = 40).

            The challenge is to perform enough research into an event to determine the real chance of a specific outcome.

            At the end of this process, you’re rewarded with a ‘betting tissue,’ which helps you better understand a bookmaker’s odds.

            A betting tissue is a means of pricing an event to create your own odds.

            Of course, you can’t even begin this process until you learn more about the different sports playing odds formats.

            Calculating playing odds is a learned skill, so we’re providing information on three of the best-known types.

            American odds

            If you live in the U.S. and register with any sportsbook accepting BCH, it’s likely to offer American odds, which feature a number preceded by a plus or minus sign.

            This sign indicates whether your profit will be more or less than the amount of Bitcoin Cash you play.

            For example, a (-) sign means an odds-on play, so your potential profit is less than your stake.

            A (+) sign means an odds-against play, so your possible profit is higher than your original play.

            Here are some examples of American odds and how much you could win depending on the size of your play:

            • +110: If you play $100 and win, you earn a $110 profit

            • +150: The potential total return from a $100 play is $250

            • +300: If you take a risk at these odds with a $100 play, you’ll be rewarded with a profit of $300 should you win

            • -110: This odds on this play means a $100 stake would return $190.91 in total

            • -150: A $100 play at this short price means a profit of $66.67 if you win

            • -300: This is a short-priced play, so a win with a $100 stake equates to a profit of $33.33

            Decimal odds

            In Europe, decimal odds, the simplest form to understand, is the most common format.

            Multiply the amount of Bitcoin Cash you intend to play by the decimal odds of your selection.

            For instance, if you wish to play $200 on England to beat Sweden at odds of 1.6, you multiply 200 x 1.6, which equals 320.

            Should England succeed, the $320 return equates to a profit of $120 since 320 – 200 = 120.

            Calculating the likelihood of your selection winning in percent involves dividing the decimal odds into 100.

            In our example, 100/1.6 = 62.5; so, the Bitcoin Cash sportsbook thinks there’s a 62.5% possibility of an England victory.

            Fractional odds

            If you live in Ireland or the UK, you might understand fractional odds better than most.

            They are written with a hyphen or, more commonly, a slash between two numbers.

            For example, 6/1 means six-to-one, indicating that you earn a profit of $6 for every $1 you risk if the play wins.

            Consequently, you will enjoy a return of $70 if you happen to risk $10 worth of BCH at the above odds.

            The number on the left represents the total profit if you play the equivalent of the number on the right.

            Suppose you believe the Buffalo Bills can beat the Kansas City Chiefs at odds of 7/2; a winning play means your profit is $7 for every $2 you risk.

            Don’t forget to add the Bitcoin Cash you risked to calculate your total payout!

            Most sportsbooks that accept BCH will allow you to change the odds format, so experiment to see which one you like the most.

            Bitcoin Cash Sportsbooks FAQ

            default icon

            Are Sportsbooks That Accept Bitcoin Cash legal?


            Sportsbooks that accept BCH are legal most of the time; however, the exact answer depends on your country of residence.

            There are two different aspects to consider: the legality of Bitcoin Cash and sportsbook companies in your country.

            Although Bitcoin Cash is legal or tolerated in most countries, regulators are generally more severe with sportsbooks.

            Even if your country doesn’t allow it, you could still find good Bitcoin Cash sportsbook companies that let you play.

            Regulators find it hard these days because many punters use VPNs to keep their online activity a secret.

            default icon

            Can I Play completely anonymously with Bitcoin Cash?


            Your wallet creates BCH addresses which are the only information available that outlines where your BCH is and where you are sending it. The anonymous nature of BCH means it is very popular with punters.

            One easy way to retain anonymity is to use a new address each time you receive payment. Also, remember that you can use various wallets, each one with a different aim.

            default icon

            How long do Bitcoin Cash deposits take?


            It varies from a couple of minutes to an hour, depending on several factors, including the BCH network.

            The transactions have to be confirmed on the various Blockchains, which are sometimes overloaded.

            Faster transactions are possible if you pay more. Doing so ensures your transaction skips the Blockchain queue.

            default icon

            How long do BCH withdrawals take?


            Regarding withdrawal of your BCH, in addition to the same transfer process as for a deposit, most of the Bitcoin Cash sportsbooks have first to validate the operation manually.

            Some operators take up to a few days to validate your request, whereas other sites skip this validation step, making withdrawals as fast as deposits.

            default icon

            What cryptos should I consider for online betting or gambling?


            Bitcoin (BTC)

            Ethereum (ETH)

            Bitcoin Cash (BCH)

            Binance Coin (BNB)

            Dogecoin (DOGE)

            Tether (USDT)

            Litecoin (LTC)

            Cardano (ADA)

            Monero (XMR)

            Tron (TRX)

            EOS (EOS)

            XRP (XRP)

            default icon

            What are the most popular sports markets offered by gambling sites?


            American Football (NFL)

            Football  (Premier League, La Liga)

            Hockey (NHL)

            Basketball (NBA)

            Tennis (Roland Garros)