Indonesian Odds Explained – How to Understand Them

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Indonesian odds are among the most widely used in Asia and are associated with the fourth most populous nation on Earth. They are something of a cross between American and decimal odds and include positive and negative symbols. Positive odds with a plus symbol or no symbol relate to bets above evens, while negative odds are for odds-on wagers.

You’ll have to pay a little attention to understand Indonesian odds fully. However, you should have no problem implementing them into your betting once you’ve read how they work.

What Are Indonesian Odds?

With positive Indo odds, you’re likely betting on underdogs, and the price may include a plus sign before it. The number is based on one unit wagered. So, at odds of +3.00, you would win three units for every unit staked.

Converting into decimal odds involves adding one to the total. Therefore, Indonesian odds of +3.00 equal 4.00 in decimal form.

Negative odds show how much you must risk to win a single unit. For instance, at odds of -2.5, you must bet 2.5 units to win a single unit. As is the case with US odds, bets at odds-on come with the minus sign. Converting into decimal odds involves removing the minus, dividing the number into one, and adding 1.

Here is how to calculate Indonesian odds of -2.5 in decimal form:

1 / 2.5 = 0.4

0.4 + 1 = 1.4

Indo odds of -2.5 equal 1.4 in a decimal format.

3 Examples to Help You Learn the Indonesian Odds Format

Here are the odds of a soccer match between Morocco and Portugal in decimal form. We’ll show you how to convert them into Indonesian odds.

  • Morocco: 5.5
  • Portugal: 1.7
  • Draw: 3.5

The two longer prices are the easiest to calculate; subtract one to get their Indo equivalent. As for the bet on Portugal, subtract one and divide the remainder into 1, then add a minus sign:

1.7 – 1 = 0.7

1 / 0.7 = 1.4286

Add the minus for -1.4286

This is how the above market looks in Indo odds:

  • Morocco: +4.5
  • Portugal: -1.43
  • Draw: +2.5

The next two examples convert Indonesian odds into their decimal equivalent.

In the NFL, the Las Vegas Raiders are -2.0 to defeat the Los Angeles Rams on the money line. Here is what the odds look like as a decimal:

1 / 2 = 0.5

0.5 + 1 = 1.5

The Raiders are 1.5 to win the game against the Raiders.

Finally, in a tennis match, Varvara Grachera is available at odds of +1 to defeat Clara Buchel. Add one to get the decimal version, which is 2.00.

Indonesia Odds Explained: You Need to Learn to Earn!

Once you understand Indonesian odds, you’ll find they aren’t nearly as challenging to calculate as you first thought. However, please note that sports betting is technically illegal in the nation. Therefore, residents must realize that they could face prison if caught gambling.

If you live in a country where gambling is legal, you might find a site that offers the Indonesian odds format. If you do, make sure it is fully licensed and perform due diligence to avoid accidentally registering with a scam website.


The above provided useful information on converting Indonesian odds into their decimal equivalent. However, we know that four other odds formats are widely used worldwide. Below, we outline how to convert Indo odds into them all.

How to Convert Indonesian Odds into US Odds?

Turning Indo odds into American form is extremely easy. You only need to multiply by 100 for positive and negative odds. Therefore, +1.5 in the Indonesian format is +150 in the US version, while -2.5 in Indo odds is -250 in the American form.

How to Convert Indonesian Odds into UK Odds?

When it comes to bets at evens or above, convert the Indo odds into a fraction, then reduce it to its simplest form. For instance, odds of +4.50 become 450/100, which equals 4.5/1. Double both numbers to get 9/2. Indonesian odds of +4.5 become 9/2 when converted into a fraction.

Calculating odds-on Indonesian prices into fractions involves swapping the two parts of the fraction. For instance, -4.5 in Indonesian odds equals 2/9 as a fraction. Here are other examples:

·         +3.5 becomes 7/2; -3.5 becomes 2/7

·         +6 is 6/1; -6 = 1/6

·         +2.25 is 9/4; -2/5 is 4/9

How to Convert Indonesian Odds into HK Odds?

Indonesian odds are identical to their Hong Kong counterpart for bets at evens or above. If you’re calculating odds-on wagers, remove the minus sign and divide the Indo price into 1 to get the HK price. Here’s how to calculate -4:

1 / 4 = 0.25

The Hong Kong price is 0.25 when its Indonesian counterpart’s odds say -4.

How to Convert Indonesian Odds into Malay Odds?

The process for converting minus Indonesian odds into Malay pricing is identical to the Hong Kong calculation.

For odds of evens and higher, divide the Indo odds into one and add a minus sign. Here’s how to convert +5 in Indonesian odds into Malaysian pricing:

1 / 5 = 0.2

Add the minus sign to get -0.2

If you see Indonesian odds of +5, it is the equivalent of -0.2 in Malay odds.

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