Top 15 Sports Betting Podcasts in 2022

Top 15 Sports Betting Podcasts in 2022
Samu Lampiranta
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Top 15 Sports Betting Podcasts in 2022

The best thing about podcasts is that you can find a lot of choices for almost any topic, including sports betting. We’ve combed through a ton of sports podcasts to bring you our selection of the very best. Listen to these podcasts and be among the first to hear the latest news, odds, and tips. 

There is a lot of variety on offer, so our list consists of both specialized podcasts focusing on one sport and some that take a more general approach by discussing sports all around.  

Check them out and start listening!

Best Specialized Sports Betting Podcasts

Some sports betting podcasts focus on one sport only, so they might go into more detail regarding some specific matches or markets. Here are our picks for the best podcasts focusing on the NFL, the English Premier League, the NHL, and tennis.


The main hosts of TheLines are Matt Brown, Stephen Andress, and Brad Allen. The hosts are quite often joined by different sports expert guests as well. The first episode of TheLines aired in April 2018, and at that time, the show took a more general approach. Many of the first episodes covered topics such as the benefits of legalizing sports betting in various parts of North America.

Nowadays TheLines focuses mainly on the NFL. Episodes cover the latest of what’s going on in the NFL, making it the perfect way of being in the know when it comes to America’s favorite sport. It is a sports betting podcast, after all, so you can expect to hear insights on the upcoming events as well as betting tips.

Even Money

Another great option if you are looking for an NFL podcast is Even Money, hosted by former NFL player Ross Tucker. The show is co-hosted by Steve Fezzik, who many consider to be one of the best NFL predictors in the world. The duo often invites various guests to talk about the NFL and betting in general, making the show even more interesting.

One of the best things about the Even Money podcast is that the hosts keep track of their bets and discuss what went well and what did not with the previous bets. This analytical approach is what sets this podcast apart from many others, and it might be the difference between winning and losing.

Trade on Sports

Trade on Sports is hosted by Pete Nordsted and Jimmy Kempton, who have been running the podcast since 2019. Both Nordsted and Kempton have also written a book on how to make a profit on betting exchanges, so they know what they are talking about.

Trade on Sports focuses on one thing and one thing only: The English Premier League. The EPL is not only one of the most popular sports leagues amongst spectators, but also very popular with punters. Listen to Trade on Sports and you’ll have valuable betting tips at your disposal for every Premier League round throughout the season.  

The Hockey Betting Report

If you are into ice hockey and want to hear the latest NHL betting tips and nothing more, there is no better way to go than the Hockey Betting Report. This daily podcast first aired in September 2021, so the 21-22 season is the first for this great little show.

The episodes are short, generally running between five to ten minutes. Each season starts with a short team analysis of all the NHL teams, which is a great help when considering making season bets. The episodes focus on the best odds of the next round, and there is a new episode almost every day throughout the season.

The Tennis Betting Tidbits

The Tennis Betting Tidbits is one the most popular tennis sports betting podcasts out there, largely due to the show’s energetic and knowledgeable hosts Jon and SnizeMaster. The first episode was aired just in time for the beginning of the 2021 tennis season.

The Tennis Tidbits covers the ATP and WTA Tours, from smaller tournaments to the Grand Slams. On top of the tournaments frequented by the best players of the world, this podcast also follows the Challenger Tour closely. If you want to find the best value tennis bets, the Tennis Betting Tidbits is a great starting point.


The Best General Betting Podcasts

Many podcasts focus on several sports, making these shows ideal for punters who want to get the best odds regardless of the league. We’ve listed ten of our favorites here – give them a listen and subscribe to the ones you like best.

The Ringer Gambling Show

The Ringer Gambling Show, hosted by John Jastremski and Joe House, is an American sport betting podcast. When the show started in 2021 it focused mainly on the NFL but has since developed more into a basketball-themed podcast.

In addition to the NBA, The Ringer covers a lot of topics related to the NCAA. The NFL has not been forgotten either, and neither have many of the biggest sports events on the planet. If basketball is your thing but you don’t want to miss out on other sports events either, check out The Ringer Gambling Show.

Daily Wager

Hosted by ESPN network’s sports analyst Doug Kezirian, Daily Wager covers the best bets of the day from NBA, NFL, MLB, and many more. Kezirian is also known for the Behind the Bets podcast, which first aired in 2014 and was discontinued when the Daily Wager started in March 2021.

Daily Wager is focused mainly on the big American leagues, but several other topics are covered as well. Want to bet on golf? This podcast can be a great source of tips for the biggest golf tournaments. How about the Olympics or other big international events? Daily Wager will have you covered.

Bang the Book

While Bang the Book can offer you serious tips on many different sports, be prepared to laugh as well – the hosts Conto the Greek and The Professor, as well as the guests of Bang the Book, make sure that things are not taken all too seriously.  

Bang the Book airs weekly, and in the center of discussion are of course the best value lines in the upcoming matches. The show is highly focused on the NFL, and the ongoing plot of the show is the two hosts competing against one another on who gets the most bets right. It is then up to you to decide which one you side with.

Against All Odds with Cousin Sal

Sal Iacono, whom many know from the TV show Jimmy Kimmel Live, is the host of Against All Odds. Sal is joined in the studio by three of his childhood friends, known as the Degenerate Trifecta. Against All Odd has been running since July 2020.

Against All Odds is focused on the big American sports, covering the most profitable markets including the NFL, NHL, and MLB. On top of that, the guest stars from Las Vegas sportsbook professionals to celebrities also discuss many other sports, such as boxing and wrestling.  


The WagerTalk is recorded daily in Las Vegas, and instead of being a single podcast, it combines the best picks of several sports shows run by the same crew. WagerTalk has been on air since June 2021, and it covers nearly everything a punter could wish for.

WagerTalk aims to give out the best tips in MLB, the NFL, NBA, NHL, and soccer, but it also covers UFC, horse racing, and NASCAR. There is no shortage of great tips, so if you don’t know yet what to bet on today, listen to the latest episode of WagerTalk.

Beating the Book

Gill Alexander’s Beating the Book is a part of the VSiN network, a big sports betting podcast network covering nearly everything under the sun. Beating the Book is a popular and long-standing show with the first episode airing in November 2018.

Beating the Book covers many topics from gambling strategies to the ways online gambling operators work, and of course handing out tips on how to beat the bookies. The sports covered in Beating the Book include the NFL, MLB, golf, and horse racing just to name a few.

The Morning After Sports Betting

The Morning After Sports Betting podcast brings you the high points and lowest moments of last night’s matches but also hands out tips for the next matches to come. The show has been running since March 2019 and is now hosted by Ben Stevens.

The Morning After Sports Betting podcast covers the NBA, MLB, and many other popular leagues, but big tennis events and many other sports are also in the spotlight regularly. Listen to the latest episodes and you’ll be up to date on last night’s events and equipped with great tips for the next matches.

The Favorites

The Favorites is hosted by Chad Millman and Simon Hunter, and the first episode was released in 2017. Many of the planet’s most popular leagues are discussed in a fun but informative manner, and in addition to tips on specific matches, the episodes also cover long-term bets before the seasons start.

The Favorites don’t simply make their prediction based on gut feeling, but instead, the hosts use data to analyze the most probable outcomes. Combine this with some insider information, and the tips of this podcast might indeed be the real favorites.

Sports Gambling Podcast

Whether you want to get the latest tips on NHL, NBA, college basketball, or on who to pick for your fantasy league team, Sports Gambling Podcast is the way to go. The show is hosted by Ryan Kramer and Sean Green, who put their combined over 50 years of experience to good use. Sports Gambling Podcast is probably one of the longest-running sports betting podcasts, as it has been around since 2011.

Sports Gambling Podcast’s forte is the expertise of the hosts. This podcast has handed out free tips to every NFL match played since 2011, and on top of that, the show covers a load of other sports as well. If you want to listen to a truly professional, fun, and analytical sports betting podcast, you might want to start with Sports Gambling Podcast.

RJ Bell’s Dream Preview

RJ Bell has been running his podcast since 2008, and he is also the host of Fox Sports Radio show Straight Outta Vegas. New episodes are added almost daily, and the episodes often focus on one league and its newest betting opportunities.

Dream Preview is all about making the best bets, whatever the sport in question. The show is centered around the big American leagues such as MLB, NBA and the NFL, but golf, boxing and other sports take the stage from time to time. If it is worth betting on, Dream Preview sports betting podcasts is likely to discuss it. 

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